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ITIL Foundation Certification Online Training Course with Experiential learning through case studies

This ITIL certification teaches learners how to analyze and enhance an IT-enabled company using ITIL 4, the most recent edition of the ITIL exam. This ITIL V4 certification programme will help you comprehend the ITIL 4 lifecycle's principles, terminologies, best practices, and processes.

Overview of the ITIL Certification Course

  • Terms and concepts in practical applications of SOA, PPA, OSA and RCV.
  • To provide assistance in understanding career and job related aspects.
  • Knowledge about real life working of ITIL including financial and application management.
  • Learn to perform advanced IT operations, specialize in all aspects by attending live sections and participating in projects.
  • To prepare our takers for upcoming workload, important skills, interviews, and competition s.
  • Familiarizing our takers with the basics of other related fields like services processes etc.

Our Recent Batches

subrat Mr. Subrat Kumar

Senior ITIL Specialist

Trainer's profile

  • Specialized in ITIL, our trainer has been teaching core features, advanced IT and other concepts for more than 12years.
  • Assisted many students to reach the heights of ITIL and land great jobs.
  • Has taught more than 2000+ students in his career.
  • Familiar with the latest technologies of IT service and asset management and newest tools.
  • Stands at 5 star rating among the top faculties at Apponix.
  • Has best communication skills, teaching methods and practical knowledge of the field.

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Salary expectation after completing course

As per Glassdoor, ITIL business analysts get the average package of 11 lakhs per annum in India. The Rest is up to the individuals potential and skills, nothing can drag you back from grabbing one of millions of jobs out there.

Career after learning ITIL

Entry level ITIL analysts equipped with good skills can touch top notch benchmarks in this market and earn more than 11 to 15 lakhs per annum. Digital revolution is pushing companies whether small or large, local or global to get online and establish their identity. For that everyone requires an experienced analyst to utilize tech in the most efficient way. This responsibility is on the shoulders of ITIL business analysts to deliver clients the desired results and fulfill the increasing demand of Tech firms.

Other benefits of learning ITIL

  • Equivalent and collaborative knowledge of IT and business plays a great deal to lead the team in any condition based on the company's needs.
  • It builds and improves some basic skills like service delivery, customer satisfaction and establishes the ground for high level thinking and complex tasks.
  • Teaches you the ability to tackle the high level situations and accomplish projects with tight deadlines faster .
  • Better communication skills are the strongest link for risk and task management, the same learning proves beneficial in every meeting, presentations, public events etc.
  • Not everyone has excellent leadership or risk management, so whether big or small companies, all firms are looking for great ITIL analyst for better results in business

Top 5 reasons to learn ITIL

  • Salary of an ITIL business analyst touches the sky pretty easily in contrast with other IT jobs.
  • Optimizing the company's infrastructure, substituting the old methods with flawless new ones.
  • Being an ITIL analyst offers you the opportunity to travel the world as this job focusses on many aspects including work between several sectors and countries.
  • Strategising weeks and months of actions and preparing the blueprints in corporation with the team.
  • Analysing previous stats, running several tests and using tools to detect the setback and fix it.

Best ITIL certification training institute

At Apponix our faculty is highly professional and an expert in his own field. All trainers in ITIL field are past alumni and teachers at top IT firms, their guidance and assistance has proved beneficial for thousands of their students.

What are the Prerequisites for ITIL Certification course?

No prior knowledge or industrial experience is needed to participate in this course and master all features of ITIL.

The course is focused to teach you every skill required to be an expert business analyst starting from the basics mentioned above.

aws responsiblity

Job responsibilities of ITIL expert

  • Management of business and IT related tasks, addressing problems and presenting solutions according to the need.
  • As a process owner one has to coordinate, access features, management of problems and events while constantly improving the existing service modules.
  • Communication, interaction and presentation of data with the managers and team members.
  • To work efficiently under high pressure and meet tight deadlines as well the ability to multitask.
  • Ability to work in a team or whether on his/her own to plan, coordinate different processes and all relevant tasks.


What is the ITIL Certification Exam's format?

To earn the ITIL Foundation Certification, you must complete the following steps:
  • Finish the certification course.
  • Pass the Examination
  • Complete the exam in 60 minutes with a score of at least 65% (26 accurate answers out of 40 questions).

What is the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification and what does it entail?

