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The Top 10 Interview Questions

The Top 10 Interview Questions

Whether a fresher or an experienced professional, an interview is the best bet in a person’s hand to differentiate himself from the other prospective candidates in this competitive job market. Being smart, with clear, confident responses is the best way to land one’s dream job. There is no way a person can have his answers before attending an interview. But it is always recommended to spend some time thinking about the most common interview questions and their answers to land the dream job. Preparations can always help boost your confidence in front of the interviewer. The most important point to remember is to do a good background research of the company before attending the interview.

Here are the top 10 interview questions and the tips in acing the interview.

1. Please tell us about yourself This question is generally asked to know a little more about the interviewee and also to see how the person reacts. This chance needs to be utilised to your advantage.  Start with the educational qualifications/work history.

  •  A little bit of personal/family details
  •  Interests/hobbies
  •  The qualities you possess which is a right fit for the job
  •  Never talk about your life or anything not related to the job. Be ethical.


2. Why do we hire you? This question is where your research about the company background will come in handy.  Start with your achievements and project experiences which are a close match to the job requirements.

  •  If a fresher give details about your electives or internships which are a close match to the job your are applying for
  •  This is one of the best chances to impress the interviewer.
  •  Never quote the achievements just from the top off your head which involves soft skills.

3. What are your strengths? This question requires a bit of self analysis before you enter the interview room. So please do this and be ready.  Start with your characteristics or attributes that match with the job profile and hence portray you as candidate who is a suitable fit for the job.

  •  You can start with a real life experience to show case your skills.For example,if leadership skills then you can showcase any program which you volunteered and lead the team to the final goal
  •  Never quote any modest soft skill

4. What is your worst weakness?

  • This question is a tricky one and also needs a bit of self analysis and preparation before hand.This is any interviewer’s favourite.  Start with any professional weakness which has affected you in your previous job.
  • Be genuine.
  •  Show them the effort you have put in to oversome this weakness giving them an idea of your self awareness and your interest in improving your skills further.
  •  Never quote any weakness which is very close to the job profile you are applying for.

5. Why do you want to work for us?

  • This question is where the research done about the company comes in handy.  Start with company specifics which appeal to you.
  •  Also include the reasons why this job appeals to you.
  •  Never admit that you are applying for this job as any other even if that is the case.

6. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

This question is a tricky one where your past experience might come in handy.If you had long standing relationships with your previous companies then this is a easy one.But if you are a job-hopper then be sure to prepare as best as possible.  

  • Start with your professional goals which are in line with the company goals.
  •  Also showcase your ability to learn new skills and improve.
  •  Never admit to any of your personal goals which are not related to the company even if you have one.

7. Why did you leave your previous job?

This question can prove your loyalty and your trustworthiness. Be reasonable.  

  • Start with reasons for your job switch in a positive manner.
  •  Be diplomatic and point out the challenges which you like in this new job.
  •  Never bad mouth your previous employer

8. What is your salary expectations?

This question can be well answered based on your research about the company Also spend time researching about the salary estimates in you area/city.  Start by giving a fair rate to yourself.

  •  Overpricing can knock you out and underpricing can project yourself as a person with low self esteem.
  •  Never confront the interviewer with unreasonable expectations. IF you find the quoted salary too low then this job is not for you.

9.What is your greatest achievement till date?

This question is similar to the question on your strengths. This can be handled similarly.  Start with any accomplishment that is in line with the company goals and its values.

  •  Also be sure to show case your passions which are genuine even if you consider it as a small project.
  •  Never showcase something which is of personal interest.

10.Do you have any questions?

This is the best and easiest of all the questions from the interviewer. So always be ready for this as at this point you get a chance to be the interviewer.  with giving an affirmative answer.

  •  Ask anything which was not covered in the conversation ,
  •  It could also include questions related to the salary,job location,benefits,the role you would play,your growth in the company,etc.
  •  Never say no as an answer and also ask questions which shows your strong interest to work for this compan

Few other interview questions:

 What are your future goals?
 What do are your interests outside of work?
 What could you offer to this job differently?
 How do you deal with pressure?
 Will you be ready if the job requires frequent travelling?
 What type of work environment do you prefer?


The key to acing any job interview is to make sure that all your answers are tailored to be in line with the company values, its goals and the specifics pertaining to the job you are applying for.

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