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SAP FICO MM HR Certification training Course with 24/7 Lab Access

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About SAP FICO Training Course

SAP is a leading software company that makes software for business process management. The company also offers solutions for efficient processing of data so that business-critical information flows to every nook and cranny of a company that ultimately makes the same an efficiently running money-making machine!

SAP FICO is that portion of SAP business process management software that helps the company to better manage its finances through effective controlling. It is considered as the core component of a business that allows the same to manage its financial data.

What is the role of an SAP FICO consultant then?

Well, an SAP FICO consultant is responsible for helping their employer or their clients (in case the consultant is working as a freelancer) to manage and generate financial statements that are then analysed and reported accordingly.

This is an important part of modern business procedures as it directly influences business decisions and plans.

What you will be learning in this course?

In our SAP training certification course, we will be covering SAP Finance (FI) as well as SAP Controlling (CO) in this course that will allow you to master the skills you would need to fulfil your duties as an SAP FICO expert.

Being one of the SAP training best institute India, in our SAP FI classes, you will be taught about the basics and advanced aspects of financial accounting and reporting. On the other hand, when we will be taking SAP CO classes, the curriculum will be focussing on how to carry out successful financial plans and ways to monitor costs on behalf of your employer or client(s).

Our SAP certificate course curriculum will also cover the basics of SAP MM or Materials Management that will help you better position or rather market your CV in the job sector when you want to get hired or work as a freelance consultant. The SAP FICO certificate course curriculum is also designed to teach you about the syntax necessary for understanding the advanced levels of SAP FICO. This course will also help you in the future if you want to learn more about all the different SAP applications.

Since we are one of the premier providers of SAP certificate online courses in India, we think that it is our job is to ensure that the classes our online and offline trainers take are interactive and engaging so that you get the best learning experience. All your doubts will be cleared on the fly and the best part, most of the teaching will be practical bases hence you will never feel bored!

For more details such as fees for SAP training or details about our SAP certification exam, get in touch with us today!

SAP Certification course objectives

  • Learn to handle business operations and customer services on the enterprise software.
  • Display core knowledge of SAP inorder to manage finance and production operations, data, materials and archived documents.
  • Utilise the tools, management methodologies, technical interfaces etc.
  • To teach the working of SAP framework.
  • Master handling the financial assets, programming and module modification.
  • Polish your skills with constant practice under our experienced trainer's supervision.
  • To help you acquire exposure in the industry while gaining substantial grip over your methods.

SAP-FICO Course Syllabus

  • 1: Introduction to SAP R/3

  • Introduction to ERP and S.A.P
  • What is S.A.P / R/2-R/3 ARCHITECTURE
  • S.A.P Server landscape

  • 2: Financial Accounting Basic Settings:

  • Definition of company
  • Definition of company code
  • Assignment of company to company code
  • Definition of business area
  • Definition of fiscal year variant
  • Assignment of fiscal year variant to company code
  • Definition of posting period variant
  • Assignment of posting period variant to company code
  • Open and close posting period
  • Defining document type & number ranges
  • Maintenance of field status variants
  • Assignment of field status variant to company code
  • Definition of tolerance groups for GL accounts
  • Definition of tolerance groups for employees
  • Assignment of tolerance groups to users
  • Taxes on Sales & Purchases (input & output)
  • Creation of chart of Accounts
  • Defining Accounts Groups
  • Defining Retained Earnings Account.

  • 3: General Ledger Accounting:

  • Creation of General Ledger Master (with and without reference)
  • Display/Change/Block/Unblock of general ledger master
  • Document Entry posting normal postings and posting with reference
  • Display and change of documents
  • Display of GL balances
  • Display GL account line items
  • Parked documents
  • Hold documents
  • Creation of Sample Document and postings with sample documents
  • Defining recurring entry document and postings with recurring doc.
  • Creation of account assignment model and posting
  • Configuration of line layouts for display of GL line items
  • Reversal of individual documents, mass reversal, reversal of cleared items and reversal of accrual and deferral documents
  • Defining Exchange Rate types and Translation ratios
  • Define Exchange rates & posting of foreign currency transactions
  • Interest calculations on term loans
  • Accrual and Deferral documents

  • 4: Accounts Payable

  • Creation of vendor account groups
  • creation of number ranges for vendor master records
  • assignment of number ranges to vendor account groups
  • Creation of tolerance group for venders
  • Creation of vendor master (display/change/block/unblock of vender master)
  • Posting of vendor transactions (invoice posting, payment posting, credit memo)
  • Settings for advance payments to parties (down payment) and clearing of down payment against invoices (special GL transactions)
  • Posting of partial Payment & Residual Payment
  • Creation of payment terms,
  • Creation of house banks and account ids.
  • Creation of check lots and maintenance of check register
  • display check register
  • cancellation of un issued checks
  • creation of void reasons
  • cancellation of issued checks
  • posting of purchase returns
  • Configuration of automatic payment program
  • Payment to vendors through APP
  • Defining correspondence & party statement of accounts

  • 5: Accounts receivable:

