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Data Analytics Training With R Programming with Real Life Case Studies

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Data Analytics Course Objectives

  • Find a meaningful pattern in data
  • Graphically interpret data
  • Implement the analytic algorithms
  • Handle large scale analytics projects from various domains
  • Develop intelligent decision support systems

Why does one need to take data analytics training ?

  • Data analytics plays an important role in the understanding of the various statistical numbers’ present day.
  • The purpose of data analytics is to maintain and keep track of the data which is provided on the internet and can be used for the purpose of developing strategy.
  • Career in data analytics will have better opportunities than before
  • What is Data Analytics?

  • Data analytics is the multi-variated process of analysis of data which is compiling and understandable on the basis of raw materials and content available on the global platform.
  • Data analytics helps in the development of various kinds of substantive growth in the field of science and studies.
  • The analytics are also useful for research purposes wherein the companies with SEO services which help in determining their outreach.
  • Our instructor helps in getting data analytics certification.

What our students say about Data Analytics course?

Dhana Laxmi
Priya Patil

First of all I would like thanks to Apponix Technologies. The Best Training Institute... It was a great experience. The management is very good and they are very friendly and supportive. The facilities are also very nice.

Data Analytics

Praveen M

It is good institution Good environment to learn and teaching.

Data Analytics

Bijal Patel

I have taken azure training in apponix. Course is well designed and tutor is very well experienced.the course is very good which includes real examples and project.

Data Analytics
Ganapathy Vsr

I have completed Data Analytics course with Apponix. He was very helpful and made sure that we all understood the concepts in Data Analytics.Rather than sticking to the course timelines, he has taken extra classes also. He explained the concepts in simple language and was really available after the classes to clarify our any queries.

Data Analytics
Johny Rock

he faculty sounds good in technical well as communication part.. way demonstrate the subject it's very easy to grab . Thanks

Data Analytics
Santhu H Srini

Excellent teaching. Trainer is very friendly and kind to us.. Best training for Data Analytics

Data Analytics
subrat Mr. Durga Prasad

Technical lead at MNC

Data Analytics Trainer Profile

  • 8+ years of Experience in Data Analytics, currently spearheading the efforts.
  • Trained more than 2000+ students on Data Analytics at Apponix.
  • 5-star rating from all Data Analytics students.
  • Well versed in Data Analytics.
  • Excellent training delivery skills with an ability to present information well.
  • Demonstrable experience of being student focused and completing projects to hit deadlines and targets.
  • Demonstrable proof of enthusiasm, initiative, creativity and problem solving.
  • Demonstrable experience in delivering quality training on Data Science.
  • Excellent practical experience.

Data Analytics Instructor Experience

  • Working directly with Google Cloud Platform .
  • Support customers related to Google Cloud Platform issues.

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Student Review

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Amit Kumar
Data Analyst

I had completed my Data Analytics course at apponix institute. It was excellent experience as I have more than 2 years experience in other field but he always treated us as a fresher to Analytics and explained the basic Analytics concepts very well. His way of teaching is very brilliant and he uses very practical scenarios which are faced during day to day work.

places bloque
Rajeshwari S H
Business Analyst

I studied Data Analytics course with Apponix. He provided me an excellent training. Instructor was very helpful in accommodating us during the course and provided support after the course over. He was always willing to help us when required. Thank you very much. Highly recommended institute. Thanks to all the staff & and thank you Apponix.

places quotes
Mahesh Patak
Data Analyst

I just finished my Data Analytics training and I am extremely pleased with my trainer. He provided outstanding guidance and support. Very patient and professional at all times while delivering the topics. Always willing to go an extra mile to help you understand. I would definitely recommend Apponix institute to learn any course here.

Salary expectation after completing course

After the completion of course, one can pursue their career in two-three ways. If one pursues data analytics skills, he/she can expect a monthly salary of around Rs 50K to 70K per month. If one wants to become a data engineer, he or she can earn up to a sum of fifty thousand per month.

Career after Data Analytics course

Large number of IT companies spread across World, you should not have any doubt on shortage of Data Analyst jobs. IT Cloud technologies is growing and there a huge demand for Data Analyst.Data Analytics has more than 70% of the markets share in terms of providing cloud services.

Why should you choose Apponix for Data Analytics?

  • With over 8 years of experience, Our instructor at Apponix academy have mastered the concept of data analytics and are helping in the career of developing skills in data analytics.
  • At Apponix Academy you will have flexible schedule to take online or classroom.
  • We have a dedicated team for placement of our students.

Who should take up this Course in Data Analytics from Apponix?

