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Artificial Intelligence Training Course

About Artificial Intelligence Training Course

Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term for that branch of computer science and innovation that deals with the creation of computer systems that can mimic the thought process of the human brain – at least to some extent.

The goal of AI is simple – automation. AI is being consistently worked upon in a bid to develop it so that monotonous (and sometimes dangerous) work that is currently done by humans can be given to AI-backed machines.

The age of AI is already here as a lot of real-world applications are already taking place.

Businesses too are benefitting by introducing AI technologies in their core business operations in the form of –
Self-driving cars
Virtual assistants
Facial recognition
Personalized shopping and more.

With this course from us at apponix, you will be able to learn all the core concepts of AI so that you can start a career in this booming industry before the competition becomes cutthroat.

Our artificial intelligence course content is carefully designed to provide you with all you would need to know about this rising star of the IT sector through –
AI concepts
AI workflows
Machine learning
Deep learning and
Performance metrics.

As artificial intelligence course benefits, you will also learn about the basic differences between –
Supervised machine learning
Unsupervised machine learning and
Reinforcement machine learning.

Furthermore, our certified trainers are working professionals who are heading top-tier job roles in MNCs hence; naturally, you will have access to real-world events, case studies and more that will ensure you get wholesome knowledge in AI.

For more artificial intelligence course details, contact us.

Overview of the Course

Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus

  • 1. Decoding Artificial Intelligence

  • Decoding Artificial Intelligence
  • Meaning, Scope, and Stages Of Artificial Intelligence
  • Three Stages of Artificial Intelligence
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence
  • Image Recognition
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence - Examples
  • Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Society
  • Supervises Learning for Telemedicine
  • Solves Complex Social Problems
  • Benefits Multiple Industries
  • Key Takeaways

  • 2. Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Fundamentals Of Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Meaning of Machine Learning
  • Relationship between Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis
  • Process of Machine Learning
  • Types of Machine Learning
  • Meaning of Unsupervised Learning
  • Meaning of Semi-supervised Learning
  • Algorithms of Machine Learning
  • Regression
  • Naive Bayes
  • Naive Bayes Classification
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial Neural Network Definition
  • Definition of Perceptron
  • Online and Batch Learning
  • Key Takeaways

  • 3. Machine Learning Workflow

  • Learning Objective
  • Machine Learning Workflow
  • Get more data
  • Ask a Sharp Question
  • Add Data to the Table
  • Check for Quality
  • Transform Features
  • Answer the Questions
  • Use the Answer
  • Key Takeaways

  • 4. Performance Metrics

  • Performance Metrics
  • Need For Performance Metrics
  • Key Methods Of Performance Metrics
  • Confusion Matrix Example
  • Terms Of Confusion Matrix
  • Minimize False Cases
  • Minimize False Positive Example
  • Accuracy
  • Precision
  • Recall Or Sensitivity
  • Specificity
  • F1 Score
  • Key Takeaways
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Course content

  • Introduction to AI
  • Decoding the intricacies of Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning fundamentals
  • Deep Learning fundamentals
  • Introduction and detailed discussion on Machine Learning Workflow
  • Introduction and detailed discussion on Performance Metrics

Industry projects

Benefits of learning Artificial Intelligence

After you become an AI expert, you will be sure to earn more than your colleagues as you will become a highly desirable candidate for a plethora of job roles in the IT sector. Back in the day, AI was still in its nascent days but not anymore. With AI making its way into every aspect of modern human life, the possibilities are becoming limitless, conservatively stating!

Related job roles

  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • AI Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Robotic Scientist
  • Research Scientist

Skills covered

  • The purpose of AI
  • Deep learning concepts
  • Machine learning workflow
  • Supervised machine learning
  • Semi-supervised machine learning
  • Unsupervised machine learning

Course features

  • You will be refunded up to 100% of your enrolment fee minus the administrative charges if you are unsatisfied with the course
  • You will have lifetime access to quality-assured self-paced learning content that is curated by industry experts currently associated with the sector.
  • You will be awarded an industry-recognized certificate after you complete this course.

