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AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

 AWS Certified Solutions Architect A category of Technical Certification offered by Amazon Web services. The AWS certification is divided into three categories:  Associate   level certifications

  •  Professional-level certifications
  •  Specialty level certifications

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate examination is for the individual who handles the solution architect role and has at least one more years of experience designing available, fault-tolerant, cost-efficient and distributed systems on AWS. One of the most in-demand qualifications and certification for Cloud Engineers is AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate test has been replaced by AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. The new examination includes updated best practices and procedures. This examination is the slightly longer version of the previous exam, an additional 50 minutes to complete the test with 10 more questions.

Recommended Knowledge and Experience

  •  Hands-on experience using Networking, Storage, Compute and Database AWS services

  •  Hands-on experience with management services and AWS Deployment

  •  Ability to meet given the technical requirement of AWS services to accomplish the task

  •  Ability to define the technical requirements for an AWS-based application

  •  Knowledge on the basic architectural principles of building on the AWS Cloud

  •  Expertise in understanding of the AWS global infrastructure

  •  Knowledge of network technologies which are related to AWS

Tips to Clear AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate examination 1) Deep dive into specific AWS Services : There is a list of AWS services that will appear in Exams repeatedly and one should have a clear understanding of those services to clear the examination. The best way to understand and learn, we need to just use them with hands-on Labs.

The services to deep-dive are: Amazon VPC In this service, practice to create VPC and understand the difference between VPN and Direct Connect

Amazon S3 There are few topics in S3 that come up often in Examinations, including  S3 Encryption options

  •  Storage Types
  •  Bucket policies v/s Access Control Lists
  •  Lifecycle Policies

Amazon RDS In RDS, focus on the below areas:  Read Replicas

  • Understand snapshots
  • Multi-AZ Replication


 Understand the AWS Analytics and data warehousing tools at a very high level:  Athena’s differences from Kinesis
 Scenario-based question on Kinesis vs EMR vs Redshift
 Streams vs. Firehose vs. Analytic

AMAZON LAMBDA AND SERVERLESS COMPONENTS Here focus on services which are generally triggered with Lambda triggers, 2) Learn the AWS Storage Services Probably in this more scenario-based question will show up Exam Details: Level of Certification: Associate Format of the exam: Multiple choice, Multiple Answer Exam duration: 130 Minutes Cost in USD: 150 USD Language: Available in English, Japanese, simplified Chinese and Korean

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professionals The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam is for individuals who perform a solutions architect role with two or more years of hands-on experience operating systems and managing on AWS. This exam validates experience in designing distributed applications and systems and advanced technical skills on the AWS Platform.

Recommended Experience and Knowledge

  • Two or more years of hands-on experience deploying and designing cloud architecture on AWS
  •  Knowledge of AWS APIs, AWS CLI, AWS Cloud Formation templates, AWS Management Console and AWS Billing Console.
  •  Knowledge of designing hybrid architecture using key AWS Technologies (AWS Direct Connect, VPN)
  •  Knowledge of any Scripting Language
  •  Familiarity on operating systems like Linux and Windows
  •  Designing a Continuous Integration and Deployment Process.

Exam Details: Format of the Exam: Multiple choice, Multiple Answer Exam Duration: 180 Minutes Cost in USD: 300 USD Language: Available in English, Japanese, simplified Chinese and Korean

AWS Certification Cost:

AWS certification is most sought of the skill and trending certification of all in the current corporate world. More than 80% of the companies adopted cloud hosting for their data-driven Infrastructure. AWS believes in maintaining the same fees structure for the AWS certifications all over the world. will maintain transparency and also help associates to feel a sense of equality. AWS certifications fees structure is defined in USD. AWS Associate and professional level certification costs 150 and 300 USD Respectively.

Below are the Important facts you should be knowing about AWS Certifications: An Associate should earn passing score via proctored exam to get certification with the passing score, associates will receive the certification credentials.

An Associate should update their certification every three years

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