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Amazon Web Services - DevOps


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 Module-1: Introduction to AWS

  • What is Cloud Computing
  • AWS Fundamentals
  • AWS Platform & Services
  • AWS Regions & Availability Zones

Module-2: Introduction to Elastic Compute Cloud

  • Types of Instances
  • Launching Instances 
  • Types of Volumes
  • Secureity Groups

 Module-3: Introduction to Virtual Private Cloud

  • Understanding VPC
  • Understanding Subnets
  • Understanding Route Tables
  • Understanding Internet Gateways
  • NAT and NatGateWays

Module-4: Introduction to Identity and Access Management

  • IAM Fundamental
  • Creating Users
  • Creating Roles
  • Access Keys & Secret Keys

Module-5: Introduction to Soruce Code Management

  • Understanding Code Commit
  • Creating Repository
  • Creating Branch
  • Executing Git commands

 Module-6: Introduction to Code Deploy

  • Undrestanging Code Deploy
  • Deploying Application using Code Deploy

Module-7: Installation to Code Pipeline

  • Understanding Code pipeline
  • Deploying Application using Code commit or Github, Code Deploy and Code Pipeline.

Version Control (Git)

  • Introduction to Git
  • Overview of Git
  • Selecting Git Client
  • Creating Repository
  • Working with Tag
  • Creating and Merging Branches
  • Executing Git Commands


Module-1: Introduction to Ansible

  • What is Ansible
  • Change Management
  • Provisioning with Ansible
  • Benefits for using Ansible

Module-2: Ansible Building blocks and Process flow 

  • Introduction to Ansible Anatomy
  • Ansible Requirements Specification
  • Overview of Ansible Components
  • Overview of Ansible Strategy

Module-3: SettingUp Environment for Ansible

  • Introduction to Virtualization
  • Installing Vagrant and VirtualBox
  • Configuring Vagrant
  • Installing Ansible
  • Working with Inventory and Confiuration

Module-4: Ansible Modules and directory structure

  • Introduction to Ansible Modules
  • Lab (Docs, setup, service yum ...etc)

Module-5: Variable, Facts and jinja2 templates

  • Working with Ansible Variable
  • Working with Facts
  • Working with Jinja2 Template

Module-6: Play and Playbooks

  • Overview of Ansible Playbooks
  • Playbook Language Example
  • Working on Ansible Handlers
  • Executing a Playbook.


Module-1: Getting Started with Docker

  • Introduction to Docker.
  • What’s under the hood - Namespaces, Cgroups and OverlayFS
  • Understanding Virtualization
  • Virtualization vs Container 

Module-2: Docker Installation

  • Creating a Virtual Docker Host(CentOS) by using Vagrant 
  • Installing Docker on CentOS
  • Introduction to Docker namespaces

Module-3: Docker Images

  • Introduction to Docker Images
  • Building a Docker Image with a Dockerfile
  • Sharing Data in Your Docker Host with Containers
  • Sharing Data Between Containers
  • Copying Data to and from Containers
  • Creatoing Docker Hub Account.
  • Building Images using DockerFile.
  • Pull and Push Images From/To Docker Hub.

Module-4: Docker Networking

  • Introduction to Docker Networking
  • Finding the IP Address of a Container
  • Setting Up a Custom Bridge Network for Docker

Module-5: Container Operations

  • Port Mapping for Docker 
  • Creating, Starting, Stopping, Renaming, Removing Containers
  • Inspacting Containers
  • Limiting Rrsoruces Memory and CPU
  • Prioritizing CPU Utilization

Module-6: Docker Compose

  • Introduction to Docker compose
  • Creating Docker compose file
  • Executing Docker Compose file


Module-1: Introduction to Continuous Integration and Jenkins-CI/CD

  • What is Continuous Integration
  • Jenkins Continuous Integration
  • What is Continuous Deployment
  • Jenkins Vs Jenkins Enterprise

Module-2: Jenkins Installation

  • Downloading and Installing Jenkins using TomCat
  • Creating Jenkins as a Service.
  • Starting and Stopping Jenkins

Module-3: Configure Jenkins and User Management

  • Secure Jenkins
  • Create a new user
  • Generate ssh key for Jenkins user
  • Plug-in management

Module-4: Jenkins job

  • Setting up a Jenkins job
  • Jenkins Jobs parameterised

Module-5: Jenkins Integration

  • Git intigration with Jenkins
  • Elastic Beanstalk Intigration with Jenkins
  • Email notificaton


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