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Importance Of Soft Skills In Professional Life

Importance Of Soft Skills In Professional Life

According to a recent survey 90% of the fresh IT graduates have lack of soft skills which help them in getting a job.

IT Graduates spend all their time on the computer, their communication is via technical networking, not people networking.

95% of the fresh IT graduates don't know how to interact with their colleagues, how to speak to each other, their body language and voice intonation is not right, and these skills never been taught at their college .

Furthermore, as boundaries blur in business and Indian companies hire for postings anywhere in the world, they want employees who are aware and more tolerant of other cultures.

According to a study done by Nasscom (India's national association of the IT service industry), Indian universities produce 3 million graduates, including half-a-million engineers, every year.

But most of the recruiters say many of the fresh IT graduates are "not employable". These students have been through an education system which emphasises rote learning, they are not taught to think and speak, so the system churns out enough numbers, but not enough suitable

Nayana from Bijapur says attending the finishing school has helped her become more confident: "I'm a shy kind of a girl. I never used to get up and ask a question, but today I learned that it's important for me to speak my mind."

Saba Syed, also from Bijapur, says: "As a child I learnt how to eat a chocolate, here I've learned how and where to throw the wrapper."

Industry Ready, Soft skills teach how to behave, how to interact and communicate with people. Communication skills are most important, and they will help me get a job."

It is not going to replace years of school and college education, but it's a quick way of correcting what's missing, like giving finishing touches to what's already there.

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