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SAP-FICO Course Objectives

  • Bridging the Academics – Industry gap
  • Create job ready manpower resource pool with the skills of SAP FICO
  • Enhance employability by meeting the skill requirement of industry to address ever changing business needs.
  • Build knowledge based Economy with cost effective program for World’s best IT Company
  • Understand industry best practices supported by SAP ERP – “Be future ready”
  • SAP MM meaning: SAP Material Management module is a SAP ERP component that helps organizations with material management, inventory management, and warehouse management in the supply chain process.
  • SAP MM full form is SAP Material Management.
  • Transaction in SAP means processing of certain information in order to complete business process requirement.
  • Master data is the core data that is used as a base for any transaction.
  • Purchasing is a component of SAP MM module, and its process can be roughly depicted in below diagram.
  • Inventory management is used to manage the inventory of the goods.
  • Pricing procedure for MM module in SAP is a way to determine prices in purchasing documents.

SAP-FICO Course Syllabus

  • 1: Introduction to SAP R/3

  • Introduction to ERP and S.A.P
  • What is S.A.P / R/2-R/3 ARCHITECTURE
  • S.A.P Server landscape

  • 2: Financial Accounting Basic Settings:

  • Definition of company
  • Definition of company code
  • Assignment of company to company code
  • Definition of business area
  • Definition of fiscal year variant
  • Assignment of fiscal year variant to company code
  • Definition of posting period variant
  • Assignment of posting period variant to company code
  • Open and close posting period
  • Defining document type & number ranges
  • Maintenance of field status variants
  • Assignment of field status variant to company code
  • Definition of tolerance groups for GL accounts
  • Definition of tolerance groups for employees
  • Assignment of tolerance groups to users
  • Taxes on Sales & Purchases (input & output)
  • Creation of chart of Accounts
  • Defining Accounts Groups
  • Defining Retained Earnings Account.

  • 3: General Ledger Accounting:

  • Creation of General Ledger Master (with and without reference)
  • Display/Change/Block/Unblock of general ledger master
  • Document Entry posting normal postings and posting with reference
  • Display and change of documents
  • Display of GL balances
  • Display GL account line items
  • Parked documents
  • Hold documents
  • Creation of Sample Document and postings with sample documents
  • Defining recurring entry document and postings with recurring doc.
  • Creation of account assignment model and posting
  • Configuration of line layouts for display of GL line items
  • Reversal of individual documents, mass reversal, reversal of cleared items and reversal of accrual and deferral documents
  • Defining Exchange Rate types and Translation ratios
  • Define Exchange rates & posting of foreign currency transactions
  • Interest calculations on term loans
  • Accrual and Deferral documents

  • 4: Accounts Payable

  • Creation of vendor account groups
  • creation of number ranges for vendor master records
  • assignment of number ranges to vendor account groups
  • Creation of tolerance group for venders
  • Creation of vendor master (display/change/block/unblock of vender master)
  • Posting of vendor transactions (invoice posting, payment posting, credit memo)
  • Settings for advance payments to parties (down payment) and clearing of down payment against invoices (special GL transactions)
  • Posting of partial Payment & Residual Payment
  • Creation of payment terms,
  • Creation of house banks and account ids.
  • Creation of check lots and maintenance of check register
  • display check register
  • cancellation of un issued checks
  • creation of void reasons
  • cancellation of issued checks
  • posting of purchase returns
  • Configuration of automatic payment program
  • Payment to vendors through APP
  • Defining correspondence & party statement of accounts

  • 5: Accounts receivable:

  • Creation of customer account groups
  • creation of number ranges for customer master records
  • assignment of number ranges for customer account groups
  • Creation of tolerance group for customers
  • Creation of customer master (display/change/block/unblock of vender master)
  • Posting of customer transactions (sales invoice posting, payment posting, debit memo)
  • Settings for advance payment from parties (down payment)
  • Configuration of settings for dunning
  • generating the dunning letters
  • defining correspondence and party statement of accounts
  • Bills of exchange
  • posting of sales returns