  • Big Data, BI and Analyst Professionals
  • Big Data Statisticians
  • Machine Learning Professionals
  • Predictive Analytics and Information Architects
  • Candidates looking for a career in Data Analytics.

What are the career prospects after completing a Data Analytics course?

  • The course of data analyst plays a quintessential role in opening up various segments and understand ability of jobs for future purposes.
  • The data analytics course helps one to move into the management field with the ability to become data scientist, data engineer as well as market analyst which is a considerable post for the development of a company's future.
  • The data analytics course also opens up the prospect of pursuing an MBA in finance or Human Resource. The data analyst also makes it way for becoming a market analyst.

What are the prerequisites to consider for taking Data Analytics training from Apponix?

Anybody who is interested in a career in Data Analytics can take up this course regardless of prior skills. However, knowledge of statistics and mathematics is deemed beneficial for candidates.

What is the market trend for Data Analytics in India?

Due to the exponential rise of India from being just the financial capital of Europe to being the financial capital of the entire world, the Data Science market is boiling up in the British capital. Likewise, London is home to a diverse set of enterprises and businesses and is rightfully the European headquarters for most MNCs. So, the Data Science market is blooming and providing immeasurable opportunities to skilled and certified Data Scientists employed in India.

Data Analytics denotes to practices of continuous and comprehensive investigation of past business performance to derive valuable insights about the business and to drive business planning and forecast. It used to gain insights of past business performance which helps in improving the decision making process & can be used to automate and enhance business development.

Some instances where data analytics is used in daily life:

  • Credit card Companies use data analytics to predict customer risk profile.
  • Insurance Companies use data analytics for risk estimation in their business.
  • Some examples

  • Exploring data to derive new patterns, trends and relationships is termed as Data Mining.
  • Finding why certain results are occurring which is called quantitative analysis.
  • To test previous decisions which is also known as A/B Testing.
  • Predicting future results from past results and trends.

90% of the world’s existing data has been created in the course of last 2 years and is expected to grow exponentially 50 times by 2020 (source: Aureus Analytics)

What will you learn in this Data Analytics training?

  • Various types of roles and duties of a Data Scientist.
  • Testing, assessing and management of projects.
  • Prediction/Forecast and analysis breakdown using clustering.
  • Sampling techniques and plotting practices.
  • Working with recommender software and systems
  • Installation and working with tools such as Apache Impala
  • Linear and logistic regression approaches.
  • Deploying clustering for analysis segmentation and forecast or prediction.

Few tips for entering into an Analytics Career:

  • Pick up the tools of the trade- SAS, Python, SPSS, R, and SQL. To start with, pick any tool that you can get access to.
  • Learn the tricks
  • What are the skills required to kick start your career in data analytics?

    Technical skills:

  • R/Python/SAS Languages
  • SQL Databases
  • Programming (eg.XML, ETL Framework)
  • Data Mining
  • Machine learning Techniques

Industries for Data Analyst Jobs in India

  • E-Commerce
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Energy

Top 10 Companies that hire Data analytics professionals

  • MuSigma
  • Deloitte
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Crayon Data
  • LatentView
  • Absolutedata
  • Manthan
  • LinkedIn

The average salary of a Data analyst in United States is $100,562 per year or $31.01 per hour.

Entry level positions start at $95,388 per year while most experienced workers make up to $200,350 per year.

You are in demand – in addition to being able to apply your skills to any sector, you can continue to work in India, or pursue work overseas, knowing that in the majority of countries you visit, Data Science skills will be high on the list of priorities for organizations.

The pay is very good – the demand and need for good skilled Data Scientists essentially means that earning opportunities are high. Research from Deloitte shows that by 2021-2022, the forecast income of data scientists with postgraduate qualifications will be over $129,136.

When you become a skilled data scientist, you can work practically anywhere in the world where your heart desires. While 53% of these professionals work down south, and 28% are in the North and center, they’re being employed in every region in the country – and also abroad.

The Lack of Competition

Not only is there an unavailability of data scientists in the industry, but existing professionals in other fields don’t necessarily want to step up to the plate to up their game.

The Ease of Job Hunting

Since Data Scientists are in such high demand and the supply is so limited, companies have recruiters solely dedicated to the purpose of finding skilled Data Scientists.


Who can take Data Analyst Course?

  • Any one who is interested to start their career as a Data Analyst
  • What is the educational qualification required ?

  • A basic computer knowledge is required to start, there no min education qualification required.
  • Do I get certificate after completion of the course?

  • Yes all our students get course completion certificate.
  • What are the job roles related to Graphic Designing?

  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Visualizer
  • What is the duration of the Course ?

  • Approximately 60 Hrs