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GCP Course Objectives

  • Learn methods to develop, implement, and deploy solutions in GCP
  • Distinguish between features of similar or related products and technologies
  • Recognize a wide variety of solution domains, use cases, and applications
  • Develop essential skills for managing and administering solutions
  • Develop knowledge of solution patterns methods, technologies, and designs that are used to implement security, scalability, high availability, and other essential functions

Google Cloud Platform Course Syllabus

  • 1: Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Infrastructure
  • Using GCP
  • Lab: Console and Cloud Shell
  • Demo: Projects
  • Lab: Infrastructure Preview

  • 2: Virtual Networks

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Projects, Networks, Subnetworks, IP addresses, Routes, Firewall rules
  • Subnetworks for resource management instead of physical network topology
  • Lab: Virtual Networking
  • Lab: Bastion Host

  • 3: Virtual Machines

  • Compute Engine
  • Lab: Creating Virtual Machines
  • Compute options (vCPU and Memory)
  • Images
  • Common Compute Engine actions
  • Lab: Working with Virtual Machines

  • 4: Cloud IAM

  • Organizations, Roles, Members, Service accounts, Cloud IAM best practices
  • Lab: Cloud IAM

  • 5: Data Storage Services

  • Cloud Storage
  • Lab: Cloud Storage
  • Cloud SQL
  • Lab: Cloud SQL
  • Cloud Spanner, Cloud Datastore
  • Lab: Cloud Datastore
  • Cloud Bigtable

  • 6: Resource Management

  • Cloud Resource Manager, Quotas, Labels, Names, Billing
  • Demo: Billing Administration
  • Lab: Examining Billing Data with BigQuery

  • 7: Resource Monitoring

  • Stackdriver, Monitoring
  • Lab: Resource Monitoring (Stackdriver)
  • Logging, Error Reporting, Tracing, Debugging
  • Lab: Error Reporting and Debugging (Stackdriver)

  • 8: Interconnecting Networks

  • Cloud Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Lab: Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Cloud Router, Cloud Interconnect, External Peering, Cloud DNS

  • Module 9: Load Balancing

  • Managed Instance Groups, HTTPS load balancing, Cross-region and content-based load balancing, SSL proxy/TCP proxy load balancing, Network load balancing
  • Lab: VM Automation and Load Balancing

  • Module 10: Autoscaling

  • Autoscaling, Policies, Configuration
  • Lab: Autoscaling
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Student Feedback for GCP Training in Bangalore

Dhana Laxmi
Vinay H R

Excellent teaching. Trainer is very friendly and kind to us.. Best training for Google Cloud Platform.

GCP Training

Vikas Kumar

This is the institute for learning the courses properly. You will get the full knowledge about the courses. The way of teaching is best.Thank you apponix

GCP Training

Antony F

It was very good experience to complete Google Cloud Platform course in apponix. Trainer clarifies all the doubts on time. He has hands-on experience. Fully satisfied to join here.

GCP Training
Sudheer M

It was a good learning experience with apponix. Faculty is good. Staff are also good and friendly

GCP Training
subrat Mr.Neelkanth P

IT Manager and Former Architect - Windows Platform

Google Cloud Platform Trainer Profile

  • 8+ years of Experience in Google Cloud Platform, currently spearheading the efforts.
  • Trained more than 1000+ students on Google Cloud Platform at Apponix.
  • 5-star rating from all Google Cloud Platform students.
  • Well versed in Google Cloud Platform.
  • Excellent training delivery skills with an ability to present information well.
  • Demonstrable experience of being student focused and completing projects to hit deadlines and targets.
  • Demonstrable proof of enthusiasm, initiative, creativity and problem solving.
  • Demonstrable experience in delivering quality training on Google Cloud Platform.
  • Excellent practical experience.

Google Cloud Platform Instructor Experience

  • Working directly with Google Cloud Platform .
  • Support customers related to Google Cloud Platform issues.

Apponix Ratings

1000+ Satisfied Learners









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Enroll for Google Cloud Platform training today. Request Demo class. Our instructor has 80+ years hands on experience in implementing Google Cloud Platform in mission Critical projects. Demo Classes run in Rajajinagar and Marathahalli every week Sunday.

