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REVEALED! 9 SECRETS Of Getting Your CV Shortlisted

Revealed! 9 Sercrests Of Getting Your Shortlisted

None of the recruiters knows in depth knowledge of every job role they recruit for their clients or for their own it very important to let the recruiters understand your CV very well without difficulty in understanding.

SECRET 1:Job Application Title

  •  When you applying for a job either by online link or via email, make sue your job application title is very much relevant to the advertised job
  •  Example: if a advertised job role is Customer support Executive and min exp required is 3 years and location is Bangalore, then your job application title could be
  •  Customer Support Executive – 5 years Exp - Bangalore
  •  It’s very important to understand the job role purpose of the advertised job is exactly matches your profile, don’t get confused with job role.


SECRET 2:Resume Title

  •  Match your resume title to advertised job title while applying.
  •  Keep your resume title very much relevant to the advertised job role.
  •  try to keep the same job role as advertised to your resume title to catch the recruiter eye.


SECRET 3:Use Relevant Keywords

  •  Make a note of all the keywords used in the advertised job role, and try to add the most relevant keywords at top of the resume, especially in the 1st page.
  •  Recruiters will always look for keywords in your resume, if they don’t find the keyword within 4 seconds when they open your CV then think you won’t get shortlisted.
  •  Recruiters spend an average of5 seconds to read a CV before they decide to go in deep of your CV.
  •  So its always good idea to highlight the keywords & job roles in your CV.


SECRET 4:Avoid Lengthy Text In CV

  • Don’t add lengthy texts like project titles or description, keep it very simple in 2 or 3 lines max.


SECRET 5: Avoid Adding Unnecessary Experience Or Details In The CV

  • Add only relevant job experience, if you have worked previously which is not relevant to the advertised job then do not add that experience.
  • Ex: if you worked as a customer support executive for few years or months in a company and you are applying for a software developer role, then its highly recommended not to add this role in your CV.


SECRET 6: Use Simple And Well Formatted CV

  • Keep your CV in a well-organized format. Add all the relevant skills in the 1st page of your CV.
  • Ex: Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux Languages: VB.Net, C sharp, PHP Databases: Oracle 10g, mysql.MSSQL


SECRET 7:Add Certifications And Achievements

  • Add all relevant certifications in the 1st page and try to add all your achievements in your past companies.


SECRET 8: Avoid Adding Personal Details In CV

  • Recruiters are not interested in your personal details,don’t add your personal details like physical address, parents name, passport no. etc


SECRET 9: Never Do A Spelling Mistake

A single spelling mistake in your cv will lead your CV to a bin!, yes recruiters don't like spelling mistakes.


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