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Cloud Computing Career Explained in a better way

Cloud Computing Career Explained In A Better Way.

Cloud computing is synonymous to a serverless application development model. If interested in honing out a cloud-based profession please read on.

Let us begin with a quote Learning anything requires the ability to push through the dip until reaching competency.

What Is Cloud Computing?

The delivery of computing services over the internet through a cloud platform. The services include data storage, information access, data analytics and networking. In simple terms, data storage or program execution does not happen in the local drive but over the internet. Cloud computing is a key technology with a great potential to have a major impact in this modern society. This blog will cover the various key points with respect making a career out of cloud computing.

Why the cloud Many modern businesses are moving to the cloud because of the benefits it offers. 

  •  Flexibility
  •  Scalability
  •  Strategic Value

Types of clouds Public clouds users share data on the same cloud the similar way eg: Amazon, Google, IBM  Private cloud fully integrated with a company’s existing data services

  •  Hybrid cloud a collaborated public private cloud service
  •  Personal cloud home network acting as a mini cloud
  •  Peer-to-peer cloud services provided by dispersed computers arriving and leaving the cloud

Main Cloud Computing platforms

  •  Amazon web services

  •  Google cloud

  •  Microsoft azure

  •  Rack space

  • The certification of choice should depend on the platform of interest.

Cloud Technologies

  •  AWS

  •  Google Cloud Platform

  •  Microsoft Azure

  •  DevOps

  •  Containers

  •  Cloud Security

There are many cloud computing training institutes available around the world offering both online courses and in-house training courses. The course /institute of choice depends on an individual’s personal priorities and preferences. But is better to have a prior knowledge before choosing one.

Any cloud computing course should cover the following topics

  •  Cloud Computing concepts

  •  The technologies

  •  Architecture

  •  Applications

  •  Implementations

  •  Fundamental issues

  •  Career Prospects


Points To Ponder In Choosing An Institute

  •  Good course materials in line with industry requirements

  •  Skilled faulty with in depth knowledge about the various methodologies

  •  Excellent IT infrastructure availability

  •  Real time projects

  •  Regular workshops and interactive sessions with the industry experts

  •  Regular Assessments

  •  Affordable Fee Structure

  •  Accessibility

Cloud computing institutes based on the ranking in India

The first step before taking any company specific certifications is to start with a basic course on the fundamentals of cloud computing.

Find the best cloud computing training institutes at From here move on to a company specific cloud certification of your choice.

Currently Amazon occupies the largest market share in the cloud computing realm. It offers nearly 42% of the public cloud domain. Hence it is a wise choice to get started with gaining knowledge in AWAZON WEB SERVICES to make a mark in the cloud war.AWS offers services which enables building scalable applications.

The initial step would be to register online and get some insights related to AWS.

From there move on to choose one of the various institutes available considering the

Points to ponder in choosing an institute.

The choice of the institute largely depends on the cloud platform of choice. The main criterial involved in seeking the right cloud match are  Customer requirements
 Workloads, Storage specifics, Pricing

Learning Outcomes

  •  In depth knowledge

  •  Critical analysis skills

  •  Problem solving

  •  Enable further study

Top cloud certifications

  •  AWS Certified Solutions Architect

  •  AWS DevOps

  •  Cisco Certified Professional

  •  Google Certified Professional

  •  Cloud Architect

  •  IBM Certified Cloud Solution Architect

  •  v2 Salesforce Certifications

  •  VMware Certified Professional

  •  Certified System Administrator in Red Hat

  •  OpenStack Cloud Certified Professional

  •  CompTIA Cloud Essentials

Cloud computing is a technology which is peaking in its own rights and many companies and institutes are working hard to make a mark on the cloud in a phenomenal way!

Cloud computing services are prone to frequent changes and hence a cloud computing career will involve on the job skill development and learning!

Happy Learning!

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