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Salesforce Certification Administrator Training Course with 28 Case Studies

About Salesforce Training Course

In case you are looking for the best Salesforce certification course then choose Apponix

With Salesforce certification course from Apponix, you will be able to become a master of the entire core as well as administrative features available in Salesforce.

Before getting into the details of this Salesforce certification course online, you should get accustomed to what Salesforce exactly is.

Here goes-

Salesforce is a CRM tool that runs on the cloud computing framework and it is one of the most popular CRM tools in the world right now. Our Salesforce course will empower you to effortlessly configure, manage and implement service and sales clouds.

Our Salesforce certification and training course curriculum are designed in a manner that will allow you to gain all the necessary insights that you would need to ace your responsibilities when you are in a marketing or sales ecosystem.

Our Salesforce admin certification course will also teach you to manage all the functionalities of Salesforce. We will also teach you all there is to know about the impressive features of this tool. Our Salesforce admin certification course content follows a hands-on training approach even when the training options for this Salesforce course and certification are limited to self-paced learning.

How is that possible?

Well, you will have access to practice tests, real-world projects and a fully equipped lab so that you can test your skills and gauge your progress as the Salesforce online course curriculum progresses.

Other compelling reasons to learn Salesforce from Apponix are as follows -
You need to remember that when you become a Salesforce expert, your CV automatically upgrades itself. You will become a much more attractive candidate for high-paying jobs in India as well as overseas.
You will be able to develop new skills pertaining to Salesforce that will not only open up new avenues in your career but at the same time, they will help you grow more.
You will be taking part in or solving real-world problems for real companies that need immediate assistance pertaining to their Salesforce requirements. In this way, you will gain the necessary experience you would need to get employed right away.

For more details pertaining to this course such as the Salesforce certification fee then get in touch with us right away.

Overview of the Course

Salesforce Certification Course Syllabus

  • 1. Introduction to Salesforce

  • Introduction to Salesforce

  • 2. Salesforce Overview

  • Salesforce
  • Salesforce Overview
  • Introduction to Salesforce
  • Salesforce Editions
  • Home Page Customization
  • User Management
  • Creating and Customizing Tabs
  • Creating an App
  • Uploading a Company Logo
  • Company Information Page
  • System Overview Page
  • Updating the Fiscal Year
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 3. Sales Cloud

  • Introduction to Sales Cloud
  • Sales Cloud
  • Leads Home Page
  • Creating List Views
  • Creating and Converting Leads
  • Creating Accounts
  • Creating Contacts
  • Creating Email Templates
  • Sending Individual Emails
  • Sending Mass Emails
  • Creating and Managing Price Books
  • Creating Products
  • Creating Opportunities
  • Creating Activities
  • Creating a Web-to-Lead Form
  • Creating a Lead Assignment Rule
  • Creating a Lead Queue
  • Sending Mass Emails
  • Creating an Auto-Response Rule
  • Creating Campaigns
  • Record Types
  • Quiz
  • Case Study 1
  • Case Study Demo
  • Case Study 2
  • Case Study Demo 2
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 4. Quote Templates

  • Introduction to Quote Templates
  • Quote Templates
  • Creating a Quote Record
  • Creating a Quote Template
  • Generating a Quote PDF
  • Emailing a Quote PDF
  • Modifying Quote Templates
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 5. Service Cloud

  • Introduction to Service Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Creating Cases
  • Creating Case Assignment Rules
  • Creating Case Escalation Rules
  • Enabling Solutions
  • Creating Solutions
  • Attaching Solutions to Cases
  • Enabling Knowledge
  • Configuring Knowledge
  • Creating a Web-to-Case Form
  • Creating an Email-to-Case Address
  • Quiz
  • Case Study 1
  • Case Study 1 Demo
  • Case Study 2
  • Case Study 2 Demo
  • Key takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 6. Field Types

  • Introduction to Field Types
  • Field Types
  • Modifying Standard Fields
  • Creating Auto-number Fields
  • Creating Formula Fields
  • Creating Roll-Up Summary Fields
  • Creating Lookup and Master Detail Fields
  • Creating Checkbox Fields
  • Creating Currency, Number, and Percent Fields
  • Creating Date Field and Date and Time Fields
  • Creating Phone and Email Fields
  • Creating Geolocation Fields
  • Creating Picklist and Multi-Select Picklist Fields
  • Creating Text and Text Area Fields
  • Creating Text Area Long and Text Area Rich Fields
  • Creating Encrypted Fields
  • Creating URL Fields
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 7. Salesforce Objects

