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Get enrolled at Apponix for the most demanding skill. This will make a great career break for you. We offer the best curriculum prepared through proper research by experts. Following trending updates and the needs of the industry, the training enables you to fit for the change with utmost efficiency.

Python Course Objectives

  • Introduction to Python and its basic terminologies
  • Get to know the concepts of Python from basic to advanced level
  • Python vs. other programming languages
  • Get skilled in File Handling operations and in algorithm development along with deployment of real-life applications
  • OOPs, Data types and Lopping
  • Expertise on various python applications including their Testing and Debugging
  • Learn how to use Python for writing and deploying Pig, UDF and Hive UDF
  • Web Scraping, Json Parsing, Package installations and XLS
  • Developing excellent practical knowledge through real-time industry based projects

Python Course Syllabus


  • 1. Overview

  • Why do we need Python?
  • Program structure

  • 2. Environment Setup

  • Python Installation
  • Execution Types
  • What is an interpreter?
  • Interpreters vs Compilers
  • Using the Python Interpreter
  • Interactive Mode
  • Running python files
  • Working with Python shell
  • Integrated Development Environments (IDES)
  • Interactive Mode Programming
  • Script Mode Programming

  • 3. Basic Concepts

  • Basic Operators
  • Types of Operator
  • Python Arithmetic Operators
  • Python Comparison Operators
  • Python Assignment Operators
  • Python Bitwise Operators
  • Python Logical Operators
  • Python Membership Operators (in, not in)
  • Python Identity Operators (is, is not)
  • Python Operators Precedence

  • 4. Basic Concepts

  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Assigning Values to Variables
  • Multiple Assignment
  • Python Numbers
  • Python Strings
  • Accessing Values in Strings
  • String Special Operators
  • String Formatting Operator
  • Triple Quotes
  • Built-in String Operations
  • Python Lists
  • Accessing Values in Lists
  • Updating Lists
  • Delete List Elements
  • Basic List Operations
  • Indexing, Slicing, and Matrixes
  • Built-in List Functions & Methods
  • Python Tuples
  • Accessing Values in Tuples
  • Updating Tuples
  • Delete Tuple Elements
  • Basic Tuples Operations
  • Indexing, Slicing, and Matrixes
  • No Enclosing Delimiters
  • Built-in Tuple Functions
  • Python Dictionary
  • Accessing Values in Dictionary
  • Updating Dictionary
  • Delete Dictionary Elements
  • Properties of Dictionary Keys
  • Built-in Dictionary Functions & Methods

  • 5. Basic Operators in Python

  • Types of Operator
  • Python Arithmetic Operators
  • Python Comparison Operators
  • Python Assignment Operators
  • Python Bitwise Operators
  • Python Logical Operators
  • Python Membership Operators (in, not in)
  • Python Identity Operators (is, is not)
  • Python Operators Precedence

  • 6. Loops and Decision Making

  • if statements
  • ..else statements
  • nested if statements
  • while loop
  • for loop
  • nested loops
  • Loop Control Statements
  • 1) break statement
  • 2) continue statement
  • 3) pass statement


  • 1. Functions

  • Defining a Function
  • Syntax
  • Calling a Function
  • Pass by reference vs value
  • Function Arguments
  • Required arguments
  • Keyword arguments
  • Default arguments
  • Variable-length arguments
  • The return Statement
  • Scope of Variables
  • Global vs. Local variables

  • 2. Python Modules and Packages

  • Framework vs Packages
  • Folium Introduction
  • Why are modules used?
  • Creating modules
  • The import Statement
  • The from...import Statement
  • The from...import * Statement
  • Locating Modules
  • The PYTHONPATH Variable
  • Namespaces and Scoping
  • The dir( ) Function
  • The globals() and locals() Functions
  • The reload() Function
  • Packages in Python

  • 3. Basic OOPs Concept

  • Creating class in Python
  • Documented String
  • Private Identifier
  • Constructor
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

  • 4. Decorator, Iterator and Generator

  • 5. Anonymous Function

  • Lambda
  • Map
  • Filter
  • Reduce


  • 1. File Manipulation

  • Opening Text File
  • Working with a File on Python
  • The open function
  • File modes
  • The file object attributes
  • close() method
  • write() method
  • read() method
  • Files: Input
  • Files: Output
  • Reading files
  • Renaming & deleting files
  • Writing into a file
  • remove() method

  • 2. Python GUI

  • Basic Operations using Tkinter
  • Buttons and Textbox
  • Menu Bar
  • Message Box and Radio Button
  • Checkbox and Event Creating
  • Creating Application in GUI

  • 3. SQL and Python

  • Overview of SQLite
  • Integrating Python with SQLite

  • 4. NoSQL and Python

  • Overview of NoSQL
  • Integrating Python with NoSQL

  • 5. Project Demonstration Tkinter with SQL

  • Project Demonstration Tkinter with SQL

  • 6. Other Concepts

  • Errors and Exception Handling
  • Standard exceptions
  • Assertions in Python
  • The assert Statement
  • What is Exception?
  • Handling an exception
  • Syntax
  • The except Clause with No Exceptions
  • The except Clause with Multiple Exceptions
  • The try-finally Clause
  • Argument of an Exception
  • Example with Tkinter Application
  • Regular Expression
  • Powerful Utilities
  • Multithreading
  • List Comprehensive
  • Shallow and Deep Copy
  • Unit testing

  • 7. Advanced Concept -- Overviews

  • Networking Overview
  • Sending and Receiving Email by Python
  • Basics of Pandas and Numpy
  • How to use Anaconda
  • How to create dashboard
  • Overview of Django
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Students Feedback for Python Training in Jaipur

Abdulla Shaik
Abdulla shaik

Apponix is the best platform for Python training. The trainer is well-knowledgeable. He has got in-depth understanding of the concepts.

