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Python Training

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Apponix Python Training:

Training in Apponix technologies mainly focuses on the present scope of python and real time requirements which will introduce a new learning experience to the newbies. The pattern of the course structure meticulously designed for beginners and professionals who wanted to start or empower their skills on Python.

Every section of module and the code test conducts on every python concept will boost your coding skill. Real time projects like scraping a website or automating a daily repetitive tasks with your knowledge helps you to get interest and learn more.

On successful completion of the course, you will step out with 100% satisfaction and knowledge to achieve your goals.

Introduction Python

Artificial intelligence is a futuristic technology that is working on its set of tools at present. A slew of advances has been observed in last few years: Self-driving cars that have achieved a milestone by logging over 300,000 accident-free miles and becoming officially legal in three states; IBM Watson which beat two champions of Jeopardy!; and statistical learning techniques are conducting pattern recognition on complex data sets from consumer interests to trillions of images. These developments certainly raised the number of scientists or giants taking interest in AI, which has made it essential for developers to understand the ground realities of building AI applications. The first thing that strikes developers is,

Which programming language is good for AI?

Every programming language is a AI language if you are adept in it!

AI programs are written in almost all the programming languages, the most common are: Lisp, Prolog, C/C++, recently Java, and even more recently, Python.

Python plays an important role in Artificial Intelligence by providing it with good frameworks like scikit-learn: machine learning in Python, which fulfills almost every need in this field and D3.js – Data-Driven Documents in JS, which is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use tools for visualization. Other than frameworks, it’s fast prototyping makes it an important language not to be ignored. AI needs a lot of research and hence it is necessary not to require a 500 KB boilerplate code in Java to test a new hypothesis, which will never finish the project. In Python almost every idea can be quickly validated through 20-30 lines of code (same for JS with libs). Therefore, it is a pretty useful language for the sake of AI.

Python Training Modules

Part I. Getting Started

  • 1. A Python Q&A Session
  • 2. How Python Runs Programs
  • 3. How You Run Programs

Data structures

  • i. Lists
  • ii. Dictionaries
  • iii. Tuples
  • iv. Conditional statements


  • i. For Loops
  • ii. While Loops
  • iii. Try and except




File Manipulation:

  • i. OS functions + file I/P and O/P
  • ii. Copying, Moving and Renaming Files
  • iii. Deleting files and folders.

Regular Expressions:

  • i. Regex Objects & Grouping
  • ii. Optional Matching and Findall()
  • iii. Character classes
  • iv. Case sensitive matching & substitutions


  • i. Raising exceptions
  • ii. Making Assertions
  • iii. Logging to the console


  • i. Web scraping using Beautiful Soup
  • ii. Automating basic system admin tasks.

Python Training Level-2

Complete Web scraping with beautiful Soup

  • i. Requests Module
  • ii. Introducing Beautiful soup
  • iii. Attributes and Navigation
  • iv. Accessing attributes and content
  • v. Sibling, Elements and Children

Browser automation:

  • i. Introduction to selenium
  • ii. Finding elements and getting attributes
  • iii. Clicking and Browser buttons
  • iv. Entering in text

Excel Manipulation:

  • i. Installing and Using OpenPyXL
  • ii. Reading sheets and cells
  • iv. Merging cells and freezing panes

Word Manipulation:

  • i. Reading word documents
  • ii. The run Object
  • iii. Writing Documents and Styling
  • iv. Headings and Pictures

JSON manipulation:

  • i. Reading JSON with loads()
  • ii. Writing JSON with dumps()

Threading and Scheduling:

  • i. The Time Module
  • ii. Using the DateTime Fuction
  • iii. Python Threading
  • iv. Scheduling Tasks

Sending and Retrieving Emails:

  • i. Sending emails with SMTP
  • ii. Retrieving emails with IMAPP

GUI Automation with PyAutoGUI

Controlling the Mouse and Keyboard


  •  Test Automation

Duration: 40hours

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"Our trainers are eager to share their knowledge and experience they have gained while working on critical projects in MNCs."

Mr. Vijay

B.E. from VTU. MS in Computer Engineering from University of Arizona, USA. 10+ years experience as Software Engineer in India and USA. 3+ years of teaching and mentoring experience.

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