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Career Counselling Courses

Career Counselling Courses

A Career Counsellor or a Guidance Trainer is a professional, who shows you the right path to a career that best suits your skill set.

One of the many reasons for schooling and graduation is to help build a strong career. With the greatest of the great innovations, advances and technological upliftment, students are exposed to a much diverse spectrum of interests. No doubt, we have so many aspiring entrepreneurs and independent activists, who are re-shaping the world and enhancing many people’s lives. Although the diversity of skill set and knowledge helps students develop multiple skills and become multi-talented, some students get confused whether these skills will help them build a career or not.

Therefore, a professional Career Counsellor comes to the rescue of these students, who want to build a strong career and achieve success. But before one decides to visit a Career Counsellor, there are certain interesting things a student must know.

Career Counselling For Fresh Graduates

Career Counselling welcomes all students, whether school students, college students or fresh graduates.

Many top-level schools encourage their students to get involved in multiple skill-building activities so that it is easier for them to identify their areas of interest. These schools often conduct experience sessions and seminars with Career Counsellors, conduct aptitude tests for the students and also conduct trips to museums, exhibitions, etc., to help students gather as much knowledge as possible. The sessions and aptitude tests that are conducted help the faculty to realise, which student perfectly fits which domain.

Similarly, the counselling for fresh graduates is conducted in the same way. However, since the students have already specialised in a particular subject and have their respective majors in hand, their counselling is narrowed down and much more intensive.

For example, if a student has a degree in Mathematics he/she has acquired a skill set in Analysis, Comprehension, Data Management, Problem-Solving, etc. Hence, the best career line for a Mathematics graduate would be in the field of Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Product Management, etc.

However, if the student shows interest in certain creative field, like blogging, writing and ideation, then there are multiple other fields to consider, like Content Strategy, Campaign Strategy, Channel Management, etc.

Same is the case for all the other graduates, where each area of interest of the student is tallied with the course that the student has pursued and the best combination that comes as an output is proposed.

What Needs To Be Covered In Career Guidance Courses?

There are multiple things that are included in a Career Counselling session.


1. Resume writing: This is one of the most basic and important feature of a Career Counselling session. The first impression that any employer has about a candidate is from their resume. Because of this fact, many fresh graduates believe that if their resume is vast and attractive, then there are higher chances that they will get shortlisted for an interview. Unfortunately, this is a huge misconception.

A Counsellor will agree with the fact that a resume must be attractive but it must also be as concise as possible.

2. mail etiquette: Yet another basic and important feature of a Counselling session. More than 90% of the corporate, professional communication takes place over emails. Therefore, it is essential to know the basics and the technical know-how.

3. Soft skills: Being a part of an organisation, one must be aware about the nitty-gritty of how to be social and interact with all kinds of people. Just like a school and college has multiple student personalities, corporates too have multiple personalities. And to interact with each personality has a certain way, which is very well covered by a Career Counsellor.>

4. Interview skills: Once the resume is shortlisted and the candidate is called for a personal interview, the recruiter will try and identify whether the information given in the resume is authentic. Hence, it gets important to confidently and articulately justify the information that has been provided.

5. Communication skills: The true identity of success comes when you communicate well with your peers. Many student believe that they are not a ‘people’s person’ but Career Counsellors won’t let you live with that excuse. They will show you the importance of communication and the wonders it can do in your professional career.

These are only a few of the many features of a Career Counselling session. There is a lot more to learn that can only be experienced at a session itself.

How To Choose The Best Career Counselling Centre?

To visit the best Career Counselling centre, one must do a lot of research. Thanks to the internet, research is not more than a 20-minute task. You can simply for the best Counselling Centres near you and check for their reviews and ratings. If you find a centre that is closest to where you put up and has great reviews, then there is nothing better than that.

If you see that someone whom you know or someone in your contacts has visited the centre before, contact them and ask them about their experience. No review is better than a positive word of mouth.

Check who all are in the faculty of the Counselling centre. There are many top-college alumni who conduct highly positive and impactful sessions. They have a strong background and come with a lot of experience, so it’s best to learn from them.

Average Course Fee For Career Counselling Classes:

The estimated fees for Career Counselling in India ranges anywhere between INR 5000 to INR 30,000. You may check for the prices online as the service charges vary from place to place and from time to time. So the early you register, the better the counselling experience.

Now that there is a clearer picture about what a Career Counselling session is and what all one must expect at a session, it’s time to look for one for better career guidance.

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