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Cyber Security Course Delivered by Industry Experts with 70 Hrs of Applied Learning

We are one of the top Cyber security training providers.Cyber security includes both the technologies and processes used to protect digital devices and networks from digital attacks, hacking and unauthorised hacking.

About Cyber Security Training Course

Cybersecurity is an umbrella term that denotes the processes a skilled professional takes to protect an IT infrastructure from unauthorised access.

Every business and brand has an online presence now which is why; it is evident that the number of cyberattacks is also on the rise. Furthermore, companies often take help from black-hat hackers to gain access to the trade secrets of their competitors which can often leave a business at a loss due to DDOS and malware attacks. This is the reason why the demand for cybersecurity specialists is also on the rise and this trend will continue to progress in this manner for as long as the Internet exists!

It is also important to keep in mind that a cyber attack can come from any level of a business and at the same time, it can exploit any number of weaknesses in the IT infrastructure of a business hence, a cybersecurity specialist trained in the best cyber security course online needs to be skilled in order to sniff out the security breach and eradicate the same in no time.

With the cyber security course, we offer here at Apponix, you will be able to have a greater understanding of the current cybersecurity scene. Our cyber security certificate online trainers will also offer you the skills you would need to use the latest cybersecurity tools in order to manage and evaluate the security protocols a business or brand follows in its day-to-day activities.

Our cyber security course in India will also help you to learn about the various cybersecurity principles as well as concepts that are changing rapidly in order to catch up with the mind-boggling technologies cybercriminals are using these days to breach and exploit vulnerabilities of IT infrastructures around the globe.

Our cyber security courses in India will also cover all the basic and advanced skills that a job-ready cybersecurity specialist should possess in order to ascertain the fact that they are able to –
Manage and develop the Information Security Program used by a company
Analyse the business impacts of a security breach and
Help in the quick recovery of lost, corrupted or stolen data so that a business can bounce back from the security breach event and begin making money instead of losing it!

Get in touch with us today for more cyber security course details such as cyber security course fees or cyber security course eligibility criteria.

Cyber security training course objectives

  • Safeguard personal, systems and public data from any theft.
  • Teach definitions and rules in cyber law, terms in cybercrimes, domain thefts and trademarks.
  • Provide concepts for secure software development practises and methods to run security tests.
  • Understand fundamental Cybersecurity principles.
  • Analyse incidents and act accordingly.
  • Familiarisation to advance cryptography encryption technologies and top in class risk management practices.
  • Introduction to hacking, security and every related tools and terms to them.

Cyber security Course Syllabus

  • 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity, Information Security, Risk Management

  • 2: Introduction to Linux, Install & Use Kali Linux and Learning Basics of Linux and Building Hacking Environment

  • 3: Introduction to Networking and understanding the OSI layer and protocols

  • 4: Introduction to Ethical and Non-Ethical Hacking and Security Engineering use cases.

  • 5: Understanding pros and cons of ethical hacking

  • 6: Introduction to Hacking tools

  • 7: Cryptography

  • Cryptography Concepts
  • Encryption Algorithms
  • Cryptography Tools
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Email-Encryption
  • Disk Encryption
  • Cryptanalysis
  • Counter Measures

  • 8: Hacking Web Servers

  • Web Server Concepts
  • Web Server Attacks
  • Web Server Attack Methodology
  • Web Server Attack Tools
  • Patch Management
  • Web Server Security Tools
  • Web Server Pen Testing

  • 9: Hacking Web Applications

  • Web App Concepts
  • Web App Threats
  • Hacking Methodology
  • Web Application Hacking Tools
  • Countermeasures
  • Web App Security Testing Tools
  • Web App Pen Testing

  • 10: Session Hijacking (Man-in-the-middle concepts)

  • Session Hijacking Concepts
  • Application Level Session Hijacking
  • Network Level Session Hijacking
  • Hijacking Tools

  • 11: Denial of Services (DOS and DDOS) attacks and tools use cases

  • DOS/DDOS Concepts
  • DOS/DDOS Attack Techniques
  • Botnets
  • DOS/DDOS Attack Tools

  • 12: System Hacking

  • What is System Hacking and System Hacking Techniques?
  • Password Cracking and Password cracking Techniques
  • Password Cracking Website and Tools
  • Escalating and Executing Applications

