PowerShell Scripting Training in Bangalore

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Windows PowerShell Scripting Training in Bangalore.

Get the best PowerShell training in Bangalore from Apponix, we are proud to say we are the top PowerShell training provider in Bangalore,
We offer exceptional training experience to our students in windows PowerShell scripting course
All our trainers are highly experienced Windows PowerShell experts and highly skilled IT professionals.

PowerShell is a widely used automation configuration and management tool available in Windows Operating System.
It is used to automate the most of the day to day activities of a administrator or developer.
Everyone has started learning PowerShell sue its high demand in the industry & highly paid salary.

Apponix PowerShell Training course is designed to provide in depth knowledge about PowerShell architectural principles and its services.

PowerShell Scripting sessions will be conducted by IT experts who will deliver training to leverage PowerShell services to make the PowerShell infrastructure scalable, reliable, and highly available.
This training is completely aligned to current IT infrastructure.

Windows PowerShell Scripting Training course objectives:

  • Build higher functions
  • Use cmdlets plus Microsoft .NET Framework in windows PowerShell
  • Write Controller script
  • Handle Script error
  • Use XML Data records
  • Manage Server Configurations by using the desired state configuration
  • Examine and debug script
  • Understand window PowerShell Workflow

How we standout among other training institutes ?

@ Apponix @ Other institutes
Course fees Very competitive and affordable. Most of the institutes provide at less fees but compromise with the quality of the training
Placement assistance We have a dedicated HR team to help students in placement and tied with leading job portals. Most of the institutes may make false promises
Dedicated HR team Yes None
Working Professionals as trainers Yes Very Few
Trainers Experience Min 7+ Years experience Most of the institutes hire full time trainers with very less real time experience
Student Web Portal We have a dedicated students portal where you will find course materials and technical questions hr questions prepared by it professionals None
Class Room Infrastructure All classrooms are Air conditioned to make sure our students feel comfortable Very few institutes
Reference Pay We pay Rs 1000 for every student you refer. None
Pay After Job Yes, for most of the courses students can pay part of the fees after they get a job None, You need to pay full fess before joining
Instalments Yes its very flexible, you can pay the fees in installments, we understand the financial situation of the students Very few institutes
Lab Infrastructure For most of the courses each student is given with laptop or desktop throughout the course None
Who are our trainers?
IT consultants,IT project managers, Solutions Architects, Technical Leads Most of the institutes hire full time trainers with very little experience
Student’s Ratings 5 ***** ratings from more than 4000 students Mixed
Trust & Credibility  Very High Moderate.
Fees Negotiable? Definitely yes we understand the financial situation of each student Very few
Refer and Win We run refer and win a holiday every 6 months, All referrers will have chance to win holiday to goa, please refer this link None

Skills you will learn after the completion of Windows PowerShell Scripting course?

  • Parse and manipulate different data types
  • Install PowerShell on your Linux system
  • Leverage session-based remote management
  • Work with Objects and Operators to test and manipulate data
  • Manage files, folders, and registries through the use of PowerShell
  • Write .NET classes with ease within the PowerShell
  • Utilize variables, hashes, and arrays to store data
  • Create and implement regular expressions in PowerShell scripts
  • Deploy applications and code with PowerShell’s Package management modules

Why choose Apponix as a Top PowerShell Training center in Bangalore.

  • Apponix has Highly qualified PowerShell Trainers
  • 100% student satisfaction rate in PowerShell Training till today
  • 5000+ satisfied students overall till now.
  • Excellent Lab facility for PowerShell Training
  • All our trainers are min 8+ years of PowerShell experience.

Course Modules for PowerShell Training in Bangalore.

  1. What is PowerShell?
  2. PowerShell Cmdlets
  3. PowerShell Snapins
  4. PowerShell Modules
  5. PowerShell Remoting
  6. Navigating in PowerShell
  7. CPowerShell Profiles
  1. Pipelines
  2. Scripts
  3. Syntax, Output and Script Blocks
  1. Variables and Data Types
  2. Variable Scopes
  3. Collections
  1. Script Execution
  2. Signing Scripts
  3. Requesting Credentials and Using Secure Strings
  4. Securing Remote Sessions
  1. Configuring Remote Management
  2. Using PowerShell Remoting
  3. Using Jobs
  1. Foreach and For
  2. While / Do While / Do Until
  3. If / Switch
  4. Break /Continue
  1. Functions and Filters
  2. Scripting with Functions and Parameters
  3. Modules
  1. Error Handling
  2. Script Debugging
  1. Manipulating files and folders
  2. Modifying Registry Data
  3. Working with Events
  4. Working with Active Directory Objects
  5. Advanced Scripting

Salary expectation after completion of Amazon web services (PowerShell) Training in Bangalore.

As there is a growing demand for PowerShell skills, the salary is also constantly increasing for PowerShell Scripting skills.
As per payscale.com Average salary for PowerShell administrator is Rs 8,09548 per year.

PowerShell Training in Bangalore FAQs:

1: Who can take PowerShell Training?

  • System administrators
  • Software developers
  • Application support Analysts
  • Database Administrators
  • And anyone who is interested in gaining PowerShell skills.

2: What are the job roles related to Windows PowerShell?

  • PowerShell Administrator
  • PowerShell Engineer
  • PowerShell Architect

3: What is the duration of the PowerShell training?

  • Approximately 40 Hrs, we offer both weekend & weekdays batches.

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