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Microsoft Azure training in Patna

Overview of MS Azure Cloud Training Course in Patna

Thrall-inclusivists of learning paths, quizzes, and lab sessions. The hands-on approach of this course allows IT professionals to learn career-relevant Microsoft Azure skills.

Benefits of learning MS Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud is dominating the cloud sector around the globe which is why in case you want to progress faster than your colleagues in the IT sector or you want your tech company to reach new heights, you would need to master your skills as an Azure expert.

Compared to AWS, Microsoft’s Azure is a simpler yet robust cloud computing platform that offers mind-bending possibilities to IT employees and IT company owners.

Related job roles

  • Azure Administrator
  • Azure Developer
  • Azure Solution Architect
  • Azure Cloud Consultant
  • Azure DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud administrator

2000+ Ratings

3000+ Learners

Skills Covered in MS Azure Cloud

An introduction to Microsoft Azure
Managing and securing identities in MS Azure
Managing storage using Azure backup
Managing and deploying virtual machines
Configuring and managing virtual networks
Introduction to advanced virtual networking
Migrating client servers to MS Azure
Managing and implementing application services
Azure subscription and resource management
Azure resource diagnostics and monitoring

MS Azure Cloud AZ Course Objectives

  • Describe Azure architecture components, the infrastructure, tools, and portals.
  • Implement virtual networking in Microsoft Azure and configure cross-premise connectivity.
  • Plan and develop Azure Virtual Machines.
  • Configure, manage, and monitor Azure VM (Virtual Machines) to optimize availability and reliability.
  • Implement Azure App Service.
  • Plan and implement storage and backup, and recovery services.
  • Implement container-based workloads in Azure.
  • Deploy, configure, monitor, and diagnose cloud services.
  • Implement Azure AD.
  • Manage an AD(Active Directory) infrastructure in a hybrid environment.
  • Automate operations by using Azure Automation run books.

Why Should You Learn Microsoft Azure?

  • Flexible career options
  • Handsome salary
  • Constant updation in technical and practical knowledge
  • Progressive development in career
  • Becomes vital part of an organization
  • Productivity of the firm is expected to show an increase on 400%
  • 85% more customer entries

MS Azure Cloud Training Key Features

Access to lab
More than 40 hours of combined learning
Practical-based classes that ensure maximum learning.
MS Azure certification exam preparation and grooming sessions
All MS Azure trainers are working professionals associated with the sector
Enroll for MS Azure & Get AWS & Unix for free

MS Azure Cloud 104 Training

Are the online classes live or pre-recorded?

All online classes offered here at Apponix are live sessions as we believe that clearing doubts during the class ensure maximum learning.


Will I get the class recording if I miss a class?

All course session videos will be made available to you even if you miss a class.


What are the benefits of taking this course?

As there is a growing demand for Microsoft Azure Cloud skills, the salary is also constantly increasing for Microsoft Azure Cloud skills,
As per Average salary for Microsoft Azure Cloud Architect is Rs 9,03,000 per year.


What does an Azure admin do?

An azure expert will be given the responsibility of managing Azure solutions and infrastructure. They will also plan Azure-based solutions to meet the unique needs of the clients he or they will be handling.


What is MS Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud service from Microsoft Corporation where businesses can manage, build and deploy applications using a wide array of Azure-based frameworks and tools.

Fees & Training Options

Online Training


  • Interactive Live Training Sessions
  • 40+ Hrs Practical Learning
  • Delivered by Working Professionals
  • Realtime Azure deployment Projects
  • Azure AZ-303 Certification Assistance
  • 1 Year Access to Recorded Sessions
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MS Azure 104 Training Syllabus


This course is an ideal choice for IT professionals, cloud beginners, experienced IT administrators, cloud developers, and DevOps experts. Interested individuals should be familiar with networking, virtualization, cloud security, and cloud storage before they apply for this course for the best results.

MS Azure Cloud Course Syllabus

Microsoft Azure Cloud Course
1. Introduction to Azure
  • Cloud technology overview.
  • Overview of Azure.
  • Why to choose Microsoft Azure.
  • Managing Azure with the Azure portal.
  • Managing Azure with Windows PowerShell.
  • Overview of Azure Resource Manager.
  • Features of Azure Resource Manager.
  • Understand about multiple management native tools.
  • Different Azure deployment models.


