How do Google display ads work?

A business is fulfilled with its customers' engagement with its services. Every Business has a goal to expand its market territory. It does not matter whether a business is in its starting phase or is already a well-known one, it always demands more expansion in the audiences' interest. In order to keep their image and growth, advertising is the most common one.

While there are several amounts of advertising strategies available, Google Ads could be the most favorable to your business. GDN or Google Display Network is the most famous area which consists of more than 2 million websites.

They reach almost 90% of the internet users in the world. Not only that, Google is the most visited site with 3.5 billion people doing it in a day or 40,000 searches within a second. So every time someone searches something, like articles or websites, Google Ads are shown.

Some key features that we are going to talk about are:

  • 1. Contrast between Display Ads and Search Ads
  • 2. Targeting your audience
  • 3. Reaching audiences based on choice
  • 4. Reaching customers considering demographics
  • Contrast between Display Ads and Search Ads
  • Search Ads are the ads that are shown to audiences only when they search for them. On the other hand, Display Ads are the ads that pop-ups whenever someone is searching for something on Google. It is a fact that even if someone is searching for your services, your advertisement might not appear to them. But still, Google Display Ads perform better than those searched ads. Whenever someone is visiting some websites and finds your Display Advertisement, they might consider taking your services or products. With this kind of potential customers of yours increase day-by-day as your ad reaches far too many new people with the same type of interest. With this, Display Ads increases your visibility online more than Search Advertisement does.

  • Targeting your audience
  • With Google Display Ads, you can specify whom to target. People of different age, gender, profession or locality, do not share the same interest in products. Their requirements differ from each other. And for that sake, Google Display Ads allow you to target that specific set of audience who have an interest in the services that your company provides.

  • Reaching audiences based on choice
  • Reaching audiences based on their choice is one of the best policies you can go for. It allows you to reach those audiences who have an interest in your services or products. It also expands your reach to some specific set of people who are engaged in the same activities that are related to your products or services.

    You can specify your target to some audiences that fall in a certain group, like sportsmen, fashion lovers, gamers etc. You can approach any of these group audiences to get to a large set audience.

    You can customize your audience base by narrowing the group audience. For instance, if you own a shoe shop that is specifically related to sports, you can use some keywords like 'sports shoes' or 'shoe arena'. It will help you get to people who search these keywords. Your ad will be shown to them.

    You can also use in-market audiences to know about people who are searching for the same kind of products that your company provides. Taking the same instance, these audiences could be the ones who were searching for sports shoes online or may have visited several websites related to shoes

  • Reaching customers considering demographics
  • Using demographics targeting alongside targeting customers with specific interests or affinity audiences, will narrow down your customer base to more relevant. You can set age ranges, genders and parental status to reach the most specific customer you want.

    Not only that, you can even exclude certain demographic groups whom you don't want to show your advertisement. For example, if your customers are of the '60s or more, you can exclude the rest of those demographic groups that are below 60.

    There's one thing you must have in your mind that with more specific advertising, your reach gets lesser. So you have to try different combinations to determine which is getting you more benefits.

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