  • Introduction to Salesforce Objects
  • Salesforce Objects
  • Standard Object Components
  • Renaming Standard Objects
  • Modifying Standard Objects
  • Understanding External Objects
  • Creating Custom Objects
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 8. Creating Buttons, Links, and Actions

  • Introduction to Creating Buttons, Links, and Actions
  • Creating Buttons, Links, and Actions
  • Creating New Records with Actions
  • Logging a Call with Actions
  • Updating a Record with Actions
  • Creating Custom Buttons
  • Creating Custom Links
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 9. Visual Workflow, Process Builder, and Schema Builder

  • Introduction to Visual Workflow, Process Builder, and Schema Builder
  • Visual Workflow, Process Builder, and Schema Builder
  • Creating a Visual Flow
  • Modifying Existing Flows
  • Creating a Process in the Process Builder
  • Creating Fields in the Schema Builder
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 10. Validation Rules

  • Introduction to Validation Rules
  • Validation Rules
  • Creating Validation Rules
  • Creating Formulas
  • Creating Error Messages
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • 9Conclusion

  • 11. Workflow Rules

  • Introduction to Workflow Rules
  • Workflow Rules
  • Creating a Workflow Rule
  • Creating a Workflow Rule Field Update
  • Creating a Workflow Rule Task Assignment
  • Creating a Workflow Rule Email Alert
  • Quiz
  • Case Study 1
  • Case Study Demo
  • Case Study 2
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 12. Lightning Components

  • Introduction to Lightning Components
  • Lightning Components
  • Installing Lightning Components
  • Lightning Component Capabilities
  • Lightning Components vs. Visualforce
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 13. Role Hierarchy

  • Introduction to Role Hierarchy
  • Role Hierarchy
  • Viewing Role Hierarchy
  • Creating Roles
  • Enabling Field History
  • Creating Groups
  • Creating Permission Sets
  • Assigning Roles to Users
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 14. Security Controls

  • Introduction to Security Controls
  • Security Controls
  • Viewing Object Security
  • Changing Default Record Access
  • Sharing Settings
  • Field Accessibility
  • Password Policies
  • Session Settings
  • Login Flows
  • Network Access
  • Activations
  • Session Management
  • Login Access Policies
  • Certificate and Key Management
  • Viewing Setup Audit Trail
  • Executing Expire All Passwords
  • Delegated Administration
  • Remote Site Settings
  • Named Credentials
  • File Upload and Download Security
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 15. Profiles

  • Introduction to Profiles
  • Profiles
  • Standard Profiles Overview
  • Assigning Page Layouts
  • Field-Level Security
  • Custom App Settings and Access
  • Tab Settings
  • Record Type Settings
  • Administrative Permissions
  • General User Permissions
  • Standard Object Permissions
  • Custom Object Permissions
  • Password Policies and Session Timeout
  • Login Hours and IP Ranges
  • Enabling Apex and Visualforce Access
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 16. Chatter

  • Introduction to Chatter
  • Chatter
  • Chatter Overview
  • Enabling Chatter
  • Enabling Chatter Feeds on Records
  • Configuring Chatter Groups
  • Creating Customer Groups
  • Creating a Free Customer Chatter User
  • Customizing Chatter Email Notifications
  • Configuring Salesforce to Salesforce
  • Accepting a Salesforce Connection
  • Sharing an Account via Salesforce to Salesforce
  • Enabling Ideas
  • Configuring Ideas Themes
  • Enabling Social Accounts
  • Enabling Libraries and Content
  • Customizing Libraries and Content
  • Uploading Documents to Libraries and Content
  • Configuring Salesforce
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 17. Reports

  • Introduction to Reports
  • Reports
  • Understanding Report Formats
  • Creating a Leads Report
  • Creating Contacts and Accounts Report
  • Creating an Opportunity Report
  • Adding Leads to a Campaign from a Report
  • Creating a Report Chart
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Creating a Campaign Report
  • Summarizing Report Data
  • Creating a Report Formula
  • Exporting Reports to Excel
  • Quiz
  • Case Study 1
  • Case Study 1 Demo
  • Case Study 2
  • Case Study 2 Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 18. Dashboards

  • Introduction to Dashboards
  • Dashboards
  • Understanding Dashboard Components
  • Creating a Dashboard
  • Refreshing a Dashboard
  • Modifying Columns on Dashboards
  • Adding Filter to Dashboard
  • Managing Access to Reports
  • Adding a Report as a Dashboard Component
  • Setting Up Dynamic Dashboards
  • Enabling Dashboards for iPad
  • Modifying Report and Dashboard Interfaces
  • Activating the Report Builder on Profiles
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 19. Control Phase

