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DevOps Certification

DevOps is collaboration the of the developer and operations. Many companies and experts use DevOps as the latest savior for efficient software management. For quicker development strategies and the increasing demand in the IT industry have raised the bar for aspiring DevOps engineer.

Getting expertise and certified with one of the best DevOps certification helps the candidate to demonstrate and validate their skills and brings better opportunities. So here are the list of top DevOps certification to help the DevOps professionals and aspired DevOps professionals to advance their career.

How important and why does DevOps certification matters?

It will demonstrate your expertise in the subject and allow recruiters to validate quickly so earning a certification increases the chances of getting a good job.  It shows commitment and passion in the subject  It measures the related skill (DevOps)  It allows you to stay updated with the DevOps trends and level up your skills

Here are the top 5 Best DevOps certification for 2024

1) Docker Certified Associate Examination

Docker skills are highly demanding in today’s job market. Docker Certified Associate Examination can bring a difference in your career and stands out in the today’s competition.

Docker Certified Associate Examination Information: Examination Name: Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Prerequisite: None Requirement: 6-12 Months of Docker Experience Examination Pattern: Multiple Choice Questions Number of Questions: 55 Examination Duration: 90 Examination Language: English Examination Fee: USD $195

General domains and their weights on the examination are as below:

Domain1: Orchestration: 25%

Domain2: Image Creation, Management, and Registry:20%

Domain3: Installation and Configuration:15%

Domain4: Networking:15%

Domain5: Security:15%

Domain6: Storage and Volumes:10%

2) Kubernetes Administrator Certification: The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) program was designed by The Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Kubernetes Administrator Certification Examination Information: Examination Name: Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Examination Duration: 3 Hours Examination Fee: $300 Certification Validity:3 Years

General domains and their weights on the examination are as below: Domain1: Application Lifecycle Management:8% Domain2: Installation, Configuration & Validation:12% Domain3: Core Concepts:19% Domain4: Networking:11% Domain5: Scheduling:5% Domain6: Security:12% Domain7: Cluster Maintenance :11% Domain8: Logging / Monitoring: 5% Domain9: Storage: 7% Domain10: Troubleshooting 10%

3) AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Certification: Among the so many AWS certifications, DevOps Engineer Professional is the professional level certification is designed for those who have already cleared AWS Developer Associate and AWS SysOps Administrator Associate

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Examination Information: Certification Name: AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Examination Code: DOP-C01 Examination Format: Multiple Choice and Multiple Answer Questions Examination Duration: 180 Minutes Examination Language: English, Japanese Examination fees: 300 USD .

General domains and their weights on the examination are as below: Domain 1: Continuous Delivery and Process Automation 55% Domain 2: Monitoring, Metrics, and Logging 20% Domain 3: Security, Governance, and Validation 10% Domain 4: High Availability and Elasticity 15%

4) Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert :Azure DevOps professionals combination of process people, and technologies to continuously deliver valuable services and products that meet end user needs and business objectives.To earn this certification, you must earn either Azure Developer Associate certification or the Azure Administrator Associate and pass the AZ-400 exam.

General domains and their weights on the Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Certification Domain1: Design a DevOps strategy (20-25%) Domian2: Implement DevOps development processes (20-25%) Domain3: Implement continuous integration (10-15%) Domain4: Implement continuous delivery (10-15%) Domain5: Implement dependency management (5-10%) Domain6: Implement application infrastructure (15-20%) Domain7: Implement continuous feedback (10-15%)

5) Google Cloud Platform: Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Google Cloud certifications validate your expertise and show your ability to transform businesses with Google Cloud technology. The Google Cloud Platform certification program is a way to demonstrate your technical skills on particular GCP job roles or technology.

Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer – Examination Information: Certification Name: Google Cloud Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Prerequisites: N/A Exam format: Multiple-choice and multiple-select questions Exam duration: Two hours Exam fee: $200 (plus applicable taxes) Passing score: N/A Validity: 2 years Exam languages: English Length: Two hours

General domains on the examination are as below: Domain1: Application of site reliability engineering principles to a particular service Domain2: Optimization of Service Performance Domain3: Building and implementation of CI/CD pipelines for a particular service Domain4: Implementation of service monitoring strategies Domain5: Management of service incidents

3) AWS Code Build

AWS CodeBuild fetches the latest changes of the source code from AWS CodeCommit or GitHub repository as configured and based on the build specification YAML file created as buildspec.yml; the commands in the buildspec.yml are run based on the four phases like Install, Pre-build, Build and Post-build.

After the build is completed the artifacts (ZIP/WAR/JAR/EAR) are stored in the AWS Storage which is an S3 bucket.

4) AWS Code Deploy:

AWS Codedeploy is the deployment service that automates the deployment of the application (in this case WAR file which is stored in S3) to the Amazon EC2 instance or on-premise instance.

now the artifacts stored in S3 bucket which was generated using AWS CodeBuild the artifacts are then picked up from the S3 bucket and deployed appropriately to the app server JBoss or Tomcat etc. in the AWS EC2 instance provisioning or on-premise server

AWS CodeDeploy depends on a YAML file called and specified in the appspec.yml which contains the instructions on the deployment to the EC2 instances or on the premise environment.

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