  • 13: Phishing

  • What is Phishing and Types of Phishing Techniques Used
  • Phishing Tools

  • 14: Malware

  • What is Malware and Malware Types of Malware
  • Trojan Concepts
  • Virus and Worm Concepts
  • Anti-malware Software
  • Malware Creation Tool and USB Password Stealers

  • 15: Wireless Hacking

  • Wireless Concepts and Types of Wireless networks
  • Wireless Hacking Techniques and Hacking Tools
  • Wireless Encryption, Threats and Security Tools

  • 16: Foot Printing

  • Foot Printing Concepts and Techniques
  • Foot Printing Websites and Tools
  • Foot Printing through social networking sites
  • Foot Printing through who is, DNS foot printing
  • Network Foot Printing

  • 17: Scanning

  • Network Scanning Concepts and Techniques
  • Network Scanning Tools and Types of Network Scanning
  • Scanning Beyond IDS and Firewall
  • Draw Network Diagrams and Banner Grabbing

  • 18: Firewalls, Honeypots

  • Firewall Concepts and Techniques
  • Firewall Types, Security with Firewalls

  • 19: IPS and EPS and IDS

  • What is IPS and EPS
  • What is IDS

  • 20: SIEM (Security information and event management)

  • Introduction of SIEM
  • SIEM Architecture
  • Event Correlation and Event Collection
  • Events and Logs managements
  • Forensic Data and SIEM Deployment

  • 21: Social Engineering

  • Social Engineering Concepts and Techniques
  • Insider Threats and Counter Measures

  • 22: Vulnerability Analysis and Enumeration

  • Vulnerability Assessment Concepts and Techniques
  • Vulnerability Scoring Systems and Solutions
  • Vulnerability Assessment Tools and Reports
  • Enumeration Concepts
  • SNMP LDAP SMTP NetBIOS Enumerations

  • 23: Hacking mobile platforms, Cloud Computing

  • Introduction to Mobile and Cloud Platforms
  • Hacking Android and IOS
  • Mobile Spyware and Device Management
  • Mobile Security Guidelines and Tools

  • 24: Introduction to Risk management

  • 25: PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA and others.

  • 26: SQL Injection

  • SQL Injection Concepts and Techniques
  • Types of SQL Infection
  • SQL Injection Tools and Methodology

  • 27: Penetration

  • Penetration Testing Concepts and Types of Penetrations
  • Penetration Tools
  • Penetration Limitations
  • Penetration Remediation and Legal issues
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Benefits of learning Cyber Security

With our cyber security training, you will be able to gauge and stop cyber threats using all the latest tools and procedures. Furthermore, our syllabus for cyber security course covers the basics as well as the advanced level cyber security aspects thus ensuring that even if you do not have any experience in the sector, you can learn from scratch and become job-ready in no time. For more details about our cyber security training online or offline course, get in touch with us today!

Related job roles

  • Network Security Engineer
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Security Architect
  • Cyber Security Manager
  • Chief Information Security Officer

Skills covered

  • Understanding Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity, various domains of Information Security
  • Deep dive into Networking and understanding the OSI layer and protocols
  • Understanding the concepts behind Kali Linux OS and various ethical hacking tools
  • Hands-on into Foot printing and Reconnaissance
  • Demonstration of conducting Network scanning using tools like Nmap.
  • Learning Vulnerability Assessment and using tools like Nexpose, OpenVAS for discovering vulnerabilities
  • Sniffing network traffic and understanding the packet flow using tools like Wireshark
  • Understanding Cryptography Concepts, Encryption Algorithms, Cryptography Tools like GnuPG, bcrypt etc, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Email-Encryption, Disk Encryption.
  • Understanding the usage of Social Engineering techniques and tools like Social Engineer Toolkit (SET).
  • Learning about Denial of Service/Distributed Denial of service concepts, tools and botnets.

Course features

  • Placement Assurance
  • Guaranteed 5 Interview Calls
  • Lectures Are Delivered By Professional Trainer
  • Dedicated HR Team For Placement Support
  • Access To Student Web Portal
  • 70 Hours Of Practical Learning

Training Options

Online and offline classes are available, Details are as follows –

Online classes
  • Only 8 to 10 students in a batch
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Personal attention will be given to each student
  • Flexible class timings
  • Regular assessments and assignments are provided to maximize learning.
In-classroom session
  • Intensive classroom training
  • Only 8 to 10 students in a batch
  • Practical-based training program
  • Internship support
  • Regular assessments and assignments are offered.

