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AWS Developer Certification

AWS Developer Certification

The AWS Certified Developer Associate Level exam is for developers with a minimum of experience of coding solutions for Amazon Simple Queue Service, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon Simple Notification Service, AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon Simple Workflow Service using AWS.

To Register for AWS Developer Associate certification, associates should have significant hands-on experience or should have complete the AWS Technical essential course. A familiarity with Queuing and messaging service and understanding of stateless and loosely coupled distributed application and knowledge on the development of API interfaces.

Recommended Knowledge and Experience  knowledge of high-level programming language

  •  Knowledge of core AWS services, uses, and basic AWS architecture best practices
  •  Ability in deploying, developing and debugging cloud-based applications using AWS
  •  Proficiency to use the AWS CLI, AWS service APIs, and SDKs to write applications
  •  Basic Knowledge to identify features of AWS services
  •  Knowledge of the AWS shared responsibility model
  •  Understanding of application lifecycle management
  •  Basic knowledge to use a CI/CD pipeline to deploy applications on AWS
  •  Knowledge to interact or use of AWS services
  •  Ability to apply a basic understanding of cloud-native applications on AWS
  •  Proficiency to the author, maintain and debug code modules on AWS
  •  Ability to writing code for serverless applications
  •  Knowledge of the use of containers in the development process

Exam Details: Format of the Exam: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer of the exam: Associate Delivery Method: online proctored exam or Testing Center Duration of Exam: 130 mins to complete the exam Cost of exam: 150 USD Language: Available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Korean

Services which are Important to clear the AWS Developer Certification:  

  • Compute Databases
  •  Access Management
  •  Storage
  •  Edge Services
  •  Serverless Architecture
  •  Encryption
  •  CI/CD
  •  Developer Tools

Associate should have knowledge of DevOps with AWS and also should understand key services methodologies and technologies including CI/CD, Serverless and the decoupling of architecture to design, support and implement, optimize and resilient applications at scale.

The advantage of having AWS certified depends on the individual profile but It has two universal benefits:

Certified Candidates will be more valuable in the corporate market. AWS certifications have Huge demand in the cloud computing job market: Corporate companies are looking for these specific skills

AWS certified profiles make your resume stand out and land into a better position. AWS certified employees are usually paid more than non-certified employees.

 Pre-requisites  Basic Understanding of Cloud computing

  •  Introduction of AWS Services

  •  Good Knowledge of AWS services and Basic AWS architecture best practices.

Important Concepts AWS Developer Certification Exam: Serverless  We can expect a lot of questions directly on Lambda or combination of Lambda with other services

  •  Lambda -Alias related questions
  •  Lambda-Version related questions
  •  Lambda-SAM Combination questions
  •  Lambda-SAM-Code Deploy Combination Questions

KMS  questions will be asked with the combination of other services

  •  S3 Encryption

  •  Encryption while transferring data from Kinesis

  •  KMS related question includes on Envelop Key, Master Key, Generated key and data Key

  •   Dynamo DB  understanding of Dynamo DB is must

  •  Combination of Dynamo DB with Lambda and S3

Elastic Beanstalk  combination of Elastic Beanstalk and Cloud Formation

  •  Changing of the Instance Types
  •  Deployment of different version of Application

Cloud Formation  S3, lambda combination Question

Templates stored in S3

Code Commit, Code Build Code Deploy Elasticcache  Memcache and its use cases
Redis and its use cases
Uses of Elastic cache with RDS

S3  Bucket policies
 combination with Kinesis

Elastic Container Service  BCombination of ECS and Code Deploy
 ECS deployed on EC2 Instances

IAM  How IAM used instead of Access Key scenarios
Understanding IAM Role and attaching to other resources

Kinesis  Shards related questions
Different Kinesis options – data analytics, Dataware House

AWS Cognito  Questions would be on Data Sync and unauthenticated users

Route 53 Route53 Health Checks Static Website

Cloud watch and cloud Trail  Cloud Watch and its capabilities
Comparisons between cloud watch and other related services

Rational Database Service (RDS)  Mostly questions will be asked with the combinations of other services

Simple Notification Service (SNS) In combination with other AWS services

AWS Developer Certified – Associate examination focus on hands-on experience rather than theoretical concepts. Most of the questions will be scenario-based. Questions are mostly concentrated on Application Development and Deployment

Topics that won't appear in the Developer Associate Exam: 

  • This Examination has the least number of questions related to networking concepts like VPC, VPN
  • Do Not Expect the questions on Storage, route table, Gateway and any configuration with respect to it
  • Do Not expect questions on EBS Volumes, Subnet, Regions, Availability zones

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