  • Introduction to Data Management
  • Data Management
  • Importing Leads
  • Importing Contacts and Accounts
  • Using Mass Delete
  • Installing Data Loader
  • Importing Records with Data Loader
  • Updating Records with Data Loader
  • Deleting Records with Data Loader
  • Exporting Records with Data Loader
  • Adding a Field in the Schema Builder
  • Scheduling a Data Export
  • Creating and Using Sandbox
  • Mass Transferring Records
  • Reporting Snapshots
  • Working with Tags
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 20. AppExchange

  • Introduction to AppExchange
  • AppExchange
  • AppExchange Overview
  • Finding and Selecting an App
  • Finding a Developer
  • Finding a Consultant
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 21. Communities

  • Introduction to Communities
  • Communities
  • Creating a New Community
  • Topic Management
  • Recommendations Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Adding Members
  • Managing Tabs and Branding
  • Login and Registration
  • Community Preferences
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 22. Change Sets and Deployment

  • Introduction to Change Sets and Deployment
  • Change Sets and Deployment
  • Outbound Change Sets
  • Inbound Change Sets
  • Deployment Settings
  • Deployment Status
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 23. User Interface

  • Introduction to User Interface
  • User Interface
  • User Interface General Options
  • User Interface Sidebar Options
  • User Interface Calendar Options
  • User Interface Name Settings
  • User Interface Setup Options
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 24. Application Lifecycles

  • Introduction to Application Lifecycles
  • Application Lifecycles
  • Key Milestones and Considerations
  • Using Sandboxes for Development
  • Using Change Sets
  • Using Unmanaged Packages
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

  • 25. Help and Training

  • Introduction to Help and Training
  • Help and Training
  • Using Answers
  • Using Ideas
  • Searching for a Help Topic
  • Contacting Support
  • Trust Site
  • Known Issues
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Case Study Demo
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
Download Full Salesforce Certification Course Syllabus Now

Course content

  • An overview of Salesforce
  • An overview and detailed discussion on Sales Cloud
  • Detailed discussion on quote templates
  • Detailed discussion on Service Cloud
  • All you need to know about AppExchange
  • Generating reports using Salesforce
  • Introduction to Salesforce dashboards
  • Discussions on Chatter and Salesforce
  • Discussions on Salesforce Configuration
  • Introduction and importance of role hierarchy in Salesforce
  • Using Salesforce Security Controls
  • Creating and managing profiles in Salesforce
  • Data Management using Salesforce
  • Salesforce Workflow Rules
  • Deployment and Change Set in Salesforce
  • Salesforce Communities
  • Salesforce help and training

Industry projects

  • The first industry project consists of implementing an end-to-end recruitment process for a placement company based in the US. You will be using your Salesforce skills and help the business.
  • You will be using your Salesforce skills for implementing a customer service process management system for a UK-based cellular carrier service provider. This project will allow you to help the company with its goals of serving more customers and increasing its ROIs.

Benefits of learning Salesforce

Salesforce helps brands and businesses automate their workflows and business-critical processes. It is also instrumental when it comes to achieving higher efficiency factors in customer service, relationship building and brand management. Salesforce has also helped brands to retain their old clients and at the same time, enjoy higher returns on the money they had spent on their promotional as well as marketing campaigns. With our Salesforce course, you will be able to ace the Salesforce online certification exam and secure a place in this lucrative career avenue.

Related job roles

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce Functional Consultant
  • Salesforce Platform Manager
  • Salesforce Solution Architect

Skills covered

  • Learn to configure service
  • Learn to configure sales
  • Learn to manage sales
  • Learn to manage service
  • Learn to implement business process automation
  • Learn Salesforce debugging
  • Learn data validation using Salesforce
  • Learn to configure Salesforce user interface

Course features

  • Get up to 100% of your money back in case of unsatisfactory results
  • You will have access to more than 12 hours of self-paced e-learning content
  • The course curriculum conforms with the official Salesforce Certification Guide
  • You will have access to 4 live projects
  • You will have access to more than 20 case studies
  • You will have access to 4 simulation tests and 16 quizzes
  • You will have access to 4 simulation tests and 16 quizzes

Training Options

Self-Paced Learning
  • Students will have lifetime access to high-quality self-paced e-learning course content that is curated by industry experts who are currently employed at MNCs as Salesforce experts.
  • You will have access to twenty case studies about brands and businesses solving their problems using Salesforce.
  • You will have access to four projects that will allow you to ace your Salesforce skills with ease.
  • You will have access to four self-assessment simulation test papers.
  • You will be able to get round the clock assistance from our learner support and assistance teams.
Online Bootcamp
  • All benefits available in self-paced learning training method along with 90 days access to online classes with flexible timings.
  • All benefits available in self-paced learning training method along with 90 days access to online classes with flexible timings.
Corporate Training
  • This training method will make the use of both self-paced learning as well as trainer-based learning sessions.
  • The tariff is flexible.
  • Applicants will have access to Enterprise-grade Learning Management System, and enterprise dashboards that are ideal for individuals as well as participating teams.