Python Expert

I had Python course at Apponix. It was a different experience. Good trainer.

Python Analyst
Ajith Bahadhur

Excellent and sufficient number of lab sessions. Good hands-on experience. Friendly and supportive staffs.

Python Analyst
sreedhar Mr. Sreedhar S

Senior Software Engineer

ganesh Mr. Ganesh Hegde

Senior Solutions Architect having 11+ yrs industry exposure

Python Trainer Profile

  • Reputed professional with 15+ years of experience
  • Proven excellence in Python and Object Oriented Programming
  • Knowledgeable at professional level in writing reusable, testable and efficient code, file handling and string operations
  • Proficient in Python frameworks like Django, Flask etc. and in security tool kit integration and Janus authentication
  • 5 star rated trainer of Apponix for his teaching strategies and subject delivery.
  • 1500+ students were trained

Skills and Experience of our Python Instructor‬‬

  • Training certificate on PMP.
  • Ethical hacking and secure coding practice.
  • Experience in Power APP and Power DB.
  • Developing and using RESTful APIs
  • Full Stack Developing skills
  • Security Tool Kit Integration and Janus Authentication

Python Instructor Experience

  • Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code
  • Designing and implementation of low-latency, high-availability, and performance applications.
  • Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers with server side logic.
  • Integration of data storage solutions includes databases, key-value stores, blob stores, etc.
  • Developing back-end components to improve responsiveness and overall performance
  • Integrating user-facing elements into applications
  • Improving functionality of existing systems
  • Implementing security and data protection solutions

Apponix Ratings

apponix +11000 Satisfied Learners









Student Review

Akash-Kumar-Prajapati bloque
Akash Kumar Prajapati

Responsive trainer. He is any time available. He clarifies the doubts without any hesitation.

Anisetti-Pujita bloque
Anisetti Pujita

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Excellent classes by the trainer and constant support. Very happy to have taken this course.

Aravind-Jingade bloque
Aravind Jingade

My learning experience was excellent at the institute. The instructor is very knowledgeable and helpful. The study materials are so easy to understand.

Arpit-Agarwal bloque
Arpit Agarwal

i completed SEO course here .Akash sir is an excellent trainer! I had a great experience learning here!

Salary expectation after completing course

Python is an excellent career option that put forward millions of opportunities around the world. This proportionally witnesses excellent rise in the salary. As per, the present estimated salary of a Python Professional is an average of 7-8 lakhs in India per year.

Career after Python course

There is a massive adoption of Python in various fields considerably. Wide popularity of Python due to its excellent features has made it a 100% job promising course.

Why Should You Learn Python?

  • 100% career-oriented training
  • Greater possibility of assured placement around the globe
  • Millions of opportunities and numerous job-roles
  • Python is the most prominent developer friendly scripting language presently available.
  • Free and open source
  • Most preferred in the fields of AI, Robotics, Web Development and DevOps.
  • Object-oriented, High-level and dynamic language that supports GUI programming
  • Possesses strong libraries for the manipulation and analysis of data

Python Training in Jaipur

  • Enrol at Apponix for the best Python training in Jaipur.
  • We provide authentic training in various technical courses meeting the trends and standards of the industry
  • We have the most reputed professionals as trainers.
  • Apponix helps you in Interview and Resume preparation with high credibility and also enables you to fit for the change with utmost efficiency.


What are the job opportunities waiting?

  • Python Developer
  • Infrastructure Automation Developer
  • Python Web Develope
  • Web Designer
  • Game Developer
  • Data Analysis and Visualisation

    Who can take the training?

  • Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in Python can join for the course. Any fresh graduates or non-graduates can take the training. Other professionals who can take the training are:
  • Software Developers
  • System Engineers
  • Network Professionals
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Big Data Professionals
  • BI and Project Managers
  • Application Support Analysts
  • ETL Professionals
  • Marketing and Sales Professionals
  • Communication Professionals

    What is the duration of the training?

  • Approximately 40 hours

    Do I get certificate after completion of the course?

  • Yes all our students get course completion certificate.
  • What is Apponix Certified Professional Certificate?

  • After completion of the course we will conduct a exam, and if you get 80% or more in the exam you will get Apponix Certified Professional Certificate.
  • Who is my instructor?

  • Your instructor is a 15+ years experienced graphic designer, Animator & multimedia expert.

    How much is course Fees?

  • Please call us to get best discounted corse fees

    Can I pay course fees in installments?

  • Yes,definitely you can pay in installments.

    What are the assistances can I expect from you?

  • Resume preparation,Interview Prepration and Certification guidance

    Why should I choose Apponix?

  • Expert trainers with an experience od 15+ years
  • 100% satisfaction from 8000+ students since 2013
  • 5 star rated teaching and study materials
  • 200+ client firms to support placement
  • Best technical training institute with top rated practical sessions
  • Flexible timings and supportive infrastructure
  • Mock assessments using series of tests and papers in Graphic Designing
  • Resume preparation