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Communication and collaboration are the essentials of the DevOps culture. Following Agile software development practices, the DevOps environment requires tools that empower sprint planning for release management features, iterations, and issue tracking. Continuous planning tool to consider: JIRA JIRA is a tool developed by Atlassian. It is used for issue tracking, bug tracking, and project management. JIRA is an Agile-friendly planning tool. It supports sprint planning with customizable Kanban and Scrum workflows. The JIRA dashboard consists of many useful features and functions which make handling of issues easy.

Other Continuous planning tools are:  Rally  Redmine  Trac  Asana  Calrizen  Source Code Management Tools

In a DevOps world, Everything is treated as a code (configurations, code, etc.,) Source Code Management is used to keep track of any changes in code. It is also known as Version Control.

Popular source Code Management tools are:  Git  Subversion  Github  BitBucket  CVS  SVN 

Continuous Integration Tools Continuous Integration is automated build scripts to detect changes in Source Code Management (SCM) like Github, Git Popular Continuous Integration tools are:  Jenkins  CircleCI  Codeship  GitLab CI  Buddy  Wrecker  Semaphore  Solano Labs  AppVeyor  Assertible  Shippable  NeverCode  Bamboo

Building Tool Build tools are known as software that automates the process of building an executable application from source code. The building process includes compiling, packaging the code into an executable form.

Other Continuous building tools are:  Ant  Gradle  Maven  Rake  MSBuild  Broccoli  BuildMaster  Finalbuilder  Buildr  CMake  Build

Repository Tools Any Binary has to be deployed should be stored and versioned in a central location Popular repository tools are:  Nexus  Artifactory  Package Drone

Performance Testing / Test Automation Tools: Popular Testing tools are: 

 UFT  Selenium  Jmeter  Appium  Load runner  HP UFT  Junit  SonarQube  Cucumber  Parasoft Environment Manager

Continuous Deployment Deployment handles the application or software releases in an efficient way Popular tools of Continuous deployment are:  Octopus  AWS CodeDeploy  PDQ Deploy,  Go  XL Deploy

DevOps release management tools are: 

 XL Release  Serena  LaunchDarkly  BMC release Process Management  CA Nolio  CA Release Automation

Continuous Monitoring/ Infrastructure Logging/ Visualization Tools For any environment or application, logging and monitoring is must to avoid system failure Popular tools for Monitoring are:  ELK Stack  Sensu  Nagios  Data Dog  New Relic  App Dynamics  Zabbix  Sumologic  Splunk  Big Panda  Grafana  PagerDuty  DevOps Log Management are:  Graylog  Log sense  Loggly  Sumo logic

DevOps process supervisor tools are:  

God  Monit  Upstart  Systemd

Containerization Tools DevOps Container tools are: 

 Docker  Kubernetes  Apache Mesos  Cloud slang  Containership  Linux Containers  Packer  Rancher  Solaris container  Swarm  Virtualization tools are:  KVM  Vagrant  Virtual Box  VMware  Xen  Service virtualization 

Cloud Computing Tools DevOps Cloud Computing Tools are:  

Amazon Web Services (AWS)  Fabric  Microsoft Azure  Google Cloud Platform  Open Stack  Rackspace  Pivotal Cloud Foundry  CenturyLink ElasticBox

Security Tools: DevOps security Tools are:  

Arachni  Brakeman  Code Climate  Fortify  Nmap  Sneaker  SecureAssist 

DevOps for Data Analytics DevOps data and Business intelligence management tools are:  

Datadog  Datical  Flyway  Kibana  Tableau  Liquibase  Idera  jKool

Feedback Tools DevOps feedback tools are: 

 GetFeedback  Hipchat  Jira Service Desk  Slack  SurveyMonkey  Team Foundation Server  ServiceNow

Popular tools of Infrastructure as code are:  

Terraform  Ansible  Chef  Puppet  Saltstack

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