  • 6: Asset Accounting

  • Defining chart of depreciation
  • creation of 0% tax codes for sales and purchased
  • assignment of chart of depreciation to company code
  • Defining account determination
  • definition of screen lay out rules
  • definition of number ranges for asset classes
  • Integration with General Ledger & Posting rules
  • Defining Depreciation key
  • definition of multilevel methods
  • definition of period control methods
  • creation of main asset master records
  • creation of sub asset master records
  • Acquisition of fixed assets
  • sale of fixed assets
  • transfer of assets
  • Scrapping of assets,
  • Depreciation run
  • Line item Settlement of assets under construction of capital work in progress

  • 7: New General ledger accounting:

  • Parallel ledgers
  • document splitting
  • Segments.

  • 8: Reports

  • Financial statement version
  • General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Assets Reports

  • 9: Integration of financial accounting with materials management:

  • Definition of organizational units in materials management i.e. plant, storage location and purchase organization
  • Assignment of organizational units to each other
  • Definition of tolerance groups for purchase orders
  • Definition of tolerance groups for goods receipt
  • Definition of tolerance groups for invoice verification
  • Definition of vendor specific tolerances
  • Creation, display and change of material master records
  • Creation of plant parameters
  • Maintenance of posting periods for materials management
  • Maintenance of parameters for invoice verification
  • Maintenance of plant parameters for inventory management and physical inventory
  • Definition of attributes for material types
  • Assignment of GL accounts for material transactions in financial accounting (Integration of MM with FI)
  • 14. Creation of purchase order, posting of goods receipt, invoice verification and Goods issue for production

  • 10: Integration of financial accounting with sales and distribution:

  • Definition of sales organization
  • definition of distribution channels
  • definition of divisions
  • assignment among various organizational units in SD
  • definition of partner functions
  • definitions of shipping point and loading points
  • definition of pricing procedures
  • determining the shipping points
  • determining the pricing procedures
  • maintenance of SD condition types
  • maintenance of condition records
  • assignment of GL accounts for sales transactions(integration of FI with SD)
  • creation of sales order
  • initialization of stock
  • posting the delivery of goods
  • creating the sales invoice


  • 11: Basic settings for controlling

  • Defining Controlling Area
  • Defining Number ranges for Controlling Area
  • Maintain Planning Versions

  • 12: Cost element accounting:

  • creation of primary cost elements from financial accounting area
  • creation of primary cost elements from controlling area
  • display of cost element master records
  • change cost element master records
  • primary cost element categories
  • secondary cost element categories
  • default account assignments

  • 13: Cost Center Accounting

  • Defining Cost Center Standard Hierarchy
  • Creation of Cost Centers and cost center groups
  • display cost center master records
  • change cost center master records
  • creation of cost center groups
  • posting to cost centers
  • reposting of co line items
  • Repost of Costs
  • planning for cost centers
  • Overhead Calculation
  • creation of secondary cost element master records
  • Creation and Execution of Distribution Cycle
  • creation and execution of assessment cycles
  • cost center reports
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SAP-MM Course Syllabus

  • 1: Material Management

  • Introduction and overview
  • ERP & SAP R/3
  • General settings
  • Enterprise settings
  • Material Master
  • Vendor master
  • Purchase info record
  • Purchasing
  • Request for Quotation
  • Maintain Quotation
  • Purchase Order
  • Pricing procedure
  • Automatic PO creation
  • Transaction variant creation
  • Inventory management
  • Receipts, goods issue
  • Invoice verification
  • Reservation
  • Batch management
  • Automatic account determination
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Purchase request
Download Full SAP-MM Training Course Syllabus Now

Student reviews for SAP-FICO Training in Hubli

Dhana Laxmi

Excellent teaching. Trainer is very friendly and kind to us.. Best training for SAP-FICO.

SAP-FICO Training


This is the institute for learning the courses properly. You will get the full knowledge about the courses. The way of teaching is best.Thank you apponix

SAP-FICO Training


It was very good experience to complete SAP-FICO course in apponix. Trainer clarifies all the doubts on time. He has hands-on experience. Fully satisfied to join here.

