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Features of Python

15 Unique Features Of Python Language


Python Is A High-Level Language. It Is Derived From Many Other Languages Like C, C++, SmallTalk, And More. Python Was Developed By Guido Von Rossum. It Is Now Maintained By The Core Development Team Underthe Guidance And Direction Of Guido Von Rossum. Let’s Look At The Major Features Of Python.


1. SIMPLICITY:- It is very simple to use and it is just like reading a language like English. It has a specific feature called pseudo-codenature, which helps you to focus on the solutions rather than language.

2. FREE AND OPEN SOURCE:-Python is free and open-source. The copies of the software can easily be distributed and the pieces can be used in other programs. It is more like a community where constant updating happens, where the knowledge can be shared, where better solutions will be provided.

3. EASY TO MAINTAIN:- Python is easy to maintain.

4. HIGH-LEVELLANGUAGE:- Python is a high-level language so that we don’t have to worry about the low-level details like managing memory.

5. DATABASES:- It Provides A Perfect Interface To All Commercial Databases.

6. EASY TO LEARN:-Python is not only easy to use and maintain but also easy to learn. It is very easy to learn and it has a very simple syntax.

7. SCALABILITY:- Python provides better structure and support.

8. PORTABILITY:- The Open-Source Nature Of Python Makes It Portable. It Can Be Easily Ported To Other Platforms Without Requiring Any Changes. It Can Be Used In Linux, Windows, Solaris, PlayStation, And More.

9. INTERPRETED:- Python doesn’t require a compilation to convert to binary. When you run the program, Python converts the source code to an intermediate form called byte code, and then it is converted to binary language which is understandable by the computer. But on the other hand, languages like C and C++ require a compiler to convert the source code to the language understandable by the computer.

10. STATEMENTS:- It has 21 statements thatmake it unique from other programming languages.

11. INTERACTIVE:- It lets the developers interact with the users to develop programs.

12. OBJECT ORIENTED:- Python Supports Object-Oriented Programs. Python Has Programs That Are Developed Around Objects That Combine Functionality Anddata.

13. EXTENSIBLE:- If You Want Any Piece Of Code Or Algorithm Not To Be Opened, We Can Write Them In C Or C++, And Use The Same From The Python Program.

14. LIBRARIES:- Extensive Library Is Available For Better Support, Wherever Python Is Installed.

15. EMBEDDED WITH C OR C++:-We Can Embed Python With C Or C++.

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