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Search Engine Optimization Services:
  • Being the Silicon Valley of the country, the city of Bengaluru is efficient and understandably the rise of the digital world.

  • The competition for reaching out to the maximum efficiency in the city uses digital services to implicate very efficiently.

  • At Apponix digital, we provide quality SEO services where we shall carefully analyze, research, and find ways to boom your product on the local platform and the global platform.

Top SEO company in India with applied SEO strategies
  • As it says, nothing is possible to be one in a day, so is the process of SEO.

  • There are variations present in the structural development of our journey to create the best possible outcome for your company.

  • We understand your product, identify the clients out there, utilize the methodology to put your product on top of the lists, and then help spread out your product to different parts of the world based on your requirement.

Our SEO Services

E-Commerce SEO

Over the time, there has been a steady rise in the number of social media sites wherein there are a subjective number of people present. It is impossible to have competition amongst the 1.5 billion accounts present on Facebook, 1.1 billion on Instagram. At Apponix, we ensure there remains a sufficient quality of work and texts which will ensure your account and product remains on the stream.

Local SEO

Local SEO essentially means developing your website on the search engine confining to a particular radius of a city or a specific location. The importance of Local SEO is the fact that it helps in boosting the sales of your company. We optimize a process that includes providing systems such as Listings, Name, address and Phone Number(NAP), and other ways to suit the business demand. . To cater to your SEO demands, you can directly contact us, for which we relate in accordance to your business.

National SEO

National SEO means the most critical aspect is indulging the spreading and informing about the variety of options available for giving out your company's product being on the top searches of the search engine. . At Apponix, we have constantly been analyzing the critical factors that will help establish the best relationship to support your company's growth.

Our approach on SEO


  • 1st Phase (Analysis Phase)
    • Business Analysis
    • Keyword Research
    • Website Auditing
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Identifying Website Bugs
  • 2

  • 2nd Phase (On Page SEO)
    • Meta Title Tag Optimization
    • Meta Description Tag Optimization
    • H1, H2, H3 Tag Optimization
    • URL Optimization
    • Bold Italic Tags Optimization
    • Non-Index Able Attributes Analysis
    • Image Alt Tag Optimization
    • Robots.txt Optimization
    • HTML or XML Sitemap Optimization
    • Page Indexing Issue
    • Hyperlink Analysis and Optimization
    • Checking Canonicalization Error
    • Broken Links Analysis
    • Internal Link Structuring & Optimization
    • Webpage Content optimization (Recommendations)
    • Website Speed Optimization
    • Google/Bing Analytics & Webmaster Tool Setup
  • 3

  • 3rd Phase (Off Page SEO)
    • Unique Article Writing
    • Competitor Backlinks
    • High PA/DA Links Building
    • Web 2.0 Submissions
    • Article Submissions
    • Social Bookmarking Submissions
    • Video & Image Submissions
    • Social Profile Submissions
    • Search Engine Submissions
    • Press Release Submission
    • Classified Ads
    • Quora Submissions
    • Google Local Listing
  • 4

  • Ongoing Phase
    • Weekly & Monthly Progress Reporting
    • Monthly site performance & Ranking report
    • Google Ranking report every week

Results You Can Expect

  • Immediate Impact

  • Brand Exposure

  • Measurable ROI

  • Cost-Effective Marketing

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Tackle your competition better

  • Faster Result Than any Services

  • Measure your performance consistently

  • Reach the Right People at the Right Time

  • Weekly Progress Report(Google Ranking)

Our Clients

Our Teamwork

Campaign Manager

As a most trusted SEO agency in Mumbai we have a dedicated campaign manager at our company and is conscious of the various factors such as Google Ads, Facebook observer, and different other platforms in the digital world, which will help your company grow. We also provide PPC ( Pay Per Click) service.

SEO Manager

He précises on the correct choice of words and ensures to the best of his ability to bring forth the concept behind writing articles, posters, or any advertisement, ensuring that your page reaches the top of the Search engine. The work is done from the inception of the idea till the end.

Content Writing Team

Writing content and writing a piece are two different things. Writing content requires skilful observation and starts based on experts present. Content Team involves managing content – generating ideas, measuring, developing, distributing, revamping, and improving – that contributes to success.

On page SEO Experts

The on-page experts are known to have built their skills on enhancing the quality of your page. They do the final correction and identify the keywords along with metas, correct words, etc.

Link building team – Off Page Team

Link building is the team that provides the best possible way to connect with the users and the client from the start of the relationship. The link-building team ensures widespread automatism, which will be helpful and give out the best possible solutions.

What Our Customers say about Us ?

