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PMP Certification Instruor Led Online Training Course with Experiential learning through case studies

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Project management course objectives

  • Learn the introduction, planning and execution of plans from this project management program.
  • Teaching efficient project management techniques for less time consumption and better results.
  • To understand the operational concepts of strategizing, accounting and summing up the whole work in the mentioned budget.
  • TTo teach you the methodologies for better understanding of your client, their needs and choices.
  • Making them familiar with a versatile range of case studies in order to analyse the situation and apply the knowledge in real life.
  • Learn to fulfill the demands of clients, manage the workload, deliver the efficient solutions in the given period and maintain coordination among the team.

About PMP Certification course

  • Project management course has been introduced in recent times by the Project Management Institute.
  • The course mainly focuses on developing the ability of the student to be able to develop themselves as project managers.
  • The course is more technical based which helps in the development of such ideas that can be impactful as well as useful in terms of giving out the perfect situation that will help in the development of giving out a necessary line of work.
  • The course helps in connecting the business environment which lies out on the function of project and client.

PMP Course Syllabus

  • 1 : Creating A High Performing Team

  • Build A Team
  • Define Team Ground Rules
  • Negotiate Project Agreements
  • Empower Team Members And Stakeholders
  • Train Team Members And Stakeholders
  • Engage And Support Virtual Teams
  • Build Shared Understanding About A Project
  • Navigate the AWS Management Console

  • 2: Starting The Project

  • Determine Appropriate Project Methodology/Methods And Practices
  • Plan And Manage Scope
  • Plan And Manage Budget And Resources
  • Plan And Manage Schedule
  • Plan And Manage Quality Of Products And Deliverables
  • Integrate Project Planning Activities
  • Plan And Manage Procurement
  • Establish Project Governance Structure
  • Plan And Manage Project/Phase Closure

  • 3: Doing The Work

  • Assess And Manage Risks
  • Execute Project To Deliver Business Value
  • Manage Communications
  • Engage Stakeholders
  • Create Project Artifacts
  • Manage Project Changes
  • Manage Project Issues
  • Ensure Knowledge Transfer For Project Continuity

  • 4: Keeping The Team On Track

  • Lead A Team
  • Support Team Performance
  • Address And Remove Impediments, Obstacles, And Blockers
  • Manage Conflict
  • Collaborate With Stakeholders
  • Mentor Relevant Stakeholders
  • Apply Emotional Intelligence To Promote Team Performance

  • 5: Keeping The Business In Mind

  • Manage Compliance Requirements
  • Evaluate And Deliver Project Benefits And Value
  • Evaluate And Address Internal And External
  • Business Environment Changes
  • Support Organizational Change
  • Employ Continuous Process Improvement

Students Feedback for Project Management Professional Course


I did Project management professional course from Apponix. It was a wonderful experience. The trainer helped me to understand hacking technologies and the tools.

Project Management Professional

Great infrastructure. The faculty and staffs are friendly. The tutor is very much approachable. His teaching style is very nice. .

Project Management Professional

The training was totally amazing. It really saved my career. Super trainer who is a real expert.

Project Management Professional
Mr. Naresh kumar

PMP Expert

Ethical Hacking Instructor Profile

  • 10+ years of experience at reputed firms
  • 1500+ students were trained
  • High-grade certified professional
  • Expert level knowledge in theoretical and practical concepts
  • Constant updation of skills in trending technologies and industry needs
  • 5 star rated delivery of subject and training strategies

Apponix Ratings

5000+ Satisfied Learners









Student Review


Value for money! Had a great experience of training with them. Trainers are highly experienced and qualified at the same time the curriculum is quite comprehensive. Great set up for certification training.


I had a very great experience of attaining my training from Apponix. My trainer was an amazing teacher. Trainers all classes were very interesting. All the necessary study materials were provided, which were simple and easy to understand.


I joined this course but I was confused in the beginning. When I started this coaching, I felt free and good and was very happy about my decision. Thanks a lot to Apponix for your great Teaching.

Jasleen Ahuja

I am very happy to complete my training from here as Apponix trainers are friendly and helpful at anytime. I really feel industry expert after completing this course.


