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AWS DevOps Certification

AWS DevOps Certification

AWS DevOps Certification.

AWS DevOps certification is designed for individuals who perform a DevOps engineer role with a minimum of two or three years of experience operating, provisioning and managing AWS environments.

Abilities validated by the AWS DevOps Certification Implementing continuous delivery systems and managing them. Implementation of continuous delivery methodologies on AWS. Implement and automate compliance validation, governance process, and security controls. Define and deploy metrics, logging and monitoring systems on AWS. Implement systems that are scalable, self-healing and highly available on the AWS Design tools to automate operational processes and maintaining them.

Exam Details: Format of the Examination: Multiple answers, multiple-choice Type of the examination: Professional Delivery method: online proctored exam or Testing center Duration of the Exam: 180 minutes to complete the exam Pre-requisites: No Prerequisites Exam Code DOP-C01 Passing Score 75% Cost of the Examination: 300 USD Language: Examination is available in English, Korean, Japanese and simplified Chinese

Recommended Experience and Knowledge Understanding and Experience developing code in at least on one high-level programming languages Hands-On Experience in building highly automated infrastructures Hands-On experience on administrating Operating Systems Knowledge of Operations processes, modern development, and methodologies. AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Certification preparation steps Analyze and get familiar with exam Blueprint Try to complete the AWS training course Analyze and understand AWS Whitepapers Read Documentation on AWS and recommended books Look over the sample questions and try to complete Practice exams Register to examination and Get Certified

Exam Blueprint

Domains Weightage
Domain1: Continuous Delivery and Process Automation 55%
Domain2: Metrics, Monitoring, and Logging 20%
Domain3: Security, Validation and Governance 10%
Domain4: Elasticity and High Availability 15%
Total 100%


Important Concepts and topics covered in the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Certification Examination: CloudFront,CloudWatch,CloudTrail,CloudFormation AWS Codepipeline, Code Deploy SOS Elasticcache, Elastic Beanstalk Elastic Compute Cloud, Elastic Block storage AWS OpsWork Stacks SSM, IT Governance AWS Config MultiRegion, MultiAZ AutoScaling Elastic Load Balancer, RDS Blue/Green Deployment and A/B Testing for DevOps API Gateway Lambda

Domains covered in AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Certification Examination:

Domains Weightage
Domain1: SDLC Automation 22%
Domain2: Configuration Management & Infrastructure as a code 19%
Domain3: Logging and Monitoring 15%
Domain4: Policies and standard Automation 10%
Domain5: Incident and Event response 18%
Domain6: High Availability, Fault Tolerance & Disaster recovery 16%
Total 100%


Whitepapers for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional exam preparation Constant Integration Involvement Infrastructure as a Code (IaaS) Microservices on Amazon Web Services Continuous Delivery on AWS By using PowerShell, Importing of Windows Server to Amazon EC2 Jenkins on Amazon Web Services Introduction to DevOps on AWS Green/Blue Provisions on AWS Test and Development on AWS

Books for AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional certification preparation: AWS Automation Cookbook by NikitSwaraj Continuous Delivery and DevOps – e by Paul Swartout Effective DevOps with AWS - A quick guide by Nathaniel Felson Implementing DevOps on AWS by VeselinKantsev AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Practice Tests 2019: Key to Pass the Exam - A guide by Skillcert Pro

Average Salary: According to the Global Knowledge Report, the average salary for AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional certification candidates is $137,724.

Exam Format: Multiple-Response: Two or More Correct responses out of five or more options Multiple-Choice: One Correct response and three incorrect responses The Validity of certification:Period of Three years

Roles and responsibilities of an AWS DevOps Engineer: Implement, Develop and Operate Highly Scalable and complex solution on AWS Analyze and understand the needs and challenges of a client across development and operations Handling network, security, and storage operation on the AWS Cloud platform Design and Build automation to support continuous delivery and integration process Suggesting and Assisting Cloud Architects to provide migration and operation services. The Practice is the key to success, so practice helps a lot to get familiar with the actual exam.

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