Eligibility /prerequisites

This cyber security training for beginners is ideal for IT professionals who want to pursue a career in this promising and emerging sector. The cyber security course we offer here at Apponix is meant for both C-level executives as well as middle management IT professionals. In case you are not familiar with cybersecurity then fret not as our cyber security training with job guarantee curriculum also covers the basics hence, even a fresher can take this course.

Exam & certification on Cyber Security Training

Whether you choose our cyber security certificate course online course or the offline course, you will be awarded an industry-recognized course completion certificate after you score more than eighty per cent in the hour-long exam we will be taking as soon as the cyber security training and placement syllabus is completed by our trainer(s). The exam will be an easy one as it will contain 25 MCQs and the best part; we will help you prepare for the exam so that you can score well in the same. We are one of the leading providers of cyber security training in India and this is our way of showing it!

Student reviews for Cyber Security Training

Soumya Metya
Soumya Metya

I have taken cyber security course in the institute. It was a great experience in learning with clear n simpler teaching with real time experience. It was worth my time and effort. Great place to start up the course.

Cyber Security Expert


Well established training institute experienced faculty, practical training every day. I have learnt a lot of things in Cyber Security . Very friendly managementbest institute for learning

Cyber Security Expert


One of the best cyber security institute where if u notice the trainers will mould you in a way that u will be able to compete with the experienced counterparts in the corporate field.highly recommendable

Cyber Security Expert

	Mr. Hasit

Cyber Security Expert

Apponix Web Design & Development Trainer Profile

  • He is currently working as a cyber security expert at an MNC for more than 7 years.
  • He has trained more than 500 students during his time as a trainer for cyber security here at Apponix.
  • He is popular among his students thanks to the profound theoretical and practical knowledge he has on cybersecurity.
  • He is a certified professional who is known for his impressive lecture delivery skills.
  • He is a master when it comes to giving examples about the real-world applications of cyber security.
  • He is known to help out students who face difficulties working on live projects pertaining to cyber security.

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Suryadeep Chauhan

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Cyber Security Expert

Student Review

Suryadeep Chauhan bloque
Suryadeep Chauhan
Cyber Security Expert

Great training for Cyber Security course. The Course is very affordable and teaching is excellent even a beginner man can understand. A Beginner can become expert in Cyber Security if learnt from Apponix. I recommend Apponix for training. Have a Aim, Apponix will support you to achieve it.

Suthakar bloque
Cyber Security Expert

I had a good experience by attending the classes and helped me to gain the basic knowledge. The practicals are very useful for beginners.

swathi quotes
Cyber Security Expert

Best coaching institute for completing Cyber security certification. Good ambiance and coaching with very friendly staff. I completed my cyber security . Vikas sir is talented and experienced in the field.


How can my career get a boost from this course?

  • With this training course, you will be able to gain knowledge about all the aspects of the cybersecurity sector. We at Apponix have bundled all critical skill set into the curriculum we have formulated for this course so that you become job-ready as soon as you get the course completion certificate from us.
  • Is Cybersecurity a vital part of the IT sector?

  • Yes, cybersecurity is a vital part of the IT sector as it offers many roles for a skilled cybersecurity expert. For example, after getting your cybersecurity training certificate, you will be a suitable candidate for the following job roles –
    Penetration tester
    Cybersecurity analyst
    Network analyst
    Cybersecurity auditor
    Cybersecurity architect
    Cyber forensics investigator and more!
  • What is the career scope for a cybersecurity specialist in India?

  • In case you want to work as a cybersecurity expert here in India then you are in luck as at any given point in time, there are more than 2000 vacancies for this post all across India.
  • What is the career scope for a cybersecurity specialist in the US?

  • According to, at any given point in time, there are more than 40,000 jobs in the US for a skilled cybersecurity expert.
  • What is the median salary for a cybersecurity expert in the US?

  • The median salary for a cybersecurity expert in the US starts at $134,000 annually.
  • What are the top IT companies that need a cybersecurity expert?

  • The top companies that rely heavily on the expertise of cybersecurity experts are –
    General Motors
    Google and
  • What is the median salary for a cybersecurity expert in India?

  • The median salary for a skilled cyber security expert in India starts at INR 418,389 annually – according to Glassdoor.