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7 Programming Languages That Pay You The Best Salary

7 Programming Languages That Pay You The Best Salary

Choosing the right programming languages is very crucial part of your career.

The programming languages are very much important in this digital era as a large number of IT companies depends on. Writing a computer programing needs a very good analytical and logical thinking.

Nowadays many programming languages rising up and which are suited for any category of developers.

Let Us Take A Look At The Few Programming Languages.


Python language is becoming more popular and commonly used language in many web applications. Its demand is increasing day by day. As it is very easy language to learn beginners can learn it very easily. Python provides a large developer community and excellent library support as well. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest are built in python.



Java is one of the oldest programming language and Java happens to the second most favourite language among developers. It’s said there are more than a billion devices run on java.

Java is owned by Oracle corporation. It is used by a large organizations.

Java is a open source and it has rich set of APIs available.

There are millions of job opportunities for java developers in the world and java has never lost its demand.


JavaScript is an object-oriented computer language and it is used for interactive effects within the browser.


Swift is one of the programming languages which is used to develop IOS applications and it's a c-based language.

Its main advantage is to catch the developers mistake before the software goes into is used in IOS apps such as Mozilla Firefox, WordPress, sound cloud and flappy bird game.

It can replace many older languages such as c.


PHP programmers are able to embed the code written into server-side programming language into HTML. It's a popular backend programming language.PHP is used by WordPress, Wikipedia, and Yahoo which has helped its popularity as a web language.PHP includes many tools which make it more efficient.


C is the most powerful language in Dot NET framework and widely used for backed end programming as well. The language is used for building games and building mobile phone apps. The code is checked with spotting errors before its application.

C# is used by many big companies like Netflix, Capital and so on.


Ruby is an object-oriented programming language which is highly in focuses mainly on simplicity and productivity Ruby became popular by a full stack web framework. The Application can be built by less line of the ruby is dynamically typed language it’s not easy to maintain.


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