Training Options

Self-Paced Learning
  • You will have lifetime access to quality-assured self-paced e-learning content that is curated by our certified trainers who are industry experts.
  • You will also have access to simulation test papers that you can solve to gauge your progress in this course.
  • You will have access to our state-of-the-art lab that you can access during your live learning sessions.
  • You will have round-the-clock support from our dedicated support and learner assistance teams.
Corporate Training
  • Our corporate training option follows a blended training delivery model that consists of both self-paced e-learning and instructor-led e-learning options.
  • The pricing for this mode of training option is flexible.
  • You will have access to enterprise-grade Learning Management System and enterprise dashboards that can be accessed by both individuals and corporate teams.

Eligibility /prerequisites

This course is meant for professionals who want to upgrade their careers and become AI engineers.

Applications from graduates with technical backgrounds are also welcome.

As for prerequisites for this course, there are none.

Working professionals with job roles like –

  • Analytics managers
  • Information architects
  • Analytics professionals can also enrol for this course.

Exam & certification on Artificial Intelligence

You will be awarded a course completion certificate as soon as you complete this course and score a minimum of 80 % at the end-of-course assessment. The certificate will come with lifetime validity.

Student Feedback for Artificial Intelligece Training Course

Dhana Laxmi
Vinay H R

All the basics will get cleared with practical session, where command line is also been taught to us with a very friendly environment. Doubt solving is also done with good examples.

Vikas Kumar

This is the institute for learning the courses properly. You will get the full knowledge about the courses. The way of teaching is best.Thank you apponix

Antony F

Apponix technology is a well-maintained sector where you can do your internship. Advanced staff, teaching style is very good. Not only knowledge gain but you will also get best experience.

Sudheer M

It was a good learning experience with apponix. Faculty is good. Staff are also good and friendly

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Student Review

places bloque
Seema H

I went to Apponix for Artificial Intelligence training, it was really good and wonderful. Trainer was highly hands on and the entire session was hands on. I would strongly recommend freshers and also experienced candidates to take this course at Apponix. Thanks a lot to Apponix team.

places bloque
Ajay K

Excellent training facility. Trainer was having depth knowledge about his subject. Really very good institute for Artificial Intelligence Course with best lab facility and good infrastructure. They provide real time training and placement assistance which is very good.

places quotes

The best training institute for Artificial Intelligece according to me is vss. They give training to students and also explain the real time scenarios which helps in clearing the interview and understanding the concepts nicely for students.

place loque
GCP Engineer

Sir is very helpful and takes every step to make the students understand topics.

Sohail H
GCP Engineer

It is good to learn Google Cloud Platform here and the tranier is excellent.

Artificial Intelligence Training Course FAQs

Do I need to know programming languages to learn AI?

  • Yes, you would need to be familiar with or be proficient in programming languages like Python, Java, or R.
  • Will this course help me start my career?

  • This course will give you all the core concepts that makeup AI and sure you will be able to get a job after this course!
  • What are the different parts of AI?

  • What are the different parts of AI?–
    • Data science
    • Machine learning
    • Deep learning and
    • Natural language processing.
  • What core concepts I should know to ace AI?

  • You would need to be proficient in –
    • Statistics
    • Calculus
    • Linear algebra and
    • Probability.
  • On top of this, if you are familiar with programming languages then it will become easier for you to learn more after enrolling on this course.
  • Can I get assistance with this course?

  • Yes, you will get 24/7 assistance from our learner support team through chats, emails and calls. We have a dedicated team of experts who will offer you on-demand assistance in case of any difficulties you may or may not face after taking this course.
  • Will I get any practice tests for this course?

  • Yes, we will provide you with a single practice test that you can take and gauge the progress you have made.