  • Creation of customer account groups
  • creation of number ranges for customer master records
  • assignment of number ranges for customer account groups
  • Creation of tolerance group for customers
  • Creation of customer master (display/change/block/unblock of vender master)
  • Posting of customer transactions (sales invoice posting, payment posting, debit memo)
  • Settings for advance payment from parties (down payment)
  • Configuration of settings for dunning
  • generating the dunning letters
  • defining correspondence and party statement of accounts
  • Bills of exchange
  • posting of sales returns

  • 6: Asset Accounting

  • Defining chart of depreciation
  • creation of 0% tax codes for sales and purchased
  • assignment of chart of depreciation to company code
  • Defining account determination
  • definition of screen lay out rules
  • definition of number ranges for asset classes
  • Integration with General Ledger & Posting rules
  • Defining Depreciation key
  • definition of multilevel methods
  • definition of period control methods
  • creation of main asset master records
  • creation of sub asset master records
  • Acquisition of fixed assets
  • sale of fixed assets
  • transfer of assets
  • Scrapping of assets,
  • Depreciation run
  • Line item Settlement of assets under construction of capital work in progress

  • 7: New General ledger accounting:

  • Parallel ledgers
  • document splitting
  • Segments.

  • 8: Reports

  • Financial statement version
  • General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Assets Reports

  • 9: Integration of financial accounting with materials management:

  • Definition of organizational units in materials management i.e. plant, storage location and purchase organization
  • Assignment of organizational units to each other
  • Definition of tolerance groups for purchase orders
  • Definition of tolerance groups for goods receipt
  • Definition of tolerance groups for invoice verification
  • Definition of vendor specific tolerances
  • Creation, display and change of material master records
  • Creation of plant parameters
  • Maintenance of posting periods for materials management
  • Maintenance of parameters for invoice verification
  • Maintenance of plant parameters for inventory management and physical inventory
  • Definition of attributes for material types
  • Assignment of GL accounts for material transactions in financial accounting (Integration of MM with FI)
  • 14. Creation of purchase order, posting of goods receipt, invoice verification and Goods issue for production

  • 10: Integration of financial accounting with sales and distribution:

  • Definition of sales organization
  • definition of distribution channels
  • definition of divisions
  • assignment among various organizational units in SD
  • definition of partner functions
  • definitions of shipping point and loading points
  • definition of pricing procedures
  • determining the shipping points
  • determining the pricing procedures
  • maintenance of SD condition types
  • maintenance of condition records
  • assignment of GL accounts for sales transactions(integration of FI with SD)
  • creation of sales order
  • initialization of stock
  • posting the delivery of goods
  • creating the sales invoice


  • 11: Basic settings for controlling

  • Defining Controlling Area
  • Defining Number ranges for Controlling Area
  • Maintain Planning Versions

  • 12: Cost element accounting:

  • creation of primary cost elements from financial accounting area
  • creation of primary cost elements from controlling area
  • display of cost element master records
  • change cost element master records
  • primary cost element categories
  • secondary cost element categories
  • default account assignments

  • 13: Cost Center Accounting

  • Defining Cost Center Standard Hierarchy
  • Creation of Cost Centers and cost center groups
  • display cost center master records
  • change cost center master records
  • creation of cost center groups
  • posting to cost centers
  • reposting of co line items
  • Repost of Costs
  • planning for cost centers
  • Overhead Calculation
  • creation of secondary cost element master records
  • Creation and Execution of Distribution Cycle
  • creation and execution of assessment cycles
  • cost center reports

SAP-MM Course Syllabus

  • 1: Material Management

  • Introduction and overview
  • ERP & SAP R/3
  • General settings
  • Enterprise settings
  • Material Master
  • Vendor master
  • Purchase info record
  • Purchasing
  • Request for Quotation
  • Maintain Quotation
  • Purchase Order
  • Pricing procedure
  • Automatic PO creation
  • Transaction variant creation
  • Inventory management
  • Receipts, goods issue
  • Invoice verification
  • Reservation
  • Batch management
  • Automatic account determination
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Purchase request
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Benefits of learning SAP FICO

With our SAP training course, you will be able to be a master of the SAP FICO software and help your chances of becoming an independent SAP FICO consultant or work as an employee at a revered company in India or abroad. We are a recognised SAP training institute which means that with our SAP training online or offline classes, your chances of becoming job-ready is pretty high! Get in touch with us for more details.

Related job roles

  • SAP FICO Developer
  • SAP FICO Project Manager
  • SAP FICO Consultant
  • SAP FICO End User
  • SAP FICO Power User

Skills covered

  • Introduction to SAP R/3
  • Financial Accounting Basic Settings
  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Asset Accounting
  • New General ledger accounting
  • Reports
  • Integration of financial accounting with materials management
  • Integration of financial accounting with sales and distribution
  • Material Management

Course features

  • Placement Assurance
  • Guaranteed 5 Interview Calls
  • Lectures Are Delivered By Professional Trainer
  • Dedicated HR Team For Placement Support
  • Access To Student Web Portal
  • 70 Hours of Practical Learning

Training Options

Online and offline classes are available, Details are as follows –

Online classes
  • Only 8 to 10 students in a batch
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Personal attention will be given to each student
  • Flexible class timings
  • Regular assessments and assignments are provided to maximize learning.
In-classroom session
  • Intensive classroom training
  • Only 8 to 10 students in a batch
  • Practical-based training program
  • Internship support
  • Regular assessments and assignments are offered.