Student Review

places bloque
Seema H
GCP Engineer

Management is very good, flexible with timings. Teaching pattern is easy and understandable.

places bloque
Ajay K
GCP Architect

I took training for Google Cloud Platform from Apponix institute, tutor has good knowledge on the subject & very experienced, he makes understand every concept and he will clear the doubts again & again, i gained more knowledge on Google Cloud Platform.

places quotes
GCP Architect

Best institute for Google Cloud Platform. Trainer has very good knowledge in Google Cloud Platform .

place loque
GCP Engineer

Sir is very helpful and takes every step to make the students understand topics.

Sohail H
GCP Engineer

It is good to learn Google Cloud Platform here and the tranier is excellent.

Salary expectation after completing GCP course

As there is a growing demand for GCP Engineers, the salary is also constantly increasing for GCP skills,
As per Average salary for Data Scientist is Rs 7,12,453 Per year.

Career after Google Cloud Platform course

Bangalore is a Silicon Valley of India, it has large number of IT companies spread across Bangalore, you should not have any doubt on shortage of GCP jobs in Bangalore. IT technologies is growing and there a huge demand for GCP engineers. Google Cloud Platform has more than 70% of the markets share in terms of providing services.

How We Stand Out Among Other Google Cloud Platform Training Institutes?

@ Apponix


@ Other

Course fees

Very competitive

Most of the institutes provide at less fees but compromise with the quality of the training

Working Professionals

All our trainers are working professionals

Very few institutes have working professionals as trainers

Trainers Experience

Min 7+ Years experience

Most of the institutes hire full time trainers with very less real time experience

Student Web Portal

We have a dedicated students portal where you will find course materials and technical questions hr questions prepared by it professionals


@ Apponix


@ Other

Class Room Infrastructure

Air conditioned class rooms to make sure our students feel comfortable

Very few

Reference Pay

We pay Rs 1000 for every student you refer.



Yes its very flexible, you can pay the fees in instalment, we understand the financial situation of the students

Very few institutes

Lab Infrastructure

For most of the courses each student is given with laptop or desktop throughout the course


@ Apponix


@ Other

Who are our trainers?

IT consultants,Solutions Architects, Technical Leads

Most of the institutes hire full time trainers with very little experience

Student’s Ratings

5 ***** ratings from more than 4000 students


Trust & Credibility

Very High


Fees Negotiable?

Yes we understand the financial situation of each student

Very few

Google Cloud Platform Certification And Cost

  • Google Cloud Certified, Professional Cloud Architect - $200 USD

Why Should You Learn Google Cloud Platform

  • The average salary of a GCP Engineer in India is Rs 7,00,000 Per year
  • Entry level positions start at Rs 3.5 Lacks per year
  • You are in demand – You can continue to work in India, or pursue work overseas,GCP skills will be high on the list of priorities for organizations.
  • The pay is very good – Earning opportunities are endless because of the demand and need for good and skilled GCP.
aws responsiblity

Google Cloud Platform Job Responsibilities

  • Enthusiastic, persuasive and selfstarter, ability to motivate team members
  • Ability to lead engineering teams and resolve technical issues
  • Built effective networks both internally and externally and created opportunities for others to work collaboratively
  • Experience in designing integrations between different systems, working with different teams and driving an agreement on the technologies and methods to use
  • Experience developing cloud architecture and design, cloud business case, cloud security, network and storage design Working knowledge on native cloud development framework
  • Experience in CI/CD technologies, concepts and tools
  • Good understanding of the key differences to architect and design enterprise cloud native solutions compared to traditional data center based solutions
  • Practitioner of agile methodologies
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform
  • Ability to analyze business requirement, user stories and model it to domain based services
  • Ability to breakdown and explain complex technical solutions to audiences with varying degrees of knowledge and technical capabilities


  • What will I learn in this GCP training?
    • Roles & responsibilities of a GCP Engineer.
    • Experience in designing integrations between different systems, working with different teams and driving an agreement on the technologies and methods to use
    • Ability to analyze business requirement user stories and model it domain based services
    • Experience with Google Cloud Platform
  • What are the Job roles for candidates with knowledge in Google Cloud Platform
  • GCP Engineer GCP Architect GCP Technical Lead
  • Why Choose Us for GCP Training?
  • Apponix has best experienced and multi skilled trainers with years of experience in the industry.
  • Trained more than 1000 candidates in this course and placed them.
  • Excellent lab facilities for every candidate and all our classrooms are Air-Conditioned to make students comfortable while learning.
  • Each student is given a computer to practice throughout the duration of this course.
  • Apponix has tied up with many companies and consultancies and recruiting agencies to provide placement assistance for all our students.