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Importance of communication skills in day to day life and in career

Importance Of Communication Skills In Day To Day Life And In Career

Importance of communication skills in day to day life and in career Communication, as we know, is a very important skill to live in a society in perfect harmony. If we look at it from a broader perspective, it is a way of life. We interact with different kinds of people in school, in college, at work, outside work, etc., and get to know about different personalities.

So, in order to build a healthy personal or professional relationship with other people, communication is important.

Does communication simply mean talking? Or does it have a deeper, more significant meaning? These and more interesting, vital questions are answered when you involve yourself in more and more conversations. Otherwise, you always have the choice to join a communication skills coaching centre to become a better conversationalist.

Let’s look at the meaning, importance and benefits of a conversation in a day to day life and in career:

Communication In Personal Life

Our family is the most important part of our lives. They are the pillars of moral support that we need during each phase of life. To help them understand whether we are happy, or if we are in a trouble and need help to get out of it, we need to communicate.

Similarly, if any of your family member is ever in need and wants to be heard, you must ensure that you give them enough time to share their story. Communicating with near and dear ones on a regular basis is healthy for the mind.

Other than this, we all need friends in life. Friends are the ones who are always there when we need them for help or support. Similarly, when they are in need we ensure that we are also there for them.

So, how do we ensure that this relationship lasts long? More importantly, how do we ensure that this friendship begins in the first place?

The answer is simple. Communication. Communicating with different people on a regular basis helps you understand, who can become your friends for life.

Communication In Professional Life

Right after we complete our education, we are welcome in the world of projects and deadlines. Yes, the professional life. Just like in personal life, we need people in our professional lives, whom we can reach out to whenever we seek some guidance.

More importantly, more often than not, we work in teams. And to work with complete efficiency for optimum output, communication is highly essential. In the end, we all have projects to complete, deadlines to meet. Communication serves the purpose efficiently.

Communication In Business

We hear in the news about multiple business partnerships, collbarotations, takeovers and what not. These business relationships are only possible when there is proper communication between companies.

If it wasn’t for communication, companies would be working in their own individual space that would hinder any chances of partnership. Communication is what helps each party move ahead in the right direction and prosper.

What Makes A Conversation Healthy?

What exactly makes a conversation meaningful? Is it simply to articulate and make your opinion clear, or is it something more? Apart from articulate speaking, good listening skills are important to ensure that you have a healthy conversation with someone. It is respectful to hear out what the other person has to say, before you take a decision or a judgement.

Similarly, you will feel more encouraged and confident when you are required to make a decision and the other person gives you enough time to support it.

Therefore, the true basis of a healthy conversation is mutual respect. Understanding is developed at a much later stage, when there have been enough number of conversations. Ensure that you are giving the listener enough information and time from your side. Once you start doing this you will realise a positive difference in your attitude.

Further, it is always great to have a conversation with someone who has great communication skills. Not only do you get to open up and express your ideas, you also get to receive new information that may be of significant help.

If you watch the videos of motivational speakers or intellectuals, who appear on TED talks, they have a very charming personality. Most, if not all, have a way of saying things that makes you want to listen to them and learn from them.

If you really want to become a great conversationalist and want people to hear you out, then watching these great minds talk is very much beneficial. Don’t, of course, try and emulate them but learn from their attitude, learn from the way they speak and address questions.

This will definitely help you out in the long term.

How To Choose The Best Training Centre For Communication Skills?

Reach out to as many communication skills centres as possible. Ask them about their faculty, class duration, number of people attending these classes, hours of working, etc. A great centre to join would be the one that is open about itself. It will ensure that it answers all your questions and addresses all your queries.

Apart from this, look for centres online and check for the reviews and ratings. See if any of your friends or relatives attended any of these centres. They will be able to give you a better perspective.

See if proximity is a priority. If you feel you can travel farther, then it is best to visit a centre that offers better assistance. In the end, it is really important to learn from someone who may not have all the information but is great at teaching what he/she knows already.

What is the average course fee for communication skills coaching?

The average course fee for communication skills coaching may range from Rs 5000 to Rs 20000. You may ask for discounts and offers, in case the centre is running any.

If it seems feasible, then it is best to go for a duration of 3-5 months, because good communication skills develop with time.

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