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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud - Glance

Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet. It enables companies to consume a compute resource, such as a virtual machine, storage, application in the internet. Cloud services providing instantly on demand basis, pay per use as per customer requirement.

Advantages : On-demand services, cost, speed, productivity, performance, high availability, measured services.

Cloud computing models : Iaas, Paas, Saas

Iaas : Cloud Providers virtual servers instance and storage. Quickly scale up and down with demand and pay only for what you use. It avoiding to put expenses on servers storage and network infrastructure. Cloud Service providers will provide the wat u subscribe on requirement to manage ur infra server installation, managing the servers and applications. Iaas improves business continuity and disaster recovery .

Paas: It is allowing to customers to develop, run, manage their own applications on own database. In that OS, Servers, storages and Run time these and all cloud providers will manage the same.

Saas: In Software as a services managed by Cloud Provider itself to build his own environment. Application software often referred to as “on-demand software”. Providers will installation, setup and running of the application. Customer may not have access to control on cloud infra. We just pay and use . no need to maintain servers and data centre for uptime

Managing Azure Resources: Azure ARM/Classic Portal(ASM) : ASM is Old portal to provide cloud services to Iaas and Paas work load. In this ASM very difficult to delete the resource Group in ARM. In this ASM not available the features. ARM is a new portal for all work load services in Azure Portal V2. ARM is JSON scripting to understand easily. We can remove the resource easily in ARM. It has own powershell. We can deploy and manage the applications hosted in Azure through ARM Template. It has RBAC feature.


Tagging, Easy to manage to use RG,Faster deployment,RBAC, common interface for AZURE and AZURE stack.

Azure Virtual Machine: It Perform like a actual server. We can host any kind of OS in VM. We can run VM’s simultaneously on same physical server. Each VM has it own hardware, CPU, Memory, network interface cards and hard drives etc. It will reduce the cost and power and cooling for maintaining the server data center space.

In Azure Portal we can set a high availability for VM’s in different region or same region for Server redundancy. Fault Domain and Upgrade Domain. For high availability set at least we have 2 VM’s for Redundancy

Microsoft azure providing the different type of configuration as per our customer requirement. We can select in Azure gallery like Standard V1 or Basic etc.

Microsoft azure providing the different type of configuration as per our customer requirement. We can select in Azure gallery like Standard V1 or Basic etc.

Types Of Disks:

Standard Storage: It is replicated in same datacenter or physical HDD in server. Its optimized with 20K Iops and 20gbps for storage account. Billing based on bytes written to storage, blobs, files etc.

Premium Storage: It is managed by Microsoft datacenter. Ithas redundancy and safety of data store. It is optimized with 60k Iops and 64gbps per storage account. Billing based on Provisioned size.

Replications For Storage:

LRS : data is replicated sync only within a primary region.

GRS: Data is replicated to Primary and redundancy with secondary region. Customer can’t read and write data in GRS account data.

RA-GRS : Customer can read the data directly and can’t write the data with storage account.

SysPrep : Tool can be deployment to install the on premises window OS to on Cloud environment.

Azure AD : Its Cloud based directory and identity management services for the application access users. It enables to deliver the access control to their applications. AD is based on Centralized Policies and access rules. It using for IT admins to provide the access to employees their level of access. We can configure the user access and rest the password for that particular employess.

Azure Storage: It is cloud services to provide the storage. This is highly available, secure, scalable and mainy redundancy support. Like storage consists Blob storage, file storage and all.

Azure WEB APP:

Azure Cloud providing the services host their applications and web app in cloud. Can select the services and application on Azure portal gallery to develop web applications. We need to create a custom domain and app services plans.

t is very scalable with high availability . we can migrate a application on premises to cloud as well in global data.

We can deploy a website using FTP and staging the application slot.

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