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Common HR questions for a fresh graduate

Common HR Questions For A Fresh Graduate


An interview is one very important part of our lives especially when we are fresh in the field and seeking for an employment. Getting a job in most fields seems difficult due to competition among job seekers.There are certain common questions that are usually asked to judge or to detect some attribute about a fresh graduate. Some of those questions that are usually asked when you apply to a financial institution will be focused on.

Common HR questions for a fresh graduate

1. Tell me about yourself?

You need to answer this question carefully. In a bid to answer this question, you have to show your skills, passion, and abilities. What makes you the best for the job?

2. Why should we hire you?

This is all about you showing what you are made off as regards to your skills and fitness for the job.

3. What can you contribute to the company?

When you asked this question, you need to be sure it is to know what your strength is and how you can use that to contribute to the company. So you have to focus more on skills you can use to contribute to the company success.

4. Why do you prefer to work with us?

This is all about your passion for the job and working for the company. You have to show why you prefer the company.

5. What do you engage in during your free time?

It is about knowing what you do to keep yourself healthy and how you are outside of the workplace.3. What can you contribute to the company?

6. What do you know about this company?

This question is targeted about the information that you have regarding the company. You need to show you have conducted your research and have adequate information.

7. Tell me something about your values.

The question is to know what major values you think you have and how those values relate to the current job position. The impact of such values can have on the company.

8. What leadership skills do you possess?

You have to show you have certain leadership skills. You might be placed to handle certain leadership role hence you need to show those attributes that can help perform effectively if placed to handle such role.

9. How long would you stay with us?

You have to show your commitment to expect to stay with the company for a long term. You don’t have to show it is for a short time. Most companies want employees that are committed and want to stay a long time

10. What do you feel about the present state of the industry?

This question is targeted at knowing what you really know about the industry. This is important for you when you focus on getting a job at a certain industry. You have to understand the industry and the present state.

11. What makes you different from others?

In this situation, the right answer from the fresh graduate should be related to the unique skills and abilities that the graduate feels and know is special and can make him/her different if asked such question. The graduate should mention what can make him special in terms of the prospective duties of the job.

12. What attracted you to seek a career in this field?

You need to understand that field you are applying to. Whether is a fast-paced and evolving field globally. Getting this fully right, you have to show you have the understanding and awareness of the impact of the field in the wider economy.

13. What lifestyle are you expecting to have if you eventually get the job?

You have to show you understand the job requirements. Your expectation in terms of salary will also have to be stated. Also if there's probability of having a tasking job,you will have to say it and how the long hours will influence the lifestyle you are going to live.

14. What is the current trend in the field or sector?

In this situation, you have to show the recruiter your understanding of where you are going. You will have to show that you are conversant with the field and how it works with the economy. If any issues are related to the field, you have to state it.

15. What other fields will you approach or what you’ll be doing is not in this field?

The questions might be for two major reasons; whether you have a passion for another field to have your career in it or you are truly committed to getting your career in the industry. You need to understand the question.

16. What are the associated risks and opportunities that are faced in this field?

For you to get this right, you have to ensure you tailored it towards that area of the sector you are applying for. You need to also show that risks can lead to opportunity and vice-versa. It is a great opportunity for you to show your capability and knowledge about the sector and trending issues related to the area of the sector and economy.

17. If you could choose one stock what would you choose, and why?

If you are asked this type of question, all they are trying to get from you is your understanding of the market and commercial system working together. It is better to look for an option you will be confident of describing how it works and why you prefer such.

18. What additional skills do you have that can be of help to the company?

A question like this is asked to know if you have other great skills that differentiates you from others. Computer skills are always an added advantage because if you have Microsoft office or data entry skills, that might be of help.

19. Don't you think that you're under-qualified for this position?

The team or recruiters want to know what your qualifications are. You have to show then why you are fit for the position. If you have any additional qualifications that can be an advantage, you need to show it.

20. Do you have any questions for us?

It is just about feedback questions and if you have any you can ask.

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