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Why Is Python Becoming So Popular

Why Is Python Becoming So Popular?

Some people may be thinking that Python is a new language. Well, let me tell you it’s an old language.

Yeah! I agree that Python is not as old as other programming languages but still been for a longer time.

Ok, now come to the main controversial point about Python, some people think that Python is a slow language, and some want to go for it but still confused.

Yup, it's a slow language. But you should also know that instead of being slow its included among the most popular languages.

Now you may be wondering about despite being slow why it’s so popular.

Let me tell you that the slow performance of Python does not matter anyway.

This is the one question arising in the mind of the people why is it that the developers are ignoring the speed and limitation of Python?

Let me clarify you all with this:

End users don't care about the speed of Python

It doesn't matter if the program takes a little bit longer time for execution. Let me give you an example: Do you feel any difference between 0.001seconds or 0.01 seconds? Of course, your answer is "No". That's why it doesn't matter too much to the end user.


Now you will ask what if the function takes a too long time to execute, for this problem Python is providing one solution called “Horizontal scaling”. This method is used to solve some bottleneck problems and make execution faster.

           Apart from this, here are some major reasons behind the popularity of Python:




The high productivity of Python as compared to other programming languages like C++ and Java.

Writing a program in Python is much easier because the developer can write fewer lines of codes for the task which require more lines of code in other languages.



Python is also famous for its efficiency and readability. The main thing we have to notice here is the use of simple programming syntax in Python. Many developers also agree that Python is one of the versatile languages. It means you are not fixed to a single domain. You can work with multiple domains.

Another specialty of Python is that it can handle several users from a single server.


A Wide Range Of Community

Yup! you must know that Python is having a wider range of has a special quality of diagnosing the error easily, that is the main reason why people attracted towards it and hence having a wide range of the community.

Well, Python is also having the global community with thousands or millions of developers.


Python community uses both offline and online for interaction.


The Growing Trend Of Python:

Now you can ask how can we define the growing trend of a particular language? Yes! We can, the popularity of programming language can be indicated by stack overflow.

Python is also used for data science. As Python is considered among the top programming languages many data scientists are using Python in their work.

It is Python’s simplicity and reliability which attracts most of the data scientists.

I hope now you understood that for software development performance of the code is important rather than its speed.

Hence Python is a good choice for those who want to join it. As there are many good institutes for Python training in Bangalore, people who are interested can learn Python and make a good career.


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