  • Preparing Azure subscription.
  • Understanding about Azure portal & respective services.
  • Preparing/installing Azure PowerShell or Azure Shell.
  • Access/connect/manage Azure subscription using Azure PowerShell.
  • Creating sample VM along with dependent resources & managing. (stop/start/deallocate/restart) that through PowerShell & Azure management portal.
2. Manage Identities and Secure Identities
  • Lesson/Presentation
  • Managing Azure Active Directory
  • Managing Azure Active Directory Objects
  • Azure AD default & custom domain
  • Implementing and Managing Hybrid Identities
  • Introduction to Identity Protection in Azure
  • Using Multi-Factor Authentication for Secure Access
  • Azure AD Connect
  • Azure AD Basic & Premium Editions
  • Multiple options for using AD.


  • Creating & configuring Azure AD tenant
  • Using custom Domain at Azure AD
  • Registering custom domain at DNS registrar
  • Creating objects at Azure AD
  • Implementing & Configuring Azure AD connect tool on on-premises.
  • Syncing objects from on-premises AD to Azure AD
  • Enable Multi-factor authentication at Azure AD objects
  • Enable Azure AD Premium
  • Configuring Conditional access at Azure AD
  • Accessing the O365 portal using Azure AD credentials.
  • Publishing Applications at Azure AD.
3. Implementing and Managing Storage& Azure Backup.
  • Lesson/Presentation
  • Overview of Different types of Azure Storage.
  • Storage Service concept.
  • Securing and Managing Storage.
  • Storing and Accessing Data.
  • How to choose proper storage types.
  • Monitoring Storage.
  • Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Azure Backup/Recovery Services.


  • Creating different types of Storage.
  • Creating & managing Blob storage/Containers.
  • Crating & managing File storage& accessing from multiple sources.
  • Using Storage Explorer to manage Azure storage.
  • Using access key/ SAS key to access storage.
  • Implementing Azure Backup solution to take backup/restore of on-premises workloads.
  • Implementing Azure Backup for IaaS VM backup/restore.
4. Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines
  • Lesson/Presentation
  • Overview of Azure Machines.
  • Creating Virtual Machines.
  • Deploying Virtual Machine Images.
  • Configuring Virtual Machines.
  • Choosing type of VM as per business needs.
  • Configuring Availability and Extensibility.
  • Managing and Monitoring Virtual Machines.


  • Creating Azure Virtual machines using Azure Portal.
  • Creating Azure Virtual Machines using Azure PowerShell.
  • Creating Azure Virtual Machines using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template.
  • Creating Azure Virtual Machines with HA (High Availability) Set.
  • Accessing Azure Virtual Machines using RDP/SSH.
  • Managing Azure Virtual Machines using PowerShell.
  • Accessing Azure Virtual Machines using Azure DNS/Public IP.
  • Configuring Network Security Groups (NSGs)
5. Configure and Manage Virtual Networks and Implement Advanced Virtual Networking
  • Lesson/Presentation
  • Azure Virtual Networks/Subnets
  • Azure DNS Vs BYO DNS.
  • Securing Virtual Network Resources
  • Connecting Virtual Networks
  • Azure VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • What & Why Site to Site VPN
  • What & Why Point to Site VPN
  • What & VNET to VNET connectivity
  • What & Why VNET peering
  • What & Why Azure ExpressRoute
  • Azure Load balancer.
  • Network Monitoring tools.


  • Creating Azure Virtual Network/Address Space/Subnets.
  • Creating VPN Gateway.
  • Configuring Point to Site VPN.
  • Configuring Site to Site VPN.
  • Configuring VNET to VNET connection.
  • Configuring VNET peering.
  • Creating & configuring Azure Load Balancer.
6. Migrate Servers to Azure
  • Lesson/Presentation
  • Introduction about Azure Migrate
  • Introduction about Azure Site Recovery
  • Understand about Pre-Migration phases
  • Test failover Vs Planned failover
  • Different components & use of Azure site recovery
  • Capacity planning about Azure Site recovery


  • Planning for servers/workloads to migration
  • Deploying Azure site recovery
  • Configuring all components of Azure site recovery
  • Selecting source servers for migration
  • Configuring target environment at Azure to migrate
  • Migrating/replication workloads at Azure
  • Test failover & planned failover
  • Access VM after successful migration.
7. Implement and Manage Application Services
  • Lesson/Presentation
  • Introducing the Azure App Service Platform
  • Managing and Securing Web App
  • Scaling and Performance
  • Serverless Computing Solutions
  • Understand about the app service plan
  • Multiple deployment options for Azure web app
  • Web app Slots
  • Azure Traffic Manager (DNS based Global Load Balancer)
  • Feature & benefit of multiple types of LB mechanisms at Azure Traffic Manager


  • Configuring Azure web app
  • Creating app service plan
  • Configuring web app slots (staging/production/dev)
  • Configuring multiple app endpoint
  • Configuring Azure Traffic manager
  • Access/connect application through Traffic manager endpoint
  • Configuring auto-scaling for Azure web app.
  • Testing application availability by stopping one or more web app endpoint
8. Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources
  • Lesson/Presentation
  • Managing Azure Subscriptions.
  • Access Management for Cloud Resources.
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics about Azure Resources.
  • Pricing & Billing.
  • Azure Roles & access considerations.
  • Built-in roles Vs custom/default roles.