Eligibility /prerequisites

This course is perfect for –

  • IT managers
  • Sales operators
  • System administrators
  • Product managers.

In terms of prerequisites for this course, there are none but in case you are familiar with Salesforce, it will come in handy while preparing for the Salesforce certification exam.

Exam & certification on Salesforce

You will be awarded a course completion certificate after the completion of this course and submission of at least one project. You would also need to score a minimum of sixty per cent in the simulation test to be eligible for the Apponix course completion certificate.

In order to unlock the Salesforce certification, you would need to complete the course and then head over to where you will register yourself and take the ADM 201 exam. Pass this exam and get Salesforce certified.

Student Feedback for Salesforces Training

Vikas Kumar

Apponix is the best institute which is providing salesforce class in reasonable price compare to others institute & the trainers are too good. I am completely satisfied with the training.

Salesforce Training

Antony F

It was very good experience to complete Salesforce course in apponix. Trainer clarifies all the doubts on time. He has hands-on experience. Fully satisfied to join here.

Salesforce Training
Sudheer M

It is a perfect place to get trining. Faculty is good. Staff are also good and friendly

Salesforce Training

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Student Review

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Pradeep Nk

Apponix technology is a well-maintained sector where you can do your internship. Advanced staff, teaching style is very good. Not only knowledge gain but you will also get best experience.

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Naveen Kumar

I came to know about Apponix through Google. I am about to complete the course of Salesforce. The trainer and others associated in the course are very good and teaching is top notch.

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Rajesh B.

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience, this is best institute, I feel proud to be a part of this and one of my best choices ever, once again 'Thank you Sir', I just want to say KEEP GOING, KEEP GROWING

Salesforce Training Course FAQs

How to enrol for this course at Apponix?

  • You first would need to register yourself with us at Apponix and then make a payment using your Visa debit or credit card. You can also use
    • American Express
    • Diner’s Club
    • MasterCard or
    • PayPal – to clear the payment.
  • As soon as the payment is confirmed on our end, we will dispatch the payment receipt along with the access information you would need to begin your learning journey with us.
  • Who curates the self-paced learning course content for this program?

  • All of the self-paced learning course materials are curated by Salesforce experts who have at least ten years of experience in the sector. The best part, all of the curators are currently working as Salesforce experts in MNCs. This ensures that you will have access to current and not out-of-date course materials.
  • What do I need to know about the 24/7 support team?

  • The 24/7 support team will assist you through emails, chats, and calls regarding any problem you might be facing during your time here with us at Apponix.
  • What do I need to know about Global Teaching Assistance?

  • The Global Teaching Assistance is our proprietary service where learned professionals associated with Salesforce will act as mentors for you so that you can pass the Salesforce exam in your first attempt.
  • What is the role of a Salesforce expert?

  • The primary role of a Salesforce expert is the maintenance, designing and implementation of databases so that the firm and its TA can have a seamless connection between them.
  • Does this course come with practice tests?

  • Yes, our self-paced e-learning course curriculum contains one practice test that will allow you to hone your skills to pass the actual certification exam.
  • What is the application of Salesforce?

  • Salesforce CRM platform that is cloud based.
    It runs on Software as a Service (SaaS) and finds extensive application across all sectors of the economy such as –
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • e-commerce and
    • The IT sector.
  • What skills are needed to become a master in Salesforce?

  • You would need to be a master of the following skills if you want to excel as a Salesforce expert –
    • business process management
    • data management
    • process automation
    • system configuration
  • Is learning Salesforce a good decision?

  • Salesforce is being adopted extensively across all sectors of the global economy. Hence, it is natural that the demand for Salesforce experts will also touch new heights. Learn this course now and grab a high-paying job before the sector becomes competitive.
  • Can a fresher take this course?

  • Yes, a fresher can take a course on Salesforce as it has a UI that is user-friendly and at the same time, the functionalities and tools are easy to understand.
  • What are the various details I need to know about the Salesforce certification exam?

  • The Salesforce certification exam will be 90 minutes long and it will consist of 60 multiple-choice questions. You would need to score a minimum of 65% to pass the same and become Salesforce certified. The exam fee is USD 200 and the re-examination fee is USD 100.