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IOS App development Training Course with 5 Guaranteed interviews

Overview of iOS App Development Training Course

Join our iOS app development training course and let us help you get up to speed on everything you need to know about iOS app development.

We have been associated with offering world-class courses since 2013. We have a stellar reputation as a training institute.

You will have access to a carefully curated course curriculum, case studies, live projects, e-learning materials and multiple training options.

Furthermore, our iOS app development trainers are skilled and experienced as they are associated with MNCs as their senior iOS app developers and project managers.

Benefits of learning iOS App Development

There are many benefits of taking this iOS app development online course and some of them are enunciated in the sections below -

  • iOS app development is not only meant for skilled developers. Beginners too can take this training as our course curriculum covers both the advanced as well as basic skills needed to develop iOS apps.
  • Compared to other programming languages, Swift is relatively easier to learn. This aspect makes this course ideal for beginners.
  • The demand for iOS app developers is ever-increasing. Experts estimate that more than a million vacancies worldwide are available for skilled iOS developers. Hence, by learning iOS app development, you can secure a job in no time.

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1000+ Ratings

2000+ Happy Customers

Skills Covered in IOS App Development

Create an IOS App using swift
Swift Fundamentals
Advanced Object Oriented Programming using Swift
iPhone Application Basics
Auto-layout and Constraints
Multi Touch and Gestures API
Concurrency and Background Execution
Best Practices, Profiling and Performance Tuning

iOS app development

Which programming languages are used to develop iOS apps?

iOS app developers use objective-C and Swift to develop iOS apps.

iOS is based on which programming language?

iOS is based on Swift. Swift is an intuitive and robust programming language used by iOS developers to make apps for –

  • iOS
  • Mac
  • Apple TV and
  • Apple Watch.

Training Key Features

Interview Preparation
Resume Preparation
Mini IOS App Projects
Assured Job Placement
60 Hrs Practical Learning
Delivered by Senior IOS Developer
Guranteed 5 Interview Arrangements
Linkedin Learning Premium access for 12 months
Certificate from JainX Academy - Unit of Jain University

What are the different UI components of an iOS app?

The UI components of an iOS app are as follows –

  • Buttons
  • Text fields
  • Images and
  • Labels.

Fees & Training Options

Online Training


  • Interactive Live Training Sessions
  • 40+ Hrs Practical Learning
  • Delivered by Working Professionals
  • Realtime IOS Projects
  • 1 Year Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Assuarced Job Placement 
  • Guranteed 5 Interview Arrangements
  • Advanced Certificate from Jain University
  • Daily 2 Hrs or Weekend 10 Hrs
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iOS App Development Training Syllabus


No specific eligibility criteria to apply to this course.

However, course learners with basic computer science skills can enjoy a competitive edge.


This course is ideal for fresher graduates with limited or no knowledge about coding and professionals who want to switch their career in to mobiel app development.

iOS App Development Course Syllabus

iOS App Development
Module 1: The basics of IOS
  • Introduction and detailed discussions on Xcode
  • Introduction and detailed discussions on Swift programming language
  • Introduction and detailed discussions on coding logic
  • Introduction and detailed discussions on application architecture
  • Introduction and detailed discussions on iOS app UIs
Module 2: Swift
  • Introduction and detailed discussions on Swift variables
  • Introduction and detailed discussions on Swift functions
  • Introduction and detailed discussions on Swift conditional loops
  • Introduction and detailed discussions on object-oriented programming
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Career after iOS App Development

iOS is safe and performance-oriented hence it has an ever-increasing user base. Furthermore, every year, millions of users switch to iOS hence, the demand for iOS developers will never cease to exist.

As per experts, globally, the number of vacancies at top tech companies for iOS developers lay vacant as most job applicants don’t have the relevant skills they would need to excel in the field.

This is where we come in. We offer iOS app development course that follows a carefully curated curriculum that is on par with the changing times and ever-changing international business standards.

We have trained and certified iOS app development course trainers under our payroll who themselves are spearheading active roles at MNCs.

Our iOS app development training course is ideal for interested individuals planning to make a name for themselves in the world of iOS app development. We will teach you all you would need to know about developing and designing iOS apps from the ground up.

Our iOS app development course for beginners focuses on Objective-C and Swift programming languages. Both advanced, as well as basic aspects of these two programming languages, will be taught to you.

Our iOS app development course fees are in the reasonable range that allows interested individuals from all walks of life to have a chance at making it big as an iOS app developer in India or overseas.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can run iOS apps (and games) on PCs running Windows 10 (and above) operating systems by using Air iPhone Emulator.

Yes, all iOS apps are performance-oriented thanks to the ability of iOS apps to come with tight integration capabilities.

In India, you can earn INR 33,300 – INR 51,500 per month on average.

In the UK, you can earn £49,074 per year. In the US, you can earn $96,016 per year and in Canada, you can earn $95,000 per year as an iOS developer.

The latest version of iOS, as well as iPadOS, is 15.3. 1.

The reason is simple – unlike IOS which happens to be an open-source platform, iOS does not come with a malleable source code. Since Apple keeps its programming resources under wraps, hackers and cybercriminals don’t have access to iOS vulnerabilities that they can exploit.

All courses available online  & Offline classes are available in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai only.

It is mentioned under the training options. Online, Offline & self paced learning course fees differs.

Course duration is 2 months or 60 Hrs Usually daily 2 hrs.

Yes, We provide course completion certificate on web design & development. apart from this there is 1 more certificate called as “ Apponix Certified Professional in iOS App Development”
If you score more than 80% in the exam you will be awarded as “Apponix Certified Professional”

Yes, we provide you the assured placement. we have a dedicated team for placement assistance.

All our trainers are working professional having more than 6 years of relevant industry experience.

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iOS App Development

The latter modules followed in our iOS app development course also focus on X Code development which is crucial for an iOS app developer to learn as it would allow the person to build, test, monitor, and update iOS apps so that the same can be deployed in no time.

We also add grooming sessions in between iOS app development lectures so that course participants are made aware of the market and ways to mould themselves in a bid to adjust to the ever-changing market conditions.

Course participants will also have access to case studies, workshops and real-world projects that will be supervised by industry experts so that one can easily gain industry-relevant knowledge.

To learn more about our iOS app development course, please contact us.