Reach Prospectus Customers via SEO

Do you want to get thousands of potential customers? Do you want to make 2x, 3x your sales? We are here to help you in this process. We will help you in making a roadmap to be a successful brand owner from finding a profitable niche, targeting customers, creating catchy, convertible content to 3x the sale leading to the next business tycoon.

Paid Search Marketing
seo SEO
content-marketing Content Marketing
promotion Social Media Marketing
direct Direct Marketing
email Email Marketing


The competition of keywords is the quintessential factor to determine your ranking. The better the quality of keywords, the increase in the ranking list.

The key words concept in the world of SEO is a highly dynamic one. We at Apponix constantly change the keywords based upon the reports and analysis of the search engine.

The performance of your website can be easily tracked down with the help of Google's analytical tool. The service gives out the precise details and notions that shall help in the firm's growth.

On-page optimization is an essential aspect that has been of ignoring nature by many digital marketing providers. The system helps avoid the penalty put forth by the search engines in case of stuffing.

No, we do not deal in Black Hat SEO currently.
No-follow is an HTML attribute. The primary purpose of the no-follow link is to ensure that there remains no way with which the HTML attribute causes damage to the ranking system.
Local Listings plays a significant role in Local SEO, and it is done by targeting some location-specific keywords.

SEO Service Provider in Mumbai

We are providing SEO services from last 4 years, we use different tactics to bring your webpages on the top of Google SERP. We provide a free 1-hour consultation on how we work on your website to bring organic traffic. We work with many clients in PAN India. Contact us to check which SEO packages in India work best for your business.

Our Reporting Structure

Progressive report:

The one-time report is suggestively the most crucial aspect of the customer-client deal at Apponix. We tend to provide the best possible solutions, detailed report analysis, controlled factors, and ways to suggestively improve on what had been happening in the past for your website.

Weekly progress report (Google ranking)

The weekly report at Apponix Digital Services refers to the number of times your website has been ranked on various search engines. The information also talks about the rise and fall of the report ranking, which takes place accordingly.

Monthly progress report (SERP Ranking, Off Page Progress)

As the term suggests, the monthly information is the monthly analysis of your websites working on the search engines, the quantum of traffic, and how the people on various other platforms have searched the website.

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Are you looking for the best SEO agency in Mumbai for your business or companay? We are here to provide you hilarious results irrespective of your brand type. Click on the link below and take free advice from our experts and become successful in the social media marketing journey.

8 Crucial SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Know

There are several of the factors which help in the SEO ranking of the websites as well as give out quality content which helps in widespread reach of your website: The elements are as follows:

  • 1 A secure and accessible website:

  • The biggest concern that lies on a consumer's mind is the ability to move to a link or website, which gives a sense of security to them that they are entering on a legitimate website.

    The websites should be free from any virus and be easily accessible to people, and it should not take a long time to get access.

  • 2 Page speed:

  • Another critical factor that helps in increasing the traffic for your website is the speed with which various aspects of your website works.

    The speed of the page helps in linking becoming quicker to the time-saving consumer.

    Often the speed of the page varies on desktop as well as on mobile.

    The pages are required to keep their links and speed updated based upon the type of device used, which makes it easier for the consumer to reach out.

  • 3 Mobile-friendliness

  • Mobile optimization is an essential factor that helps in determining the ranking on search engines.

    If your website is not mobile-friendly, it shall have consequences, resulting in the placement on the lower ranking.

    The mobile-friendliness mainly takes place through the process of creating a different site for the mobiles.

  • 4 Domain, Age, Authority, and URL:

  • More than 60% of the top ten searches on Google have been of websites that are three years or older.

    The website needs to have a correct domain name matching the keywords of the search engines.

    However, if the website is for the namesake and provides only thin content, the website shall be penalized.

  • 5 Optimized content:

  • The most crucial factor that helps determine the content produced will be helpful to get recognized on the search engines.

    Stuffing or trying to fit in the keywords on your content can get a penalty and hinder your content.

    The content optimization is provided to give a qualitative opportunity for the search engines to make changes.

  • 6 Technical SEO:

  • Search engine optimization is the critical factor that helps develop your website to become the chart leader.

    Correct keywords with efficiency brought in with quality material will be highly beneficial.

    The technical SEO process needs to be carried out by a professional expert who knows about dealing with such matters.

  • 7 User experience:

  • The user has three variations with which he/she can determine how the process went on and the friendliness of these websites.

    Click-through rate- The percentage of people who click to visit your site after an entry comes up in search results.

    Bounce Rate: The number of people who actually see your page and go back to the main page.

    Dwell time: The amount of time with which the consumer remains and goes through your website.

  • 8 Social Signals:

  • Several factors help in determining the increase of traffic on your website.

    Higher the number of social shares will increase your traffic generation.

    The higher the number of shares, the higher the chance of creating backlinks.

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