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C and C++ Interview Questions and Answer


Here is the list of most frequently asked questions about C and C++. These questions are prepared by experienced trainers of our institution. These questions and answers are helpful for freshers, intermediates, and professionals all alike. These questions will help you to clear all interviews and get the best job in the industry.

Here Are The Top Interview Questions And The Tips In Facing The Interview.

1. What are the features of C programming?

C programming language supports multiple features. They are Middle- Level programming language, Modularity, Portability, Structured oriented programming language, and Powerful data structure.

2. What are the data types in C?

There are two kinds of data types in C. They are Predefined data types and User Defined data types. Int, char, double, and float is Predefined data types. Pointers, arrays, strings, and structures are User-defined data types.

3. What are the types of errors in C?

Errors in C are divided into two types. They are Compile-time errors and Run time errors.

4. What is a Function in C?

Function is a collection of sets of statements.

5. What are the types of functions in C?

They are Pre-defined Functions and User-defined functions.

6. What are the Pre-defined Functions?

The functions which are coming with the compiler by default are known as Pre-defined Functions. E.g.:- sqrt, pow.

7. What are the User-defined Functions?

The functions which are written by the programmer are called User-defined Functions. You will need three components to write user-definedfunctions. They are Function declaration, Function definition, and Function call

8. What are the types of control statements?

Conditional statements, Iterative statements, and Jump statements.

9. What are the conditional statements in C?

Conditional statements are the decision making statements in source code. They are of several types.

  1.  If statements
  2.  If else statements
  3.  If else If else statements
  4.  Switch- case statement
  5.  Nested if statement

10. What are iterative statements in C?

We use iterative statements when we are going to use the repeated code. They are of several types.

  •  For loop
  •  Do while loop
  •  While loop

11. What are Jump statements in C?

Jump statements are used to break the loop, continue the loop, and jump to the required statement. They are of several types.

  1.  Break
  2.  Continue
  3.  Go to

12. What is a header file?

It is also known as a library file. It contains a set of functions. It contains a definition and a prototype of the program.

13. What is an assembler?

Assembler is used to convert assembly language to machine language. Assembly language is nothing but a low-level language.

14. What is a Compiler?

It converts high-level language to machine language.

15. What is Variable?

Variable is the name given to the memory space that may be used to store data. Its value can be changed depending on user requirements.

16. What are the different data types associated with the variable?

  1.  int- integer data type
  2.  char- character data type
  3.  double- double-precisionfloating-point value
  4.  float- floating point value
  5.  void- valueless special purpose type

17. What are the different types of variables?

Local variable, global variable, and static variable.

18. How many keywords are used in C?

32 keywords are used in C.

19. What is the register variable in C?

It is a case of automatic variable and it is used to store data.

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