SAP-FICO Training

It was a good learning experience with apponix. Faculty is good. Staff are also good and friendly

SAP-FICO Training
pavan Mr.Pavan

SAP-FICO 5+ Years Of Working Experience in SAP Technologies.

SAP-FICO Trainer Profile

  • 5+ years of Experience in SAP.
  • Trained more than 500+ students on SAP Implementation And End-user.
  • Well versed In Overall SAP technologies.
  • training delivery skills with an ability to present information well.
  • Demonstrable experience of being student focused and completing projects to hit deadlines and targets.
  • Demonstrable proof of enthusiasm, initiative, creativity and problem solving.
  • Demonstrable experience in delivering quality training On SAP Overall technologies
  • Excellent practical experience on SAP Implementation and End-user.

Apponix Ratings

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Student Review

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Sandhya H
SAP-FICO Consultant

Management is very good, flexible with timings. Teaching pattern is easy and understandable.

places bloque
SAP-FICO Consultant

I took training for SAP-FICO from Apponix institute, tutor has good knowledge on the subject & very experienced, he makes understand every concept and he will clear the doubts again & again, i gained more knowledge on SAP-FICO.

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SAP-FICO Finance

Best institute for SAP-FICO. Trainer has very good knowledge in SAP-FICO.

place loque
SAP-FICO Consultant

Sir is very helpful and takes every step to make the students understand topics.

SAP-FICO Finance

It is good to learn SAP-FICO here and the tranier is excellent.

Salary expectation after completing SAP-FICO course

An entry-level SAP Consultant with less than 1-year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of ₹352,127 based on 17 salaries. An early career SAP Consultant with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹541,547 based on 94 salaries.

Career after SAP-FICO course

Bangalore is a Silicon Valley of India, it has large number of IT companies spread across Bangalore, you should not have any doubt on shortage of SAP-FICO jobs in Bangalore. IT technologies is growing and there a huge demand for SAP-FICO Finance. SAP-FICO has more than 70% of the markets share in terms of providing services.

How We Stand Out Among Other SAP-FICO Training Institutes?

@ Apponix


@ Other

Course fees

Very competitive and affordable.

Most of the institutes provide at really less fees

Working Professionals as trainers


Very Few

Trainers Experience

Min 7+ Years experience

Most of the institute trainers have less exposure

Class Room Infrastructure

All classrooms are Air conditioned with power backups.

Very few institutes

@ Apponix


@ Other

Student Web Portal

We have a dedicated students portal where you will find course



Yes its very flexible, you can pay the fees in instalments.

Very few institutes

Lab Infrastructure

For most of the courses each student is given with laptop or desktop


Fees Negotiable?

Definitely yes we understand the financial situation

Very few

@ Apponix


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Reference Pay

We pay Rs 1000 for every student you refer.


Who are our trainers?

IT consultants, Solutions Architects, Technical Leads

Most of the institutes hire

Student’s Ratings

5 ***** ratings from more than 4000 students


Trust & Credibility

Very High


Reasons to Learn SAP FICO

With the help of SAP FICO, Financial management is being advanced continuously in an organization. Currently, SAP FICO is evolving as one of the famous modules and thus provided an increase in the career opportunities for many aspirants. Well, there are other various reasons to learn SAP FICO.

1. Growing Importance of SAP FICO

Financial statements, master data, etc. can be migrated to SAP FICO system. SAP FICO also helps in well organizing the financial management systems which result in better record management and ease in the decision-making process. Managing modifications, product costing as well as production cost has become easy. Across processes, there is more activity based costing. For notable events, now organizations can keep track of costs where profitability and sales reports are being generated using internal or external measurement.

2. Status of Market Overview

The demand for FICO professional is not restricted to major cities; it is shared globally. Besides SCM experts, LE, and SAP BASIS the FICO is the most required SAP modules. In these areas, there are limited FICO professionals with strong commercial experience. There has been an emerging trend in the volume of SAP FICO work. SAP FICO professionals help the end user to distinguish the technical features of the module.

