Testimonial for Azure training at Apponix by Shruti

12 Oct 2018

azure training

Concepts were clearly described in depth and ensured that it is well understood by giving real time examples. The same was best depicted in the lab scenario as well.

Concepts like Cloud Computing modeless, Storage units usage along with storage options about Premium storage and Standard storage, the differences between them, the benefits of each type was explained in detail.

Networking and Virtual machines concepts are core of Microsoft Azure. These classes were made more interesting by explaining them in a very understandable way. Networking basics were also brushed upon which gave a strong foundation to understand how Azure integrates virtual network gateway concepts.

Azure Network Models, I.e Point – to – Site VPN, Site -to – site VPN along with Vnet Peering were covered in depth. These concepts are explained and ensured the concepts are imprinted very well.

Labs which covered creating of certificates on internal organization and collaborating the same with certificates on Azure cloud were seemless.

Azure Active Directory was one another interesting concept which was explained in detail about the On-premises integration with Azure Cloud, how they co-exist and how better it is planned when the organization plans to migrate completely into Azure.

The sessions are interactive and questions are well received and answered in the best way which clarifies the concepts.