Challenges faced by New Startups in Digital Marketing

Are you planning to step inside the world of digital marketing as a startup?? If yes then prepare yourself to face the enormous challenges as a beginner. Digital marketing is growing day by day and becoming more popular with the vast number of internet users. But there are lots of obstacles for a startup in terms of digital marketing.

According to, 88% of startups fail in the digital marketing platform and very few reach successes. But don't get panicked because failure brings victory. Just you need to be careful enough and keep a sharp eye on your surroundings. So here are few common problems you may have to face during a startup in digital marketing.

Having insignificant knowledge

Most of the startups lack experience and knowledge which results in messing everything up. This is a very common problem faced by every beginner in all aspects. So just try to gather more and more knowledge and always stay updated with the latest marketing skills before entering into this field.


Budget plays a great role in every business. Especially in digital platforms, the competition is too high. Everything must have a pre-planned budget to estimate their goals. This may also help to work in an organized way. Even if you bear great content, it's necessary to boost it up by investing in promotion and campaigns.

Failing to draw the attention of target viewers

It's necessary to drag the eye of targeted people who are truly interested in your products. This also increases the popularity of your startup. Getting a proper demographics of audiences makes it easier. It is mandatory to understand the interests of your customers and their problems to avoid future problems.

Having a novice team

If your teammates are not fairly well trained it may trouble you. Successful startups require good skillful teamwork and proper cooperation. Most of the people approaching a startup possess limited knowledge about the ways to evaluate the skills, efficiencies, strengths, and weaknesses of their employees and as a result, they may end up hiring a team of novice workers. Such an incorrect step at the root may pose a threat to the up lift of the business. Moreover, lacking adequate examples of the previous works to display to the newly joined workers bars them from getting used to the plans of the entrepreneur.

Ignoring marketing ROI (Return on Investment)

This is one of the biggest mistakes made by failed startups. Determining the ROI is very helpful to measure the progress of your business. Startups do not have adequate data about their business to predict the appropriate return on their investment.

This also stands as a hurdle which they need to tackle. In order to do so, the loops between marketing activities and sales results need to be closed using various techniques such as CRM solutions, HubSpot, MailChimp, and so on.

Measuring the growth

Most of the starter fails to estimate their growth. Monitoring accurate up-gradation of sales, delivery, customer satisfaction is very hard to determine for a beginner causing a screwing up the situation for startup businesses. Even many fresher fail to drive sufficient traffic to their business when they cannot advertise brand identity sufficiently.

A thorough survey about the brands to the customers helps in resolving the doubts about the advertisement successes. Also, there lie trust issues among the public due to a lack of sufficient ratings and reviews.

Every startup business struggles to get recognition in the digital marketing world, but you have to deal with patience and intelligence alternatively. Most of the companies shut down due to a lack of patience.

In order to succeed in a startup, remember to keep your brand consistent, manage your website in a highly professional manner, implement new enchanting ideas to interest the public about your brand. Follow the initial steps of established brands and try to interact with them seeking tips. Keep your team trained and believe in your work in order to succeed in a startup.

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