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10 Best Languages to Learn in Programming in 2024

10 Best Languages To Learn In Programming In 2024

The demand for computer scientists continues to grow in the modern world. Everything is transforming around us, undergoing a digital makeover. With so many individuals becoming part of this field, how much technology has expanded and the rate at which it is developing comes as no surprise. Computer science itself is split into different sub-fields, each with its own set of specialized employees.

The process of writing instructions in the form of code, commonly referred to as programming, is, however, one thing common to almost all these fields. It lies at the core of computer science and gives it the power to create and eliminate things. With the number of existing programming languages reaching the three-digit mark, and as each programming job has its own specific set of requirements, it can be extremely daunting to figure out which language to learn. This article offers a list of the best programming languages to learn in 2024, to make your job easier.

1. Python

Python, which is an open-source, dynamic programming language, has only registered most of its growth in the last few years. The language is mainly popular because of its coding structure, particularly the Whitespace indentation feature, which is easy to learn and read.For beginners, Python is considered one of the most appropriate programming languages as it is very user-friendly.Python has been used to build many popular applications, including Reddit, Instagram and YouTube.
It is also suitable for web development, scientific computing, and 3D rendering.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is a language for web development that is primarily known for dynamically adding web applications and browsers with interactive elements. JavaScript for front-end development is preferred by many developers.It can also be used for animation creation and web interface control. Its support for all modern browsers is another advantage. With the help of Node.js, JavaScript can be used for backend development as well.

3. Java

Because of its applications in the development of web, mobile and smart device applications, Java, which is an open-source language used to create server-side applications, has been in great demand.With many wonderful apps like Temple Run, Angry Birds, and Candy Crush Saga created in Java, it is the primary language choice for mobile developers. Due to its robust and secure nature, even many government agencies and Fortune 500 firms prefer to use Java.

4. C

oldest programming languages, is good. It is known for producing high-performance computing and embedded systems where flexibility and speed are required.It is said that several modern languages, such as C++, Java, and Python, originated from C.It also facilitates the way to learn modern languages such as C++ and PHP. The basis of many popular operating systems including Linux, Windows, and OSX, is also considered to be C. The flexibility of use, easy memory management, and strong coding support are other notable characteristics.

5. C++

C++ is a programming language developed from C that is object-oriented. The main difference between the two is that the use of' objects' is supported by C++. This makes C++ a natural choice for GUI and graphics-based software development.While C is mostly used to construct basic applications such as operating systems, in higher-level applications such as video games, C++ is commonly used.In the C++ language, many popular graphics-based applications and games have been developed, including Fifa, Halo, and Call of Duty.

6. Golang

A programming language developed by Google is Golang, referred to as "Go for short. In recent times, Golang is slowly gaining fame with the concepts of multithreading and distributed systems becoming highly popular. This language is one of Silicon Valley's most widely used languages at the moment. Go has been designed so that multithreading is easily supported and allows processes to run simultaneously, which is why this language was used to create projects such as Kubernetes, Docker, Blockchain, etc.

7. R

In 1995, the language was first introduced to allow complex statistical analysis and visual graphics applications to be programmed.
The name 'R' was derived from the first letter of the names of its developers.As it is an open-source language, a number of robust features are available for free download and are supported.It runs on all major Linux, Windows, and MacOS operating systems.

8. PHP

It is a scripting language mainly used for the development of websites that are dynamic. It is an open-source language and produces scripts on the server side.PHP is popular because it is easy to learn and is platform and OS independent. Web development in PHP can be quickly learned by new programmers.It was first created as a language for web development but is now used for different tasks as a general-purpose programming language.In the development of over 200 million websites, including Facebook, WordPress, and Yahoo, PHP has so far been used.

9. Swift

Swift is a rather new language that was introduced for iOSand OS X application development by Apple in 2014. Since it adopts the features of Objective-C and C languages, it makes the perfect platform for creating an intuitive app. Simple yet powerful, it is. It became an obvious choice for developing intuitive apps soon after its launch.

10. Kotlin

Kotlin is a JetBrains-designed language whose work focuses on the development of Android applications. This is precisely why, putting it ahead of Java, Google decided to name Kotlin as the official language for Android development. And the fact that Kotlin is one of the languages to be learned in 2024, as Android is the highest-selling mobile operating system, comes as no surprise.

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