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How to Prepare for an Interview as a Fresher

How To Prepare For An Interview As A Fresher?

Interview is one of the most important moments in an individual’s life. Through interview, interviewer tests the skills of an individual through multiple questions. An individual should be fully prepared before going to an interview as it increases an individual’s chances to secure a job.

The attitude of the individual should be convincing enough that the recruiter should be fully impressed by the confidence. The job of the individual is to ensure that interviewer should be convinced that he/she is the right person for the job. To prepare for an interview, an individual as a fresher must make a check list of all the key points that one should follow before going to an interview.


Research carefully where the interview is, what is the company, what are its services, what it delivers, what are its final products, what is the reputation of the company in the market etc.

All these questions must be answered before going to an interview. An individual must be fully aware of the company. He/she must research extensively about the company and its services to get a full perspective about the job.

Assess The Skills

After searching about the company, the individual must assess his/her own skills according to the requirement of the job. An individual must be aware of his/her skills. One should know what he/she is capable of and whether he/she will fit in the company.

The required skills about the job should be at least 80% met. An interviewer does not care about the degree or the certification, his only concern is the attitude and the skills of the person.


Practice is very important as through practice an individual will prepare for the interview. Almost everybody is nervous in his/her first interview and this nervousness can sometimes damage the chances of getting a job.

An individual must extensively practice, whether with friends or in front of the mirror to wear out the nervousness. An individual must be fully confident before going. Shaky hands, sweating, looking here and there, drinking too much water etc. are all signs of nervousness. ‘


Dressing nicely is very important as first impression is the last impression. Individual must dress formally and be neat and tidy. The dress should look professional and depicts a positive image of the individual.

Through its dressing an individual should look well-groomed with business attire, a light coloured shirt with professional shoes. The dressing should create a professional and confident image of the individual. The clothes must be prepared and properly ironed one night before the interview.


Check all the documents that are required for the interview. Check company’s policy that what to bring in an interview and make a list of documents that are needed. Along with all the documents take extra copies of resume, a portfolio of the work and all the necessary documents and files that are important to bring.

Interview Etiquettes

Interview etiquettes are very important as they will show how well-mannered an individual is. Shaking hands firmly with the interviewer, making eye contacts, talking confidently and politely are all signs of good manners. It creates a good impression of the individual and shows that the individual has come prepared for the job. The body language of the individual shows the nervousness or confidence of the individual.

Listen Carefully

Listen carefully what the interviewer is asking. Listening is a fine art; it clears out all the ambiguities. If the individual is not listening carefully, he/she must not be able to answer the questions properly.

Non-Verbal Communication

An individual might convey many messages through its actions and behaviours. An individual itself does not know what signals he/she is giving through their body language. Non-verbal communications convey a lot of messages and the individual must use this in his/her benefit.

A light and constant smile, eye contact, non-shaky hands, good posture, being attentive and respond to the interviewer’s questions are important key elements.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is very important as it helps in building a relationship between the individual and interviewer. Bring a list of questions that should be asked. Do not ask questions about irrelevant information; avoid asking about the information which can easily be found on the company’s website.

Ask about the environment of the company, about the culture, about the nature of the job, growth factors, performance evaluation and what the opportunities to grow career in this company are.

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