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Importance of soft skills & email etiquette

Importance Of Soft Skills & Email Etiquette

What Are Soft Skills?

Soft skills or interpersonal skills are the personal attributes that enable a person to speak or interact with other people effectively and harmoniously. In general, these skills are also referred to as people skills, because this involves the ability of a person to interact with other people at different times.

This question is generally asked to know a little more about the interviewee and also to see how the person reacts. This chance needs to be utilised to your advantage.

What Is Email Etiquette?

Email etiquette is referred to as the standard protocol that a person must follow before sharing an email with someone else. While these protocols are largely flexible, there are certain guidelines that a person must follow to make an email look presentable and amiable.

Further, email is one of the major mediums through which professionals communicate within their respective teams or with the other teams. Therefore, it is very much essential to ensure that an email is articulate enough to be understood by all the other team members.

What is the importance of soft skills and email etiquette in day to day life and in career?

1.Importance of soft skills

In day to day life: We interact with different people on a daily basis. There are times when these people reach out to us for help and then there are other times when we need their help. In such situations we understand how important it is to make and build relationships.We feel more comfortable reaching out to people, whom we personally know. Similarly, others will reach out to us only if we are amiable, understanding and empathetic.Therefore, to live in a society peacefully and harmoniously, people must respect each other and help each other as and when somebody needs it.

In career: Just like in real life, professional life gives us the opportunity to interact with different people from different teams and with different people from various companies. Businesses interact with each other seeking mutual benefit.

Hence, to help each other grow businesses interact on a regular basis to share ideas and figure out means and ways to execute them. This can be done efficiently when ideas are discussed in an open, healthy discussion. Soft skills help companies grow and enable them to provide better services.

2. Importance of email etiquette As mentioned earlier, team members interact with each other majorly through emails. This is because it helps keep the conversations documented and it is therefore, easier to keep tabs on which ideas were shared by which team member.

You must have personally noticed that some people write highly articulate, thoughtful emails and it gives a further motivation to work on their ideas. Therefore, having an idea is only the beginning but when it comes to discussing the same with other team members, one has to be presentable and email etiquette, helps them be clear and articulate about their thoughts.

What Are The Things Involved In Soft Skills?

There are many things that are involved in soft skills. Few of the many are mentioned below:

1. Communication skills: This is basically how we present ourselves in front of other people, the way we share our thoughts and ideas and how respectful we are while talking. Rather than imposing our thoughts it is always better to discuss.

2. Leadership skills: A great leader is the one who has great speaking and convincing skills. There are may be many people with great ideas however, there are only a few who can motivate and inspire. Great leaders are the ones who inspire and have great leadership skills.

3. Problem solving skills: When you work for an organization, you may face multiple challenges at multiple levels. With great problem solving skills, these difficulties don’t become easy but it gets easy for you to solve them.

Soft skills and email etiquette in business

How do businesses prosper? They have great ideas that they discuss in the most practical and efficient manner. All of this comes with soft skills. If the discussions happen over email and are well accepted, then the people discussing the ideas most definitely have a good email etiquette.

One may think that different people have their different ways of dealing with things and reaching to a solution using different paths, which is true. However, how many of these different ways are efficient? How many of these different ways are able to convince a larger group of people?

The only way that stands out from the crowd is the one that captures attention. And to capture, following the rules may or not be necessary but good interpersonal skills are definitely necessary.

How To Improve Your Soft Skills And Email Etiquette?

Development starts from the individual level. When you incorporate soft skills and etiquette in your personal life is when you are able to inbuilt these skills in your professional life. Otherwise, it doesn’t take much time to figure out who are genuine and who are pretentious.

Start by maintaining a work-life balance, follow a routine that is both healthy and efficient. Speak with others in a respectful manner. Always allow others to speak before you make a judgement. Don’t refrain yourself from giving opportunities to your juniors.

What Is The Average Course Fees For Soft Skills And Email Etiquette Coaching?

The average course fee for soft skills and email etiquette coaching may vary from INR 1,000 to INR 2,000 for a single day experience. In case you’d like to sign up for a monthly or quarterly session, you may ask about the fee accordingly.

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