3. Most Demanding Module at Present

G/L Configuration, Accounts Payable (A/P), Bank Configuration, and Accounts Receivables (A/R) Configuration, Asset Configuration, Cost Center Configuration, Configuration concerning Analysis of Profitability, Configuration concerning Profit Center and so on. Classic G/L is assigned with an extension in the form of new G/L along new functionalities. The Data structure has been extended. Co and FI attain Real-time integration. For parallel accounting, non-leading ledgers are also furnished.


It is quoted as ERP finance and control. It consists of a real-time function. If a new event occurs, it will update automatically. Earlier conventional systems did not provide the real-time analysis of a company’s financial health, but now it is also possible using the ERP FICO. FICO module of ERP also meets the requirement of external reporting. It is a standard utility to direct the documents concerning multiple currencies, companies, and countries.

manner. Most of the companies wish to have an SAP FICO consultant with domain experience because they can understand the process better with SAP.

Reasons to Learn SAP FICO

SAP Materials Management (MM) Training

Learning SAP MM is really easy if you follow the structured and tested training road-map with milestones to compare your progress on a time-line. The instructor keeps a sharp eye on your progress and assigns extra attention to students who are in need of it.

What is SAP MM

SAP MM (Materials Management) is a module of the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package that is used for Procurement Handling and Inventory Management, it forms the basis for all other modules of SAP Logistics area.

Employers are looking for resources who are well trained in how to configure the SAP MM module in a step-by-step structured format. That is why we have carefully designed the SAP MM course to exceed employer expectations. The SAP MM training is hands-on right from the very beginning. Students are given access to a real SAP system to practice. Minimum required is 3 hours every day but since the access is 24x7 students may practice as much as they want.

The current version of our SAP materials management course curriculum is the result of contributions made by many senior SAP MM consultants who have exposure of a variety of industries in the US. It is constantly evolving to keep pace with the ever changing marketplace. This training requires that students practice hundreds of hours before even touching their resume. Our students step into the SAP job market completely prepared to face the challenges of the complex business world.

There is a global demand for SAP MM consultants. That much said a serious commitment and dedication is required to meet the prevailing standards. Although certification is seldom mentioned on job postings, it will go a long way to establish your worth. We urge our students to aim for certification within one month of completing the training.


Anybody with experience in the logistics, (purchasing, production, inventory management, Warehouse Management, Plant Maintenance etc) is a good candidate for a career in SAP MM configuration. You already know the business process, it is only a matter of learning to configure the same in SAP software.

aws responsiblity

SAP-FICO Job Responsibilities

SAP FICO Consultants have various roles and responsibilities in their organization including:
  • Implementing the SAP Financial Accounting (SAP FI)
  • Analyzing the complex requirements of business processes
  • Providing system solutions, along with identifying, validating, and interpreting customer requirements
  • Mapping processes, objectives, and requirements of clients and developing the required modifications in the product
  • Designing, customizing, configuring, and testing modules of FICO
  • Identifying issues and bringing out temporary, work-around solutions
  • Troubleshooting in order to analyze, investigate, and solve issues of the software
  • Documenting functional designs, various system test cases, and results
  • Identifying and proposing system enhancements in the organization
  • Providing consultancy on the existing projects, as well as new implementations
  • Providing user support as per the requirements
aws responsiblity

SAP-MM Job Responsibilities

Role Responsibility

  • Support the current MM footprint
  • Analyze and solve the SAP MM issues
  • Conduct SAP MM process configuration
  • Update and maintain all SAP MM functional documentation
  • Analyze and scope end user authorization roles
  • Conduct Unit tests, Integration tests and system Integration
  • security test
  • Proactively proposing solutions to improve the support of (new) business processes
  • Support the functional team with issues and provide a solutions based approach

The Ideal Candidate

  • Knowledge of SAP MM solution capabilities and business process configurations
  • Configuration of master data and be able to guide and train the users on Business Process.
  • Significant, proven customizing experience within SAP MM
  • Thorough knowledge of business processes within SAP MM
  • Experienced in playing a major role in implementation projects
  • Excellent consultancy skills and a pro-active attitude
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Experience in writing functional requirements / designs
  • Good knowledge of the English language is mandatory (written and verbal)
  • The ability to work independently as well as in project teams
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