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Praveen H

About Me

Hey, I am Praveen, Presently I mentor young graduates to choose the right career path.

I really love to share my professional experience with my juniors.

After completing my masters in electronics from Karnataka university, I started my career as system administrator in 2006 in a small development company, later on worked for IBM & then moved to United Kingdom.

I recently came back to India and started mentoring young graduates on cloud computing and its potential growth in near future.

I provide young technical graduates a professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success in career and beyond.

I believe in quality mentoring greatly enhances students' chances for success in their career.

My Technical Skills

Operating System


Cloud Technologies

Automation Tool

Backup Tools

Language & Scripting

My Previous Job Roles

Where Did I Work?


Master of Science in Electronics from Karnatak University

Professional Synopsis

Expertise in RedHat Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, HP-UX and Solaris System administration.

A keen planner, strategist & implementer with demonstrated abilities in System Administration and new technology implementation for streamlining IT related operations and Data security.

Worked in a Digital Transformation team to build & deliver servers to a company standard.

Configuring backups, creating file systems, installing packages or software on new built servers.

Migrated 100+ RedHat Open stack Linux servers to AWS cloud using Velostrata & cloud endure. Worked in a Project Delivery team to build & deliver servers to a company standard.

Configuring VERITAS Cluster on new Solaris & Redhat Linux servers.

Built complete server on Sun M series, T-series, HP Gen 9,IBM blade servers

Worked with & Supporting web servers with application/middleware team for any issues before go live.

Delivered server support to Web servers, running e-commerce applications and Databases on RedHat Linux, Cent OS and Solaris.

Provided 3rd line support to Redhat Linux, Fedora and Solaris operating systems.

Install/update Apache/ATG/JBoss patches to web servers and application servers.

Responsibilities as a Unix System Administrator include monitor and tune system to make sure of the optimum level of the performance

An effective communicator with excellent relationship building & interpersonal skills. Strong analytical, problem solving & organisational abilities. Possess a flexible & detail oriented attitude, Worked as per ITIL procedures.

Developed and maintained the documents, library and procedural documents of the system.

Patch/Package management, storage administration with LVM on Redhat servers

Configuring and Managing NFS, Samba, Kick-start and Sudo on Redhat Linux.

Managing file systems in ZFS/LVM/VERITAS Volume Manager.

Server Capacity Planning, Change management, Incident management configuration management, Asset management.

Delivering the 24x7 IT support to more than 300 critical banking, Insurance and financial servers.

Determine Recovery Strategy and implement the disaster recovery plan as defined by the process

Delivered IT support to Investment Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication customers all over the globe for their critical production servers.

What is Covered in the Webinar?

  • Who can start career in cloud computing?
  • Why should you choose career in cloud computing?
  • When should you change an employer?
  • When to try for abroad jobs?
  • How much salary can you expect in UK, Canada, US?
  • How to look for an abroad opportunity in cloud computing?

I will be conducting webinars on below topics

Interviews & preparation
Other most Promising Careers
Soft Skills
VISAs & Abroad Jobs
training session
training session
training session
training session

Countries Hiring Cloud Techies

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • Singapore
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand

Why companies are so reluctant to hire freshers for a job role?

Freshers do not have exposure to corporate working style.

Freshers do not have any exposure to team work.

Freshers will not be having enough knowledge on software development life cycle.

Freshers are not able to handle work pressures.

Freshers Have Only Basic Knowledge: ( Today university and education institutes only provide a basic knowledge of programming like PHP and .net some more. So students who have currently completed their graduation, only have the basic knowledge that not fulfill company's requirement, so it is one reason for a company.)

Lack of corporate etiquette.

Freshers have lack of communication with different organization teams

Organizations don't want to spend time and money in training freshers.

Most important is Lack of professionalism:(Many freshers are still into their 'college' habits that can be considered as quite unprofessional in the workplace)

Who can start career in Cloud Computing?

  • Any Graduates with basic computer skill (Preferably Engineering graduates, BCA, MCA, MSc CS/IS/Maths/Stats/Electronics, BSc -CS, Diploma-CS/IS)
  • Technical support people, desktop support guys, System administrators
  • • Who are already working in different domain & wanted to move to cloud computing.

Skills required to become a cloud computing professional

System Administration skills(RedHat Linux is preferred)
  • User Management
  • File system Management
  • Package Management
  • Patch management
  • Understanding DNS,DHCP
  • NFS, Sudo
  • Handling File, Directories and Users
  • Installing & configuring RedHat OS
  • User & File system security
  • Routing table, IP Address, Bonding
  • Server Configurations …etc
Cloud Platform ( AWS is preferred)
  • AWS cloud terminologies
  • Creating & Configuring instances
  • Working with Route53
  • AWS storage
  • Security in AWS cloud
  • I AM (Identity Access Management)
  • Cloud watch
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • CloudFormation (Important)
  • Important Devops tools
  • DevOps Goals
  • Version Control Software(GIT)
  • Automation tool - Ansible
  • Jenkins Modules
  • CI & CD
  • Infrastructure Management Tool - Chef
  • Maven Repositories and GAV snapshots
  • Kubernetes
  • Dockers

Job roles related to cloud computing

  • Linux system administrator
  • Unix system Administrator
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Administrator
  • DevOps engineer
  • Unix support engineer
  • Linux Engineer

Apart from above technical skills You should also know:

How devops or system administration team works in an organization?

Change management

Types of Environments

Incident management

Teams in an organization

L1/L2/L3 support & SME

Backup & recovery tools

Ticketing system

Monitoring tools

Storage networks (IBM, EMC)

Web Applications


Cloud Professional Salary in Abroad

Average: $125,000 per year in US, UK, most of the countries in Europe & Canada countries

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