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Android Mobile Development Career And Scope

ANDROID CAREER SCOPE Android has gained much popularity since its introduction. There are about 1.6 billion Android devices in the world. And almost 85% of smartphone users use Android as the operating system. This incredible stats show its unbeatable popularity.

A career as an Android developer is really good considering its success. Every individual in today’s world has a Smartphone. And every industry, let it be small or large, depend a lot on the online application for their business. They look forward to building their own apps. Thus a career as an Android developer is truly worthwhile.


The career option as an Android developer is decisively quite rewarding. And it alsooffers a wide range of options/genres within. One can create and develop applications of many genres. From entertainment to gaming, from education to productivity, from business to health industries, from crafts to technical topics, each and every field requires applications. The aspiring individuals can learn about Android development and they would have a bright future ahead.

Once you do an Android training course, opportunities will knock on your door. You can work for a company under titles like software engineer, app developer, support system staff, coder, programmer, and mobile user-interface designer. And you can work individually andindependently as well by working as a freelancer in this field.

Reasons to choose Android as a career option 1. It is an open-source platform. Android apps can be built and developed easily according to the choice and preferences of the developer. Anyone and everyone who can spend some time learning and training Android can develop an app and launch it free of cost.

2. High remuneration.

Android developers get paid likely more than a corporate employee. If you could create an app that is widely received and used by people, you would receive a huge amount as remuneration.

3. Opportunities to shine.

The increasing number of smartphone usersresults in the rise in the demand for Android professionals. Big enterprises want to interact and engage with their customers and provide everything that their customers ask for. So they are on the incessant lookout for experts in their companies.

As a fun fact, every Android Operating systemhas been named after some desserts. Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat are examples. So if you choose a career in Android, you will never be disappointed just like these desserts. It will be a great option for your sweet future.

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