  • Grant/deny access on Azure subscription.
  • Grant/deny access at Azure Resources/Resource groups.
  • Resource locking.
  • Pricing & Billing concept.
  • Usage & quota.
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Career in MS Azure Cloud

Our course for Azure training  in Patna will enable you to learn all the intricate details about Azure. On top of that, you will also be able to use all the tools and services offered by Azure like a pro – whether you are working for someone or working for yourself.

In our Azure online training classes, we will also offer you tips on how you can ace the Azure certification exam from Microsoft. Our Azure certification training in Patna has a course curriculum that includes access to live, real-world projects.

Participation in these projects will allow you to ensure that you are making progress like the rest of the course participants.

Our Microsoft Azure training classes are meant not only for people who want to be an employee with the Azure expertise of an MNC but also for tech entrepreneurs who want to make sure that their tech start-up is future-ready. If you want to make sure that your tech start-up has the chance of making it big, and compete with the established names in the IT sector then join our Microsoft azure certification training today!

Get the best Azure training from us at Apponix and let us teach you the skills needed to deploy, manage as well as configure Azure-based cloud infrastructures like a pro.

Enroll with our azure certificate course in Patna today and learn about how you can use the tools offered by Azure to make Azure-based infrastructures safe from internal as well as external malicious attacks.

Learn about creating and deploying Azure-based apps from our course on Azure training and at the same time, become a master of using Azure storage as well! Our azure certification developer course will also cover facts about managing Azure resources and configuring as well as deploying virtual machines.

If you are still not convinced about why you should learn MS Azure from us then be sure to read the following sections – 

  • Our online classes are designed to host limited students so that everyone has a fair chance of interacting with the trainer to clear their doubts on the fly.
  • Every student is given the chance to access our state-of-the-art lab.
  • All the trainers you see here at Apponix are working professionals and not retired IT experts or professors. This allows us to give you quality assured training as what you will learn from us is on par with what is currently going on in the Azure sector.

Microsoft Azure Training in Patna

  • Join Apponix for the best training in Microsoft Azure.
  • The course is designed so as to prepare the trainees to upgrade themselves fit for the industry standards.
  • Boundless career opportunities for Azure professionals.
  • 100% authentic career-oriented training to expand your career horizon.
  • We offer higher guarantee than other institutes you proficient in on-demand and most paid professionals in reputed firms.

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MS Azure Cloud Course Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can choose your class timings based on your schedules.

Yes, our online and offline classes will be accompanied by live projects that will allow you to hone your skills and gauge what you have learned from our trainers.

Yes, you will have access to the lab where you can practice and hone your Azure skills.

The average salary for an Azure expert in India ranges between INR 5.7 to 9 lakhs per year.

The average salary of an Azure expert in the US is in the range of $152,142 to $188,000 per year.

All courses available online  & Offline classes are available in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai only.

It is mentioned under the training options. Online, Offline & self paced learning course fees differs.

Course duration is 2 months or 60 Hrs Usually daily 2 hrs.

Yes, We provide course completion certificate on web design & development. apart from this there is 1 more certificate called as “ Apponix Certified Professional in Corporate Training”
If you score more than 80% in the exam you will be awarded as “Apponix Certified Professional”

Yes, we provide you the assured placement. we have a dedicated team for placement assistance.

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Azure Certification Course career in 2023

AWS as a cloud solution has witnessed widespread adoption soon after the pandemic COVID-19 led to business disruptions worldwide.

The changes were permanent and business managers are not downgrading to traditional IT infrastructures.

Hence the demand for cloud computing experts specializing in AWS is ever-increasing hence; getting AWS certified from a revered training institute is ideal for anyone who wants to have a career in AWS cloud computing in the near future.

Which companies will hire me as an Azure expert?

  • Microsoft
  • Accenture
  • Mindtree
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Capgemini
  • HCL Technologies
  • Novartis
  • Nisum
  • Fractal