  • The most generally recognized entry-level ITIL certification accessible for IT professionals can be acquired with the help of this course. This new ITIL v4 certification training for the ITIL framework is intended to educate learners on the management of current IT-enabled services, as well as important ideas and terminology used in the ITIL services lifecycle.
  • How long will it take for me to receive the results of my ITIL® 4 Foundation exam?

  • After passing the examination, you will receive your ITIL 4 Foundation results in around 12-14 days.
  • Is it possible to get a refund once I've booked my ITIL V4 certification exam?

  • It is not possible to get a refund once you have scheduled your ITIL V4 certification examination and have received your voucher.
  • Are there practice tests in this course?

  • Yes, as part of this course, we include one practice test to assist you to prepare for the ITIL V4 certification exam. You can sample it for free to get a sense of the types of tests that are included in the course.
  • Who are the instructors for the ITIL V4 certification live classroom training?

  • Our ITIL®-certified trainers have a combined experience of over 15 years as trainers and in the IT domain.
  • Is it true that my ITIL 4 Foundation credential is about to expire?

  • The certificate for ITIL 4 Foundation does not have an expiration date.
  • What is the procedure to attend online classroom training?

  • ITIL® online classroom training is delivered via live streaming and is led by a trainer with over 15 years of expertise in the field. To enhance your learning experience, the session is attended by a global audience.
  • Will I be watching pre-recorded videos or will this be a live ITIL training? What happens if I miss a class?

  • All of the classes are streamed live over the internet. They are interactive sessions in which you can ask questions and engage in class discussions. We also give recordings of each ITIL training session you attend in case you miss one or for future reference.
  • Is it possible to terminate my ITIL training? Is there a chance I'll get a refund?

  • Yes, you can cancel your ITL training enrollment. After deducting the administration charge, we issue a refund. Please see our Refund Policy for more information.
  • What is the duration of validity for the ITIL Certificate?

    The ITIL certificate has no expiration date and is valid for life.

    What are the obligations and roles of ITIL professionals?

  • ITIL practitioners have the following roles and responsibilities:
    • The entire IT lifecycle is your responsibility.
    • Develop plans, policies, and guidelines.
    • Ensure that the services provided are of the highest possible quality.
    • Keep an eye on crucial performance metrics.
    • Ensure that services continue to improve.
  • What is the best way to get started with ITIL 4 training?

  • If you want to get certified in ITIL, you can start with this ITIL course, which will teach you everything you need to know about ITIL 4.
  • What are the benefits of ITIL certification?

  • ITIL certification is suitable for IT workers who want to improve the services which their IT organization offers. The ITIL framework establishes a common language for delivering IT services, including more effectively dealing with suppliers and customers to solve any problems that may arise between IT and business in order to accomplish desired objectives. Because the ITIL Certification is regarded as the gold standard in the IT service management industry, it gives a foundational understanding of the industry's concepts, key principles, and best practices.
  • What is the need for an ITIL Certificate?

  • The ITIL Foundation certification is required because it introduces professionals to the administration of modern IT-enabled services, teaches them a common language and key concepts, and demonstrates how to improve their work using ITIL 4 advice.
  • Is it necessary to take ITIL training in order to obtain an ITIL certificate?

  • ITIL Foundation training is available in a classroom setting as well as online. AXELOS Accredited Training Organizations provide the latter. To get the certificate, you must pass the ITIL Foundation examination after completing the training. On the other hand, you can study privately and then book the exam through PeopleCert without taking a training course.
  • If I fail the ITIL Certificate Exam, what should I do?

  • If you fail the ITIL Foundation test on your first attempt, you can repeat it by paying the examination fee once again. The number of retakes is unrestricted. You will, however, be able to ace it with ease if you enroll on this training program.
  • When will I receive the results of my ITIL Certificate Exam?

  • Web-based exam takers receive their score reports immediately after completing the ITIL Foundation exam. When taking a paper-based exam, the results are available within three days of receiving the exam papers.
  • What is the duration of the ITIL Certificate?

  • The ITIL certificate has no expiration date and is valid for life.
  • How can one obtain an ITIL certificate?

  • An individual must first complete the two-and-a-half-day online classroom course for ITIL Foundation and then pass the accompanying test. There's also the option of self-study and taking the programme via distance learning. Such training is provided by AXELOS Accredited Training Organizations.
  • What is the right time to attempt the examination?

  • There is no such thing as a perfect moment at which you can attempt the ITIL examination. It's yours to take whenever you choose. However, it is strongly advised that you prepare thoroughly before you appear for the examination.