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Get a master’s degree in cloud and virtualization from the top university.

Overview of Master Program in Cloud & Virtualization Training Course

IT professionals who want to progress their career in the sector should learn cloud virtualization. This course will offer the enrolee all they need to know about the skills and expertise one would need to manage as well as design complex virtual cloud computing architectures.


  • Cloud virtualization skills become mandatory if one has plans to work in the data recovery sector. Often companies lose business-critical data when the same has been subjected to a natural calamity. In such cases, they turn to their disaster recovery service provider who gives the company in question, access to its backed up business-critical data. The result is that the company then can use the data backups and resume its daily operations in no time.
  • This course will allow a person to become an expert when it comes to managing and working with virtual cloud architectures using virtual machines.
  • This course is also ideal for developers who have plans to excel in developing projects using virtual machines.

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  • Azure Developer
  • Azure Solution Architect
  • System Administrator
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  • Powershell Scripting expert

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Master Program in Cloud & Virtualization Training Syllabus


To take part in our PowerShell scripting training courses, you should own a computer with the latest Windows 10 OS. Furthermore, people with a background in windows administration can enjoy a competitive edge in our PowerShell scripting full course. Furthermore, if you are familiar with scripting then you will be able to grasp all that we will teach in our PowerShell scripting course online and offline classes with ease!

Master Program in Cloud & Virtualization Course Syllabus

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Career after Master Program in Cloud & Virtulization

Windows PowerShell is a scripting language and also an object-oriented automation engine. IT professionals, as well as system administrators, use it to automate and control the administrative functions of a system running on Windows OS. It allows an IT professional to create scripts using Windows Script Host environments and command prompt syntaxes.

With PowerShell scripting training from Apponix, you will easily be able to manage your role as an IT administrator in large corporations. For instance, if you want to increase the security of multiple servers then you would need to install the new security patch individually on each server. With PowerShell scripting training online, you will be able to carry out such time-consuming tasks in a matter of minutes by writing a script that will automatically gather information about the multiple servers, install the patches and ensure that the new lines of code are working as they should.

Windows PowerShell scripting training will also make you proficient in invoking cmdlets and scripts on remote machines. It will also allow you to asynchronously pipeline background jobs in local as well as remotely operated machines.

With the PowerShell scripting course from Apponix, unlock your abilities to unlock your abilities as a developer who can perform proficiently when you are given the responsibility to forward, listen, and manage system events. 

Our PowerShell scripting course will also allow you to run network file transfer processes by offering native support files that need to be throttled and prioritized between machines using BITS technology.

Furthermore, compared to other training academies, we at Apponix are backed by our esteemed teams of experienced and qualified trainers. We have been offering our training sessions to freshers, IT professionals, and even the owners of IT companies for more than a decade now!