Eligibility /prerequisites

Anybody with experience in logistics, production, inventory management, warehouse management, plant maintenance etc. can apply for this course. Freshers from any educational background can also apply for this course. In case you are from a financial background then it will be pretty easy to learn SAP FICO. If not, then do not worry as our SAP FICO curriculum covers all the basics.

Exam & certification on SAP FICO

Whether you choose our sap course online certification or offline certification course, you will be awarded an industry-recognized SAP course completion certificate after you score more than eighty per cent in the hour-long exam we will be taking as soon as the SAP certificate training syllabus is completed by our trainer(s). The exam will be an easy one as it will contain 25 MCQs and the best part; we will help you prepare for the exam so that you can score well!

Student reviews for SAP-FICO Training

Dhana Laxmi

I have completed my SAP training in Apponix technologies. Good environment for learning. Both Trainers and management are very helpful. I strongly recommend Apponix.

SAP-FICO Training


Thank you so much for the wonderful experience, this is best institute, I feel proud to be a part of this and one of my best choices ever, once again 'Thank you Sir', I just want to say KEEP GOING, KEEP GROWING

SAP-FICO Training


Apponix technology is the best Institution to build career in IT field. Apponix staffs are very friendly and provide best environment for learning. I recommend all of you wants to grow to join Apponix Technology

SAP-FICO Training

Apponix technology is a well-maintained sector where you can do your internship. Advanced staff, teaching style is very good. Not only knowledge gain but you will also get best experience

SAP-FICO Training
pavan Mr.Pavan

SAP-FICO 5+ Years Of Working Experience in SAP Technologies.

Trainer's profile

  • He has more than 5 year’s worth of experience working as an SAP-FICO consultant at a top MNC.
  • He is also proficient in the various types of SAP technologies.
  • He has trained more than 500 students during his time as an SAP trainer here at Apponix.
  • He is adored by his students for his impressive lecture delivery skills and ability to keep the classes, whether online or offline, engaging so that students with all types of learning paces can grasp the course content.
  • He often includes infographics, charts and graphs in his classes so that visual learners too can catch up with the class without feeling left out!

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Student Review

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Sandhya H
SAP-FICO Consultant

I have completed the SAP training from Apponix. It is a very good institution for SAP I suggest you. Trainers are very good and friendly.

places bloque
SAP-FICO Consultant

I took training for SAP from Apponix institute, tutor has good knowledge on the subject & very experienced, he makes understand every concept and he will clear the doubts again & again, i gained more knowledge on SAP.

places quotes
SAP-FICO Finance

Best institute for SAP. Trainer has very good knowledge in SAP.

place loque
SAP-FICO Consultant

Sir is very helpful and takes every step to make the students understand topics.

SAP-FICO Finance

It is good to learn SAP here and the tranier is excellent.

SAP FICO Training Course FAQs

Do you need to be an expert in maths to learn SAP FICO?

  • No, you do not need to be an expert in Mathematics if you want to learn SAP FICO but if you belong from a finance background then it becomes easy for you.
  • Can anyone learn SAP FICO?

  • Yes, anyone can learn SAP FICO. We have had students who belonged from non-finance backgrounds, over the years and they still did well in this course.
  • What type of companies depends on SAP FICO experts?

  • SAP FICO experts are hired by the following company types –
    Consulting companies
    Computer hardware and software companies
    Accounting companies
    IT service providers
    Enterprise software and network solutions providers
  • What is the best version of SAP FICO?

  • The best version of SAP FICO is obviously SAP ECC 6.0 Enhancement Pack 8. Using up-to-date software is the secret to learning SAP FICO efficiently.
  • Is SAP FICO a free software?

  • No, it is not but SAP also has SAP Learning Hub that allows one to have access to SAP handbooks. This software also comes with a free edition.
  • What is the scope for SAP FICO experts in India?

  • Over the years, the demand for SAP FICO consultants in India is increasing at a steady rate. This trend will continue to hold as a large portion of the population still doesn’t know about this promising career path.
  • What is the minimum salary for an SAP FICO expert in India?

  • The average salary of an SAP FICO consultant in India is ₹583,000 annually.
  • What is the scope of SAP FICO experts abroad?

  • Since the majority of companies associated with the manufacturing and service sector rely on SAP FICO experts, the demand for SAP FICO consultants is pretty high abroad.
  • What is the minimum salary for an SAP FICO expert abroad?

  • The average salary of an SAP FICO consultant in the US is $136,500 per year, £58,865 per year in the UK and $100,000 per year in Canada.
  • Who are the top employers for SAP FICO experts?

  • The top employers of SAP FICO experts in India are -
    Tata Consultancy Services
    Cognizant Technology Solutions
    Wipro Technologies
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