Training was really good and wonderful. Trainer was highly hands on and the entire session was hands on. I would strongly recommend freshers and also experienced candidates to take this course at Apponix. Thanks a lot to Apponix team.

Salary expectation after completing the course

Project management professionals play a crucial role in smooth working for any organisation. Because of their respective work they are in great demand hence paid a handsome account in IT, finance and in every sector.

Career after Project management

Suitable individuals skilled at leadership, time management, strategizing, critical thinking are overall called project managers- leaders of any task taking or will take place in any organisation. Career opportunities are unimaginably high in this field, as the whole workload is on their shoulders, they are among the ones who are paid really well everywhere. The relationship between the company and the client is managed well with his/her amazing communication skills and constantly reporting about the updates to the stakeholders is their part as well.

Other benefits of learning Project management

  • Sufficient knowledge of project management plays a great deal to lead the team in any condition.
  • It builds and improves some basic skills like small function management, team leadership, strategizing and establishes the ground for high level thinking and complex tasks.
  • Teaches you the ability to tackle the high level situations and accomplish projects with tight deadlines faster.
  • Better communication skills are the strongest link for project management, the same learning proves beneficial in every meeting, presentations, public events etc.
  • Not everyone has excellent leadership or management skills, so whether the big or small companies, all firms are looking for great event managers for better results in business.

Top 5 reasons to learn Project management

  • Helps you land a better job with PMP certificatio.
  • Companies demand great PMP experts in this competitive market.
  • PMP is a worldwide recognition applicable in every field.
  • PMP individuals are paid well in comparison with other individuals.
  • The skill helps you develop better understanding of projects, their working and operations.

What are the Prerequisites for Project management course?

One must have 3years of working or relevant experience demanding on their education to appear for the PMP test. To appear for this course you should be eligible according to guidelines otherwise there lies a possibility for several complications in the duration of preparation.

Best institute for Project management

Teachers at Apponix believe in transparency. We provide the best of project management opportunities to our students and prepare them for the future challenges. Core skills like time management, planning and execution of ideas is our main focus. Take a demo class today.

aws responsiblity

Job responsibilities of Project manager

  • Management of every project on line along with preparation of blueprints for future events to get satisfying outcomes.
  • Keeping the pace with the client's demands and staying in constant touch with him/her.
  • Documenting the prime follow-ups, leads, results, and almost every thing of importance in case of urgent requirement.
  • Holding the whole team together, assigning them the tasks.
  • Adaption to quick situation changes and updating the whole team for new tasks keeping the techniques and goals in mind.


How to apply for this training program?

  • PMI® and its authorized training providers (ATPs) can offer this PMP training course. If you wish to enroll for a formal PMP course, all you have to do is register on the training provider's website, choose the PMP course, and process the payment chargeable for the course to gain access to the study materials and other resources offered by the training provider.
  • Who will be our trainers for the program and how are they selected?

  • The instructors that would be appointed to teach for this training program are all project management professionals and industry experts with a minimum of 10-12 years of relevant teaching experience.
  • The trainers go through a thorough selection procedure that includes demo sessions, technical examination and candidate screening before their recruitment. It is also ensured by us that trainers who have acquired a good student rating would continue to work for us.
  • Can I cancel my enrollment if required? Will I get a refund?

  • If you need to, you can cancel your PMP course enrolment. After the deduction of an administration charge, we will refund the remaining PMP course cost. See our Refund Policy for more information.
  • How does the money-back guarantee policy work for this program?

  • Our PMP preparation course is backed by a complete money-back guarantee. Apponix Academy is confident in our blended learning methodology's ability to equip learners with the knowledge and confidence they need to pass the PMP exam on the first try. Apponix Academy will reimburse your PMP course fee if you do not pass the exam on your first attempt.
  • We strongly advise that you take the PMP test within a week of finishing the PMP course—or within 45 days of finishing the online PMP training—to assure your success. The PMP course materials will be fresh in your mind this way. PMP® Exam Attempts: Maximum Three Per Year.